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  1. i got a burning question at the moment.... since i invested into veracs for barrows to help melee i put in a lot of money into barrows since armor prices r goin back up... good time to start it again my question is on your own opinion, do u think the armor/set prices will drop or rise? Thanks in advance ~Srgnt Suited~
  2. ok so im all excited finally getting 45 construction for the altars... i was wondering how much % of prayer xp per bone do i get opposed to the traditional 100% just burying them regulary, with a regular oak altar thanks in advance!! ~Srgnt Suited~
  3. Giving this guide a bump before it dies out : Anyways, just want to update a couple of things....... Since Jagex has implemented the Grand Exchange, it has benifitted buyers of items much, much more than sellers, to say the least...... With the Grand Exchange you can buy prayer potions for 4.2k for 3 doses. Why does this matter? Because using this method you save 2.5k per prayer potion a trip as opposed to before....... With bringing 5 prayer potions you save around 12-13k. Helps alot with profits...... So to answer, can you make a profit with these many prayer potions? Yes i truely believe you can. Barrows is a more.... fun minigame than profitable as well...... Although once you become experienced you can make 40-50k per trip, depending on your drops...... Since i still use fire bolt, and yes i truely believe it is better than slayer dart FINANCIALLY, I can cut trip spendings to around 15k er so........ Also, I have changed the order in which I do the barrows bros...... Dh first with full prayer, then Karil with the leftovers and maybe a dose of prayer potion, and finish Ahrim with whatever prayer you need. Now in tunnels expect to use 3-4 doses of your prayer potion (yes i use 1 prayer potions a trip (usually only 2-3 doses)). Those are what I personally call the big three since I pray on only them.... Thank you, just wanted to fill in here again...... ~Srgnt Suited~
  4. Cool idea... seeing as how i hated pking myself (was always the pked) I won't attend..... Will be Dawn of the Dead... only without zombies =] Ya, Runescape is slowly getting destroyed by Jagex, F2P'ers getting more stuff and the updates and stuff....... ~Srgnt Suited~
  5. Okay...... 1. Duel Arena-f2p got it 2. More bank space-f2p got it Why, oh why Jagex....... please tell me..... I will admit.... I truely thought Jagex had more sense in their brains.... Guess not... Congratz on your win...... Since you have more bank spaces.... what next.... hmm??? As the age old saying goes: Give a man an inch and he'll take a mile.... I won't put up an argument anymore because Jagex is messing up Runescape...... Assist System - That system has messed up Runescape..... Now people have nothing to work for... I have said enough already, I won't say anymore because I don't want F2P rioters sicced on me...... ~Srgnt Suited~
  6. for the drop parties to work out we'd NEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEED to be in a very secluded area as other non-tip.iters would surely come and spoil it...... nice ideas for drop parties tho
  7. okay so since u got 99 hunting u have about 31m to spend on tip.iters u say? well ill enter your drawing..... with predicting my schoolmate would break up with his gf b4 christmas (they did), i think my luck is alright..... so enuff of this..... ill submit my personal wish list =] 1. set of guthans 2. set of veracs 3. dark bow Thank you for submitting me if you do =] i hope to win big time :pray: =P~ ~Srgnt Suited~
  8. nice bank but idk if it's legit or not...... whats the point in having 6 of one type of skillcape if you'll only use 1..... same with other items than skillcapes... why have more than 1 of the item if ull nvr use the rest? do some heavy duty alchin imo ~Srgnt Suited~
  9. as a personal suggestion i think ur gonna have an archive on the emote that u should have them as videos.... pictures shows only a small fraction of the actual emote as a whole 7/10 ~Srgnt Suited~
  10. w/ the diamond bolts and ruby this method isnt cost effective nice guide for "thinking out of the box" tho, good for some1 to come up with a diff way for once.... overall 8.5/10, if it wasnt so uncost effective then maybe a 9 :)
  11. get your facts straight. they respawn almost instantly in full world. have you ever tried it? Prolly not. I never said it was the fastest nor the most efficient. The title says, "without a single gp." I even admitted that the best way is buying bones. But the price is 400-500ea. That stinks. 450gp for a measly 15xp. At my def...I can afford to take rune and risk it. Even if it is a lvl 126, in f2p the most he could hit is about 25. i have my protect prayers and food. I just runn south from 30-20 and bam...tele. Besides i am not saying that you take rune. Take dhide for all I care. I just take rune because I am more attentive that way. It keeps me on the edge of my seat and I am alert. ok this message is to pantim........ ok pantim, the thing is, if u bring rune, what does it matter.... if u stay unskulled and bring plate legs and scimmy u lose nothing even if u die.. this is the better way if u dont have alot of money... u can easily get the 1k bbones buried in 4 hours.. using anim's method its 6k xp an hour? give er take a lil.. thats 24k xp in the 4 hours..... where u do all the merching and buying and stuff when u only got 1k bones whereas u couldve gotten more w/o doing that.....
  12. ok the 20 ppots doses thing is just for starting barrows, ur right it is too much, but once u have done a few runs test new stuff out e.g. dont pray on all bros and stuff, its only temporary....
  13. ty for ur help and i saw the specialty store thing too, but idk if it still sells that much after the update, since prices on stuff have went up drastically with the update....
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