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  1. When using a chrome launcher, the browser only uses about 30MB, even I can miss that much although I only have 1 GB RAM. The only visible difference with a native client would be the title bar, but the chrome one doesn't look that bad either. As for the graphics, my lowsy computer still manages to run Runescape HD in full screen with about 39% CPU, so I still have quite some processing power left. I don't see the need for crazy optimizations, I'd rather have them focus on content.
  2. Don't they delete accounts that are inactive for over 6 months ? Apparently they don't \, as long as you logged in after RS2 started it seems you stay in the database (also quit members for 3 years)
  3. Mining and automatically dropping ores when you were full was so easy, just click the sleeping bag from time to time. I remember being very proud finally getting my full black together (with kite shield :shock:), and losing it 30 min later to them darned low lvl wildy mages (the skulls lying around should have warned me -.-) First time and last time getting scammed: killed by the mighty mage Grayzag, and afterwards asking the guy what the hell happend (and nearly doing it again)
  4. You guy's realize that it is possible for anyone who can post here to get your ip when you view their siggy? Would just take some more effort, but you'd be none the wiser as to who did it.
  5. Nice gadget, does it actually type on a real keyboard, or does it fake one on the usb port? I think this kind of 'botting' would be even more detectable than a software bot, since it probably can't respond to things in the game (unless you have some screen recognition stuff), at best it would be on par with those software bots I guess. So I wouldn't be surprised if it gets you banned, since they have no way to know if you are hard- or software botting.
  6. Haven't been able to reproduce the bug, but the collect screen still shows if I use the 'use-quickly' option. Already sent the bug report, but since I can't reproduce it or know the things that triggered it, I guess it wont be that helpfull :?
  7. As you can see I was in a hurry to get some food, but when I opened my bank I suddenly got the grand exchange screen from edgeville bank :? Since it seems to happen after I have to confirm my bank pin, I log out and try to use the 'use-quickly bank boot', which brings me to the collect screen. Seems a bit confusing to me, guess those bankers can't tell what they have to do anymore :) (I don't know if this is in the right place, since it is not very serious, but it's still a bug)
  8. I don't think the drop pile always shows the most expensive item on top: if you kill chickens for example, the bones always show up at the bottom, although they are worth a lot more than the chicken meat and the feathers (according to GE prices)
  9. Well if you read the update all the way through if you kill someone your not assigned and pick up any of their items then you are stuck in multi combat for 3 min with a big price tag next to your name and having the timer on means you can't protect item so yea thats not going to work out so well for them. Yes but on an empty b.h server and sticking in 1 corner away from the crowds you could easily stay alive and unseen. Even today with it being new i could find large areas in there with no other players. They would still need the high level requirements to be able to take such armor into the minigame, otherwise you just can't take them in. Since most goldfarmers don't have such high levels, it would be a rather time-wasting method to transfer money (training combat stats is more risky to auto/takes longer (chickens,cows,...))
  10. Just mentioning that the urns in tomb 6 give 300 xp if you charm the snake and only 450 if you just search it.
  11. First my "treasure trail" oufit, collected them myself: My regular "lightweight" outfit:
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