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    Helping others, browsing forums, fishing at Catherby, Farming, running around like a hamster...

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  1. Oh, and happy birthday <3

  2. Come back soon, Dr Locust :((

  3. Happy birthday :D

  4. How come we're able to decapitate dinosaurs with giant hunting traps that resemble outhouses?
  5. is going to f2p in 33 days.

  6. Elite clue reward: 1 dragon longsword 2 glories 3 super sets 25 biscuits 15 wild pies A guthix wizard?
  7. Thanks for the "switching rocks" tip...I'll give that a try!
  8. Happy Birthday!

  9. Hi Sugar, Congrats on 99 fishing, I remember your blog. It's epic. Best, Dr. Locust
  10. School is over so I just got members again. Wow, there are a lot of changes since I last played. 910 "life" points? Dungeoneering? New quests? Where do I begin? I started by doing slayer, there were some nice Slayer updates (Wyrms). Managed to get a task for Jungle Wyrms, pretty nice graphics compared to other monsters. I got 85 slayer the other night, but I haven't fought abyssal demons yet, I'm waiting to get them as a task.
  11. Haha, deep fried turkey is awesome. But so many houses burn in fire every year cause people don't properly defrost those things!
  12. Thanks for posting, the pictures are great!
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