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  1. Happy Birthday XD

  2. Thank you Gradeskip!

  3. Happy birthday :D

  4. No one is really arguing the pedophile is innocent, although I haven't looked at this thread lately for the past six pages, so quote some posts supporting your claims. And I can tell you that none of the mods are pedophiles. And backseat modding is really dumb, don't do it. No one likes it, I don't anyway. Still, considering the parent had all those jobs to support herself and her daughter, she might not have had much time to keep abreast of matters, so I wouldn't lay too much blame, even though she should have at least taught her daughter that that kind of scenario is just wrong. As for the perpetrator, he'll be found guilty more likely than not. I'm not going to comment on the girl, as she clearly had no idea what was going on was wrong, so she was essentially manipulated. Still doesn't change the fact she went along with it the second and third times. Granted, she shouldn't be charged with anything, but she needs to have her internet access taken away until she learns that this kind of nonsense should never happen. First off, I didnt say that the Mods are pedophiles, I said some of the people posting on this thread are. Next point, you say you don't like "backseat modding" but at the same time you want me to do it by asking for quotes. Ok, How about this. If that's not arguing in favor of a pedophile than I don't know what is. BTW adding a "definitely creepy" disclaimer at the end dosn't change the rest of the post. At best, it's CYA. I will also point out that tripsis is part of the tip.it admin team and as such IS a Mod.
  5. One good thing to come out of this whole thing is that it has given us the chance to find the pedophiles among us. Including some Mods. I sure hope the Tip.it staff takes a long look at this thread. I for one expect stupid coments from loud mouth 14 year old kids. But Mods? No way. Some of you are arguing in favor of a pedophile, and as far as I can tell, the only people who would do that are also pedophiles. Time to bring down the ban-hammer.
  6. The consent law is arbitrary. Being 18 means nothing in biology. Nothing. Age of consent laws are arbitrary not only in sex, but everywhere else. Theme parks, for example, can decide when you are an adult to charge you more. Though this is an extremely poor contrast. You futile attempts at using straw men are also rather amusing. I am 18, going on 19 in about 26sh days. Now, what I simply think is that consent should be defined with the cognition of one's brain. One can be 14 and be more mature and developed than that of a 19 year old, for example. But in our age of consent laws (at least in 'Merica), the said 14 yeah old would still be cognitively devoid than that of a 19 year old because the law said so. And only a couple hundred years ago, those laws were different than todays. Laws evolve and change over time as we investigate and discover new realities, or when we can disprove older laws and replace them. Every single person who has anything resembling a rational thought should question the law every now and then, in my opinion. Mindlessly following the law is silly and dangerous. Its good to question the reality of the situation sometimes. This girl may not have had the cognitive abilities to discern what is good or bad in her situation, and we won't know because of the law. I also cannot agree with the so-called "reality" you stated. Teenagers mature younger and more rapid nowadays. Puberty is occurring younger, and many children are also capable of rational thought during those ages. I also find it arbitrary that an adult, lets say age 33, can have sex with a 15 year old and he would be the only one charged with any wrongdoing, even if the teen consented. However, if the situation was twisted and lets say the 15 year old were to rob a bank with this man, she can be tried as an adult for being an assistant to this mans crime. Granted, sex is definitely more psychologically relative and is emotionally connected as well, but given the conditions of the bank robbery scenario it can be just as frightening for the child. No. In reality, age does not show anything but how many days one has lived on this earth and does not necessarily relate to cognitive ability. Surely there are teens that obviously cannot make that decision, but at the same time there must also be quite a few that can. I was ninja'd :P Also, if I were trolling, I'm pretty sure that I wouldn't make an attempt to sound intelligent and I also wouldn't make an attempt to care about what I was saying. But hell, I apparently may be a troll simply because I don't agree with the majority. I could be misunding what your saying, but it sure looks like your arguing in favor of Pedophilia.
  7. I'm so glad that so many of the posters on this thread have goten so much entertainment and joy from a 13YO girl getting raped. Get help!
  8. I spy someone who never learned basic economics. And I spy people who can't answer simple questions without resorting to silly comments. So I give up and leave you with this. Have fun. http://www.addictionrecov.org/Addictions/index.aspx?AID=43
  9. :rolleyes: Somebody doesn't know how basic industry works. Not a big surprise, from somebody who thinks buying out X item to cause an artificial supply/deman imbalance is "merchanting". Don't worry bro, nobody will miss the guys buying out antifire potions. Free trading is coming, your fate is sealed, banned or not. Actualy, I never mentioned buying anything. And may I ask, What "industry"? We are talking about a game here. Anyone who thinks Runescape is anything other than a game eather works for Jagex (It's there business), Is praying on people who are to lazy or unwilling to play the game and thus get whatever it is they want (RWT), or are in need of psychological help. It's a GAME. If you want antifire pots, do what it takes to make them. Or be willing to pay the price to those who did the "work" and made them for you. But don't got all bet out of shape becouse some people want to play the game in a diferant way than you do. If they want to prentend that they are some kind of Runescape Walmart or something, let them. Just play the game and ignore them. Everything in this game can be had by anyone willing to to do what it takes to go get it. That's the whole point of playing. To earn the rewards in exchange for the effort you put in. And this brings me back to the question I asked before. What "drought in supplies"? What is the reason for you not being able to play the game and not get or make what you want? Is the game to hard? Is it to boring to do the "work"?Do you not know how to do it? The guides here on Tip.it are exelant in helping with that.:thumbsup: Or are you really taking an online, Java based, computer game that seriously?:ohnoes:
  10. That is awesome news. There are no "merchanting clans", and there shouldn't be. What exists right now are money hungry opportunists, who cause a drought in supplies so they can profit from the inconvenience of others. The art of merchanting is coming back from its 2007 grave. Saying " There are no "merchanting clans"' is kind of like saying there are no private e-mail accounts. Just becouse you haven't been invited into one dose not mean they are not around. BTW What "drought in supplies" are you talking about? I've never been told the all the fish in any fishing spot where all gone. The trees "grow" back at the same rate no matter what you do with them afterwards. The sand boxes for making glass are allways full. The rocks are as slow to mine now as they where brfore. What have you missed out on?
  11. I think the safe world idea is great. What are the chances? Why the change of heart to begin with? Jagex baned people for speaking out against the removals a few years ago, now you chang your minds? Why didn't you listen to us then?
  12. Hello every one. I'm back....again...this time for good. Hopefuly. See you in the game.

  13. *waves* Hope you are doing well

  14. Hai Mr.Lux! I noticed i didnt have you added as a friend her on TIF - we cant have that!

    *hugs* :)

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