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    Yeah, but science is not something to believe in, it's something you can prove with your own eyes. If you don't believe than x-chromozome can mutate into y-chromozome and create protein the scientists can show it to you so unless you don't believe your eyes it's true, a priest can't show you a God or an Angel if you ask him to give you solid proof. They don't go around disproving everything everybody says, they have proof to back it up just like there is proof that the earth is not flat like the bible says. The scientists weren't running around and disproving everybody, they simply had facts back then. Not to mention, if you don't 'believe' in science, then you don't believe that you just wrote a message created by science, you watch tv, you brush your teeth, you have a freezer, a toilet, a shower system, a tap, a car or pretty much anything that you use daily.
  2. This is pretty much true. As long as you write something like "map from runescape.com, ÃÆââ¬Å¡ÃâéopyÃÆââ¬Å¡Ãâîight Jagex" they probably wont get upset. Users on scapeboard copy news from runescape.com all the time but they always state 'from runescape.com' so Jagex has never complained about it.
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    No matter how much people try to say they've seen ghosts, it's been proven many times over and over that they are just illusions created in the mind. A hormone called 'septochlyriomide' (not sure about the spelling) starts spreading in your body if you are extremely sad, like example your relative/parent/good friend has died. There was a document on BBC "Dude, there's a ghost behind you" or something like that in 2002. The people didn't know they were being filmed and they had some electron panels in their foreheads and they thought they were seeing ghosts almost all the time even though the other people around him couldn't. Later on, it appeared that the images were just created in his mind. There were many occassions where he would say "yeah, the ghosts look like silver-colored, they always do", then the next day he would say "they were about as tall as me and green". It's just something that desperate people try to say to get attention, no offense. I could believe it maybe if it was a priest that has had mystically all of his brothers, sisters, parents and relatives die because of a mysterious disease.
  4. Well, in my opinion this could work. Since they're making everything else so easy, why not make prayer a bit easier too? It's too easy getting XP in skills that were harder before: Nowadays mining is 1 click, you can auto-light logs, 1 click woodcutting and so on. Why not make an option to auto-bury many bones? The only thing it would boost would be the amount of rich players getting high prayer levels fast.
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