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  1. My god you're slow. "Were" should be "we're". *hold back laugh*
  2. ... and if you were a merchant, i doubt you'd be saying that. your giving baised advice...
  3. hmmm, thats a good idea... congratz on 1k posts by the way book
  4. ah, well, i thought it was halarious... i'm sure no one took it too seriously
  5. hey book, my bad, it seems tipit doesnt support the table code either. might want to replace that with the other one i made
  6. yes, leaf, thats exactly what i meant. how silly of me not to specify who i was talking about! how silly of me... EDIT: i'd better correct my previous post! sorry for the miscommunication! You naive fool, thinking we were THAT good. *slaps upside the head* We are still having trouble getting valid sources on this crap that we have been writing about. lol...
  7. yes, leaf, thats exactly what i meant. how silly of me not to specify who i was talking about! how silly of me... EDIT: i'd better correct my previous post! sorry for the miscommunication!
  8. yay! we'll make sure to have a detailed, thoughtful, and well-written article on the GE. unlike some newspapers i could mention... (the Tip.It times, which doesnt even have a article about it!)
  9. there ya go, i resized it for ya. ah, ty dkw... skill, i think both papers understand how it works, tyvm. no need to make such...ahhh...uninsightful comments...
  10. pardon me for expressing my opinion... next time i'll be sure to stay passive...
  11. [hide] Incorrect conclusion. Originally, skillers were selling goods slightly under the average price because it was not worth it for them to spend hours sitting on forums. With the GE, they no longer have to spend that time selling therefore they will be able to charge higher prices. The GE also makes it easier for buyers who originally had to buy slightly overpriced if they wanted to get the item they want. What the author presents here is a one-sided conclusion. Yes, it's easier to buy goods at a cheaper price, however it is also easier to sell goods at a higher price. Everyone wins, except the merchants, who were the ones originally facilitating the exchange (but they will NOT be completely destroyed, players who need the cash quickly will not charge so high and merchants can take advantage of that situation). The only exception is the first few weeks, where I think there will be a lot more sellers. This is because people, right now, are holding off on selling goods because they are curious to see what the GE is like but in the long run, prices will be stable and, in fact, a lot more stable than they use to be. That's overly exaggerated and just overly dramatic. The prices will certainly not crash, even if they do fall a bit. Close enough, It only facilitates the selling part but that will lead to more time spent on skills. Note the bias in favor of merchanting Correct, but note an even stronger bias in favor of merchanting This isn't even correct. From what little information we have about G E, there is nothing that suggests that more money will be an input of money into the economy. Speculation based on the assumption that the GE replaces ALL forms of merchanting, which is certainly not true. If so, that implies that cash is being removed from the economy yet you believe it will be added into the economy. If more cash is introduced in the game, that implies a devaluation of the currency and thus an increase in the price of all items. Again this makes no sense with your previous claim The two above claims contradict each other, so not only the author made these claims on mere speculation, they contradict each other and so he is wrong either way. This is just an exaggeration, no comments :roll: First off, this is completely inconsistent with the previous point. If merchants really were destroyed, the price of rares would go down, not up. Second, this is again based on the assumption that this update will put more money in the economy and the assumption the update will cause prices to fall. Considering how both those assumptions contradict each other, this claim is even more invalid. Very poorly written, no economics used to support the claim, it just says "run away! run away! the economy is crashing!". [/hide] thanks for the comments on my article... it's nice to get feedback. i'll be sure to incorporate some of your suggestions into my next piece. thanks again
  12. yeah, it all comes down 2 the reader's support. THANKS!
  13. thanks! glad everyone seems pleased... those imponderable are great, book
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