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  1. How much chitin/gp does it cost to repair one of the new drygore items?
  2. Kalphite Guardians have pretty decent drops, and a lot more spawn in the new dungeon now.
  3. I grinded barbarians for two weeks + looted noobs to get my first rune longsword. This was after the update which made barbarians stronger and more aggressive in 2006.
  4. If Alexa is to be believed (Since people loved quoting it in regards to the game's decline and assuming I'm reading it right), IVP's thing is working. So we'd have a choice between a dead game that we used to like and a living game that we used to like. Either way, we'll complain about how everything sucks compared to the "good old days" :razz: http://www.alexa.com/siteinfo/runescape.com shows a significant rise in reach after a massive decline. Guess we're going to have to settle for the lesser of two evils.
  5. My thoughts on this update (offensive language):
  6. Another roll on my pure yields another medium lamp...I really do think Jagex has rigged the wheel. I
  7. I really think the wheel for f2ps is rigged to give out medium lamps: I keep getting them on the random f2p mules I use ._.
  8. The accuracy of Storm of Armadyl has been nerfed; after the update I'm splashing constantly in mage boxing when before I would win by over 400 hp.
  9. Who gives a crap about people trading glowing unusual hats for GP?
  10. There are several grenwall bots out right now, so I'd just dump them @500 before prices crash further. I have heard reports of people leaving offers for spikes in at 100 each and having them actually fill.
  11. Torstols are below med, so much for BXP inflation :unsure:
  12. Torstols are now 44k, guess everyone preparing for BXPW in advance made them not rise as high as they once did.
  13. Torstols are increasing by abount 1k every 10 minutes or so. :blink:
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