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  1. lets look at another postion us f2p are in: do u have to be P2P to be the best the way i see it us f2p players work twice as hard to train skills and make money. i want f2P players and P2P players to comment on this!
  2. very well said DRUMINATOR i belive tht is exactly wht a good player is im only a level 54 but id help a noob anyday but wht about all of u other tip.iters do u agree?
  3. Zezima, we've all heard about himm. "the Best player in runescape!" i hear but what actually defines a good player? you answer what is a good player and what does he/she have to do and have? i
  4. okay im just gonna put this out there but look I play runescape to play runescape not try to find girls i mean if ur actuall girlfriend is a player by all means i dont care wht u do but getting a girlfriend on a MMORPG is just wierd people just want to get free stuff and you're probally never gonna actually meet this person so i belive rs dating is dumb
  5. comon runescape is the best mmorpg in the game right now so say wht u want but if u want adventure become a member
  6. CamSlam5

    Lame names.

    my name is quite original i belive so CamSlam5 dont see many camSlams now do we?
  7. oh comon these people have no life comon leave online dating to e-harmony
  8. What is up with rs dating its so annoying i mean the girls just like it because they get free stuff and guys just lose stuff plus you'll probally never see them ever in person so comon what is up with it!? :wall:
  9. I think the F2p players should get more of the rs world opened up and more quests! :idea:
  10. ill come since it dosnt interfere with the holy pilgrimage event count me in! :thumbsup:
  11. Tip.it my newest goal is to get full saradomin armor and i need some advise on how to go about doing it i am f2p so plz give me some advise
  12. Hey guys if you want to be in the tournament post that you can and give me your runescape name so i can make the braket thanks :D
  13. hey all u combat specialists the first annual Slam duel tornament will be happing on Jan 26 1pm central time zone. and i need to know who wants to be in it it will be in world 96 well be meeting behind lumbridge castle and then we will march to the duel arena. the winner will get 30k and the title of duel champ! post if u can make it only the first 64 players get in so hurry reply now! :thumbsup:
  14. Hey tip it im so mad i missed the battle whens the next multi site stell battle or anything like tht?
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