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  1. Well the Rune part is easy > > The name rune scape brings it out Theres Rune Letters runes we use for magic =X
  2. I still stand by my name Rune's cause you cast magic and cape =X Runes Capes Think about it itll like BLOW YOUR MIND!
  3. Well Runes and Capes Merge it together Runescape
  4. =X i would love if some one could change this around so i can actrully use it as the kb size has to be at max 30kb but this is 98! would love if you could make it smaller!
  5. hmmm after thinking i would love a Suit or Armor to look good in
  6. How do you load Gamecam up with runescape as you need a exe file to actrully start the cam up also as this has nothing to do with runescape in general just advice i placed it in off topic! so how do we do it =X
  7. I want a event where you have to go into a diffrent dimension full of snow and you have to help the grim reaper uh i mean santa
  8. Player:Hi ill sell you this Barbed Spear 400k! (As im low level i think he expected that i didnt know the prices) Me:Um No thanks Player:Fine 300k! Me:I dont want your barbed spear Player:Noob! Then he logs it was funny =X
  9. Ive learnt that Alot of people claim they are female when there truely not which i find very very very wrong for the Females that actrully play the game (As i am female i find it horrible men do this)
  10. I play the best Violin music for your random spam :boohoo: now i play a game for my random spam :ohnoes:
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