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  1. What does everyone think about Meet the Medic possibly coming out tomorrow? I don't think it's true, for some reason. Could be wrong, though.
  2. Urk, my computer's a pile of [cabbage] :V I have to use dxlevel 80 with Chris' Highfames config and even then it drops to 20-40 when in high-spam/traffic areas (although it is 16vs16 server full of Demo/Soldier narbs). Also, if I'm Spying and someone has a Razorback, I uncloak far from them then just shoot them 3 times with a Revolver. 95% of the time they don't have the time to react and the 3rd shot has already hit it's target, but on a pro player... I'm not too sure :/
  3. Wow Rue, I didn't realise you were so good D: I just hope you check your back as a Sniper O:) You've got a custom built computer, right?
  4. ...

    I know you were.

    I know you were.


  5. How to be a pro soldier: Timing > Anytime. Where rockets go > Around the enemy (see here for splash damage - who needs to aim!). Crocket ratio > Every single [bleep]ing rocket that's pointed at you. At least, that's in my experience from the sadacts that Solly on my favourite server ._.'
  6. On another note, you have successfully spammed my email

  7. But I do get wet to poni--- WAT NO.

    Yay I'm forgiven :3

  8. NOOOOO DON'T CRY FORGIVE [email protected]@@@

  9. Omigosh ;3; NOO I'M SAWHRY

    Thou canst spameth mine profile :3

  10. I try my best <3

  11. I never disappoint ;3 [/sexual reference]

  12. Edit: Reposting this 'cause I'm an idiot that didn't read the "Save Draft" button and thought it was published :V Well here we are again, it's always such a pleasure Remember when I went to the expo twice? Oh how I laughed and laughed And I was really laughing Under those circumstances, I had a great time Go buy some collectible items, That's what I'm counting on... I used to blog daily, but, now I only blog yearly. There were cosplayers, (some were... quite the trannies) And a few of there photos are on my phone. One day I uploaded them So they could live forever It's such a shame I deleted the Flandre Scarlet! The performances were quite exciiitiiiing! That's what I was counting on... I used to blog daily, but, now I only blog yearly. Goodbye to another expo. Oh, it was a fun one. It would be fun, if it didn't end. Well, roll on Octo-oh-ber, I can't wait un-til then! If I make this blog, maybe I'll stop thinking of it! You want those pictures? Take them. That's what I'm counting on... I used to blog daily, but, now I only blog yearly. Now I only blog yearly. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- An MCM-themed remake of Want You Gone from Portal 2. That was fun to make. Anyway! Here are some pictures. Not many this time. [hide=Pictures] Chell, Wheatley and GLaDOS. I really liked the humanized-GLaDOS, especially since she's holding POTaTOS <3 BIT.TRIP RUNNER! As much as I HATED that game (when getting the potato for the Portal 2 ARG), this was a good cosplay. CHIESTER 45! FIYAH! FIYAH! FIYAH! CONGRATULATIONS! I AM... BEAAAATOREEEEEECHAY! I'm her biggest fan - I'll follow her until she loves me. Papa. Paparazzi. Funnily enough, I had been thinking if someone would ever cosplay as Ms. Gaga (particularly in this outfit), and then she came up on stage for a performance! Psychic, or what? Heavy decided to lose weight, branch out and divorce the Medic. For Lara Croft? Bad choice, Heavy, bad choice. Why is the Minecraft character so adorable? \(^3^)~ Neytiri and her buddy. A pretty amazing cosplay, in my opinion. THAT SPY IS SHAGGIN' YER MA' Whereas that Spy is doing the right thing and shagging the ever-so-sexy Female Spy. MOTHERDUCKING XENOBLADE [email protected]@@@!!!/////@@@@@@@@@@@@@ And the 3DS, with Ocarina of Time 3D. [/hide] Well, that's all. See you again, in October, I hope!
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