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  1. but dere is hats.................

  2. o

    come play team fortress with [email protected]@@@@@@@@@@@@@

  3. indeed

    so wat u do nao

  4. [email protected]@@

    Whyyyyyyyy???????????????????????? Is it coz the game is [cabbage]e nao??????

  5. Ohmigee I can't believe I missed your birthday...

    Gomene ;3; Happy (very belated) birthday!

  6. You quit aswell?

  7. No babes I sort of... well, [email protected]@@@

  8. Peppy is lonely. 3:

  9. Ever heard of a game called Duck Hunt? Well... let's just say I don't like dogs.

  10. 0.1: Bind Quickswitch to a key (mine is bound to Left Shift) 1: With Diamondback, sap a building and get 1 Reserved Crit 2: Make your way back to your base 3: Taunt in front of a supply cabinet 4: While still taunting, quickswitch to the Enforcer/Revolver of your choice (basically activate the Civilian glitch) 5: If done correctly, you'll have no weapons. 6: Switch to Sapper/Knife to get your weapons back (press 2, 3 or 4). 7: Enjoy unlimited 144's with your Enforcer. 8: Alternatively, enjoy critical Sapper/Disguise Kit... For extra fun, go to a Saigns server (type 'saigns' into tags in your server browser) and activate premium (type 'premium' into the chatbox) when you're good to go. Yeah, I know Saign servers are piles of [cabbage], but they deserve to be spawncamped. If you die, just repeat. It doesn't take long.
  11. Thank yoooooooooou Diamonback Exploit <3:
  12. Sorry for the Necrobump, but the Yogscast just posted a diary about Transformers at Gamescom (relevant to thread). It finishes at about 1:54. So it's both true, and the graphics seem alright. Has there been any other news on this?
  13. Wow, very detailed and in-depth. Wonder if it'll be up soon, I think I'll give that a play.
  14. I'd really like a Tamrielic Relic, except GAME is a [bleep] and put a sort of ban thing on certain games going to Steam. Seriously, if you're gonna buy a game for the PC, why would I go to a waste of land that caters to outdated methods of game sales and even more outdated chunks of crap they call consoles. Steam exists for a reason, and damn right Steam should steal the PC customers away from [cabbage]ty stores like GAME and Gamestation. [/rant]
  15. Wearing Unusuals as a Spy. >will get spotted from anywhere, at any distance.
  16. Yeahh, the FvN update was the Australian Christmas update IIRC. Also: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0OOm9n1MMXc&feature=feedu POJGKPLAJDPGKBNJasvlhdjlMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM I LOVE YOU FOREVER MIKE MORASKY
  17. http://medieval.tf2mods.net/1_1.html I'd recommend keeping an eye on this - I see it becoming the next Fancy VS. Nasty update. I do love the Templar's Tabard though.
  18. Goddamn, I thought 'SKYBOXES WOO' then realised it's just the Citadel sky. Was hoping to get rid of the awful fog system. However, it's a pretty good update. Very well done. A shame that the amount of time between build ticks is huge, since DGS has already done the weekly resource quota :l
  19. That's the Luna Dial, right Tim? I LOVED that mod. Shame I play on sv_pure 1 servers :/
  20. I guess you could say, Tim, that was... ...groooovy. *CSI Riff + Sunglasses* YEAHHHHHHHHHHHH
  21. Spawncamping can be a vital tool for Spies, especially Saharan ones. Unfortunately, 100% of the time it's Soldiers and Pyro's spamming the spawn on certain maps (Turdbine, etc) so it's horrible.
  22. Go out spawn -> Cloak where no one sees me -> Get shot and burned to death from a Soldier standing across the map -> Cry General scenario now, whenever I've play Spy. It's so bad I've taken up Battle Medicating w/ Ubersaw
  23. At highest quality, the Righteous Bison has 7,013 polygons, and at lowest quality LOD, it has 1,446 so it has a LOD efficiency of 79.38%. Cow Mangler has 6,528 at highest and 1,858 at lowest, giving it an efficiency of 71.53%. Not really good considering 1.8K polygons is still there at lowest quality, but still, it's better than the Lumbricus Lid which has 4,885 polygons (more than the Pyro) and a LOD efficiency of 0%. And yeah, Tim, I feel your pain. Constant barrages of Lasers, Fire, Milk, Jarate, and God knows what else have really put me off Spying recently... It's quite sad, really, how Soldier just gets these constant buffs whereas classes like Engi and Pyro (and even Medic) are just left with their stock items and a couple of new weapons they got once.
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