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  1. Hey if you ever do MEP2 let me know... It's been years and I can't beat that darn quest #-o Loving your bank and congrats on those barrows drops! Did one run and got bored... :-#
  2. I love your goal! You can doooo it! :thumbsup: good luck and feel free to add me if you want! :mrgreen:
  3. Merry Christmas from me and Mr. Sparkles :) been sitting on my hands for the past week cause I might have jury duty :ohnoes: so we shall see... plan to get a couple quests done today but who knows? :pray: Happy Holidays! <3:
  4. Hai. I'm back and I'm rebuilding my bloggeh to current goals and such sooo keep checking back and stuff. :thumbsup:
  5. Hey! I've been following your blog and I love the idea of a DIY! I would rip my hair out tbh :blink: Good Luck and grats on all your levels! I'll be watching this blog :cool:
  6. Stillaaaaaaaa!<3 I miss you :(

  7. Good luck Sugar on 99 fishing! that trimmed cape is gunna look HAWT! :thumbsup:
  8. no!!!!!!!!!! I missed it :cry: Grats though Saru! 10/10 can't wait for a house party! :lol:
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