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  1. To get my fishing to 99 (I am 67 atm lol :uhh:)
  2. Heres a few "Here lies a person who died" "Here lies some guy" "Don't step on me" "When you see a lvl 126 (may need to change to 138), do NOT attack it!" "I am not zezima in disguise, I am not zezima in disguise..." "Violins do NOT make people feel sympathetic in the wilderness"
  3. Santa Hat (22m) 10 whips (1.2m each), then sell 1.4m each Bank the rest :thumbsup: Man, I could do with 250m...
  4. Ive only had this box 1 time, and I got a bucket! :thumbsup:
  5. Hi guys, I have a question If you could choose the skills to be released, what would you choose? :?: I've had an idea: Tailor. \
  6. Here lies some guy who didn't have enough money to have his name carved into this. :D :
  7. I came up with a few of my own : Not similar: 1. You can't right click on a real person to find out their 'level'. :o 2. Where was I when I saw that kebbit... Scotland? (no offence to scots) :-k 3. Where is Karumja? Somewhere near Crandor? Entrana? :shock: 4. Since when did our speech come up in writing above our heads? :?: 5. How comes even though I get more and more money in RuneScape, it never needs any more space? :roll: 6. My music player does not automaticly change depending on where i am. :-w Similarities: 1. People. :) 2. Pigeons (Biohazard Quest). :D 3. Cheese. :thumbsup: 4. Shops that try to rip you off [/u][/b]
  8. OK, so it's basicly a big auction house. :( What if it is a quest though? :?: Will it be an easy quest? Hard? Non-Members? Members? :-s Dang. I bet its not even a quest. You just turn up, talk to the guy, sell the stuff, type in a price you want payed, go. Simple, effective, fun. :thumbsup:
  9. IDK every time! "Buy ur Scim" "How much?" "Idk" "?????????????" Dang I h8 that one. :wall:
  10. worst: Draynor Manor??? scariest: lvl 53 wildy (the blob is lvl 305)
  11. Favourite Skill- Hunter Least-Favourite Skill- Farming (Boring) Favourite Mini-Game- Pest Control Least-Favourite Mini-Game- barrows Favourite Quest- nature spirit Highest Level (skill and level)- Hunter (73) Lowest Level (skill and level)- Farming (7) Total Level- 794 Combat Level- 58 Time playing Runescape- 2 and a bit years Dang only now do i realise how much I suck. :wall:
  12. I offered 100k for an obby maul and someone tried to remove it. I knew it was a sacm for 2 reasons 1. obby mauls 300k 2. flashing !. he is a noob. :shame:
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