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    Playing RuneScape and Pokemon in my mom's basement, getting rejected all the time by girls, and getting a good education. 1+1=3! yaaaaaay!

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  1. I'm looking for a turtle person of the opposite sex to me, but such a search is proving.. difficult. Is anyone out there acquainted with a turtle person?
  2. 27537 hours I've been playing RuneScape for in total.
  3. What makes me smile? When my brace catches on my upper or bottom lip. Ow.
  4. It's funny, really. RC PK'ers started declining not only after the ZMI update, but after Jagex made it so they can attack you over monsters. Our little shields of skeletons are worthless now, and it doesn't even matter. However, I've never used the abyss. Always used fairy rings; only went abyss to repair my pouch.
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