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    I'm easily distracted by purty shiney things =) Im terrified of heights .... and spiders ... But incredibly talkative!

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  1. I think you did a grand job! Really made me smile :)
  2. It was one of those days you'll rarely forget in a hurry, when you see the last 10 years flash before you and wonder where it went Thinking of the people and the places and the stories and the smiles and then looking at where you are right now, at that moment In August 2011 - I was sitting in my dining room chatting with a friend whilst randomly tootling around Runescape 2 hours past, and the conversation become more serious and solid as the giggles lessened and the sombre mood overtook the conversation completely and at that point as I said bye to said friend - I had completely no idea what we'd spoken about until an hour or so later when I received an irate text from another friend, asking why I'd given such bad advise and support earlier that day I sat back in the chair and settled in for the night ... couple of lovely updates and .... should I ring her ... What would I say ... How could I explain what had happened .... "My pixels were more interesting??" I turned off the computer and a few months later, dismantled it completely and its now gathering dust in a spare corner of the house I do keep in touch with many RS friends and as a veteran of the 2 RuneFest meets, I met a lot of great people who I chat with and keep in touch with via various social networking sites, but i've not so far returned to RS for more than 20 minutes a session I get pangs of regret when I read such great articles about updates, see the new lovely fashions available and hear the raves of joyous applause in general Then I read such articles as those of late and I cant help but agree with the lack of common sense, the increased botting and loss of so many moral and ethical players not to mention a new rise in the 'paymore to get more' scenario's. I wont go into the whole, 'when I started playing back in 2005 .... ' speach, we've all heard it, and so far there are some good as well as bad updates but aside from the people I've met and have befriended me along the way - There is nothing left of any attraction for me in RS anymore - Nor in any of the other RPG's I've frequented over the last 5 years. I feel I could've maybe limited my time online but then Im pretty sure it would have slowly returned to my old ways, and on those nights when you really cant be bothered to do your hair and put on a sparkly top (girls) it would just be another excuse not to ... not like I have anything better to do would be nul and void I feel I've had a lucky escape and I was my own worst enemy - putting my pixelated addiction before my friends and even my own best interests in more than a social capacity /rant
  3. Happy Birthday XD

  4. Its when they try to read the bumper stickers on the back of motor scooters too that worries me >.< And as a scooter rider ... hugely annoying that they think you're inferior ... I pay my taxes so I will use the centre of the road .... lol
  5. People who come to me at work with a problem and have no inclination of offering a solution! Or roll their eyes when you offer one, because they dont like it. Its usually something stupid like that old "my arm hurts when I twist it!" - "So dont twist it like that then" Or the lovely question ... From people I work 'with' (term loosely used) "How do you want me to do this task (That I do on a daily basis)" "How would you usually do it?" "Well I dont know, I've been told to ask you" (sigh) "Well, if you were me ... How would YOU do it?" "I'd do it as I always do, no matter what you say"
  6. Always remember you're unique. Just like everyone else.

  7. Some days you are the bug; some days you are the wind screen.

    1. D. V. Devnull

      D. V. Devnull



      (LOL! And there's the sound from the collision!)

    2. Tracy_Luna


      LOL!! You've heard this one before havent you! Many bugs on windscreens! I cant wait for your next installment of sound effects! ;)

  8. Regarding 'Under Served' ~ I can understand your point, but as you referred, the f2p is a show-case of a finished product. To use some of your own terminology, if you were giving people a taster or sample, you wouldnt give them the whole cake would you? No. So in the same case, some of the less fortunate people in our communities cant have everything others have ... Is it right that they steal? No. This is more or less what the whole bot/RWT system v's 'lack of viable content' boils down to isnt it? Gaining by the wrong means I have played f2p for a while, and to be fair, its not that far different if you just want to play socially and chat while doing a little skilling and combat here and there, but if you want more, like anything in life, you should be prepared to pay that little subscription fee. F2p is a pretty decent, playable long term demo in fact. There arent many around that do give the same quality of content and for an unlimited amount of time. People have abused the fact its free - the players who were playing legitimately, are probably still playing happily away and enjoying the game. Im sure the ill-gotten gains from f2p didnt stay there, thats for sure.
  9. First Article ... Have to admit some points are accurate. I am what is referred to as a social gamer, I don't strive to achieve what everyone else does, but I do like the odd level here and there. Some of my friends, however are what you'd know as complete addicts. I've known them throw sick days when they're close to levels, make excuses when invited out with friends, and even lose relationships over their abuse of whats supposed to be a pass time and an enjoyable experience that is RuneScape. Some have moved on to other games and are still as addicted and outwardly unsociable to what we would call the real world. Others have seen 'the error of their ways' and given up the gaming world for the company of friends, partners and family You have to understand the reasons that people are like this though. It can be as simple as they have no real life social skills and they hide in-game, where they can be popular, knowledgeable and 'a perfect 10'. They move from being the social gamer to 'I will not be beaten!' kind You can play as much or as little as you want, and its your own choice whether or not to bow to the peer pressure of levels and must have items - Everyone lives their own life, and its their own choice as to whether they live it through a game or whether they go out into the big wide green and blue Updates keep things new and fresh and give you goals and aims, how you get there and how long it takes is up to you, if you do it at all. I'd rather never complete and have a constant goal rather than the whole scenario become a chore and a life's work. Completely immersing yourself in something, in this case a game, isn't so unusual in the current climate. Kids will do the same with games consoles and Adults with work. We are all pressured into becoming the proverbial big fish in some way, RuneScape is just one of those means to an end, and a way to say 'look at me'. Sometimes its up to us, as friends and family, to make people aware that we have concerns, and we shouldn't be afraid to do this ingame either I'll get round to reading the other articles right after I've no-lifed this fishing and beat my friend! (joke)
  10. Happy Birthday :D

  11. Happy Birthday :D

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