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  1. best line is when ted says "I'm not exactly what you'd call a winner."
  2. combat: slayer dart, I made a killing at barrows in my earlier days. non-combat: cammy tele.
  3. one small favor for how long it took, or ghosts ahoy because of the walk out there lol :wall:
  4. then why even make this thread? Also, you need to stop arguing with people who have clearly bested you.
  5. I've been thinking of going for 99 agility and was wondering how much it would cost for all the super energy pots. I'd be training from 70 agility onward at the Ape Atoll place.
  6. if its something that needs less then 3 items just take 75,003 coins so you don't risk anything extra.
  7. Last time I checked catching clockwork mice is the fastest way to get 52 agility but from what I've read recently says that this has been nerfed, is this true and if so what is the now the fastest way.
  8. In the first setup for range under equipment it says "(Barrows) Gloves/Black Dragonhide Chaps*" but it should say vambraces instead of chaps. Although the note needs no correction: "*Note: Vambraces offer 2 more magic defence at the cost of one less range attack bonus, as well as being much cheaper."
  9. yes but the sc levels are already in some of the other skill's guides and there is no mention of it in mining or runecrafting's so it may just be an update to their guides.
  10. could this finally be the year when some of the older quest lines are continued/finished? this year is shaping up to be great.
  11. how can you say summoning is the hardest? you can easily get those charms while doing slayer. also, why would you say that rc is not hard, it has the slowest exp per hour by far and it doesn't cost very much because of how easy it is to make back the money you would loose training it.
  12. I don't think that dodgeball is a bad thing, it is a good release of anger and tension and you really only get seriously injured when you do something stupid.
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