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  1. finalheaven

    too little bots

    would rather there b no bots
  2. Happy birthday :D

  3. that would be awesome because i corp alot and gettin to know what hits are true dealt by me would be awesome ! i wish there were a critical hit system that works only on monsters not like maxing but actually u would do double the damage or any number would be awesome, critical damge would have a different splat colour. that be fun tho i know it has nothing to do with this topic :thumbsup:
  4. Life. lol true that! unfortunately not everyone has the time to dedicate their time to lvling, ppl have lifes ppl to meet/work/school/social gathers etc. alot more important things out there then on rs and thats life mate. it took me long time to get maxed combat too and i work i got my gf to care for, rents to pay/food to pay etc time isnt alot tbh lol
  5. i wellcome crashers i own them or they own me its all fun l0l because what they got i got it too so it even's out but what i dont like really is when they do get owned they call me no lifer get off rs go get a job or out of my mom's basement..lol wtf seriously tho even every crasher was like you i wont mine gettin crashed cause its not like im gonna lose :shades:
  6. iron and steel dragons drop elite scrolls to btw also got the new dragonplatelegs/skirt ornament kit (or) from it :'p
  7. damn i should get arcane stream too would be good for castle wars :P
  8. 120cap would be a nightmare for me lol but if it comes then let it come.
  9. summer is comming to it's end ppl with low membership or needs to prepare for coming studies are selling most their valuable items now, causing alot of the common valuables like godswords whips bandos armadyl etc to drop. typical summer fall as always. i never panic cause i know in some point in will rise again in price. runescape
  10. i will get 1 to see which is better! saving up for my second chaotic items :D
  11. i like it on and why not? also having it on all i get asked for is claws gs whips barrows lulz the friendship i see nowadays is greed.
  12. ever sinces the intro of gods war dungeon and the corporeal beast these 2 places are the only place i got to make money. long ago > barrrows 24/7 my skills fail i dont make any by skilling
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