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  1. Hello, I tried to read AOW GWD guide, but i think i don't need this - it about kill counts & etc... if i want just to do slayer task, i suppose i need some god item and to go just to some god dungeon to do this, to get bunyip, pray pots and just some food... any simple suggestions ? (i never been on GWD :) )
  2. Scimmy is faster but less damage, in my opinion is up to attack level, if attack is hight & you rare miss then better hight damage weapon, but when your attack is low and you miss a lot then better scimmy - because with faster weapon you will make more hits and in long run then you will do more damage not matter then you miss a lot. Example: Monster lvl 50, your attack up to 60lvl then better scimmy on him, but if your attack 80-90+ then you can use what you want like battleaxe or long, you will hit then pretty good.
  3. It expensive way, but it best exp, just check they price on ge..
  4. Problem is then black mask use charges randomly & automatically, if you have black mask (10) and if you will train slayer with it your black mask will use all of they randomly, these charges if i good remember decrease enemy defence when it used, player unable control it except some update changed it, but i don't know it...
  5. I not familar with they, but i think is to good to be truth :)
  6. Slayer helm is thing combined from few head slot slayer items (Black mask, earmuffs, face mask, nose peg and spiny helmet): http://www.tip.it/runescape/index.php?rs2item_id=7530 then it give these things bonuses & etc.. This make then: 1. You waste less bank space because you have 5 items just in 1 slot; 2. You can use black mask effects on slayer monster which require some protective slayer head gear, then before update in this way you was unable to use on they black mask, like: Aberal scepters, banshees & etc.. 3. Less chance to forget something when you go to kill monsters which require some slayer head gear. 4. It give some defence bonuses (check then link) then it better then black mask.
  7. I used dbaxe with holly book for more pray bonuses, but last time i used anchor after done quest, i think this weapon is amazing and hit like whip, but then i wear holly symbol for pray bonuses and i play all the time boosted.
  8. I think after few Tears Of guthix usages you can get some construction level, i think you don't do this minigame ? Another thing then after some construction levels long/curved bones can give construction exp if you will exchange they for it.
  9. Possible to fight they: 1. All the time wearing guthans without prayer - medium speed; 2. With prot melee prayer - fastest; 3. Mage/Range/Hally they - slow; Aditional suggestions: A. They weak to slash attacks; B. You can use canon to make it faster.
  10. I tried it in 20 minutes or a bit less time, then i got 1 rune scimitar :) then about 5 shappires, 3 emeralds, 2 cooked sharks and a lot of steel/iron/bronze scimitars which is useless because you can't take any stuff to island for example alching stuff to alch these scimitars...
  11. Hmm.. i now cheked official runescape website they just talk about new way to train thieving, then i think is about evidence room.. then i missed a bit i think because leak of sleep, nevermind then...
  12. Hello, I done that quest, but i don't understand what the new way of thieving jagex mean ? they about that minigame in evidence room ?
  13. If P2P then buy for all money flax, spin all and sell then repeat it util you will have your level or will be satisfied with profit :) is good way because you make good profit & not bad exp. BTW: I still train sometimes crafting in this way, currently i have 135k of flax to spin ;)
  14. If you want to rise the price just distribute rumors then dwcaxe go down, then all start to buy and price will go up :) just use public opinion :)
  15. 1. Not really, people use unenchanted too, i saw a lot of times, enchanted will give just some effects sometimes but you will pay for it a lot. 2. I dont suggest training with any slow weapon (cbows is slow), some suggestions: 2.1 Ever cheap way is Bone cbow, is slow but is really cheap; 2.2 Optimal way is MSB/Knifes/Darts, especially for your 65-70 ranged, i think you can train it to 70lvl with MSB+Bronze arrows (what i done for me pure) :) of course you can select better grade arrows/darts or knifes but you get very low diference; 2.3 I will say it for looting of strong monsters, rune Cbow + addy/mith bolts, hight rande bonus but is slow (all thins which are slow are not good for training), just cbow hit not bad and with CBOW you can mix training and loot, for example: Dragons. 2.4 Power ranging - Chinchomphas - expensive way;
  16. Yes you need to repeat inside mine part to get to that monster, if you unsure then get some friend with food then he will give it to you before combat.. ;)
  17. Just do slayer.. it will speedup any slayer task and give ranged XP :)
  18. Maybe some cached thing, try to delete temporary internet files, then to press on loaded page CTRL+F5. Do you see other videos ?
  19. Did something happen to the Neitiznot spinner? I remember a while back everyone always said Neitiznot is faster than lumby, although I've always used lumby. I dunno happen something or not but i allways use this one it best no any doors unlock & etc... then my agility make then i allways run without any super energies
  20. Hm.. possible reason can be then you don't compressed video and audio data, i use for this virtual dub, because any capture save it at RAW format then it size is very giant and it can be one from possible reasons i think. Your video is Ok i able to watch it. P.S. My channel: http://au.youtube.com/user/auriga991 :)
  21. IMO: Fun + Some money + A lot of exp/h is Pyramid plunder :)
  22. Before they updated clues with some emote doings with some items i done a lot of they, now in my opinion is time waste if you man who count experience per hour, but if you interest only in profit then it worth yes :) P.S. Almost of clues scrolls i drop if they about emotes or wildy, just i hate to waste so much time to collect required items then to keep trash in bank because maybe i will need this for some clue, but after some training maybe i one day decide to consider on clue doing then i will prepare all items & etc... it depends on what you want.
  23. Yes, same like others, but killing they require to watch HP.. and near they is escape log which helps to get out from dungeon imediatelly..
  24. I think more easy is Agility, runecraft can take ages, and if you anyway think to get both then get firstly agility 99 then will be more easy to get runecraft 99, just think clever same i done, just rc is ever slow to compare with agility :)
  25. Hm then main improvements of tactic is: 1. Get summoning up to 68 to get Bunyip (i now readed about this familar, good then then you can eat raw fish, waterfiends drop sometimes it); 2. To use karils armor. Thanks! :)
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