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  1. My god you're slow. "Were" should be "we're". *hold back laugh*
  2. ... and if you were a merchant, i doubt you'd be saying that. your giving baised advice...
  3. hmmm, thats a good idea... congratz on 1k posts by the way book
  4. ah, well, i thought it was halarious... i'm sure no one took it too seriously
  5. hey book, my bad, it seems tipit doesnt support the table code either. might want to replace that with the other one i made
  6. yes, leaf, thats exactly what i meant. how silly of me not to specify who i was talking about! how silly of me... EDIT: i'd better correct my previous post! sorry for the miscommunication! You naive fool, thinking we were THAT good. *slaps upside the head* We are still having trouble getting valid sources on this crap that we have been writing about. lol...
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