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  1. I just recently rejoined after a lengthy break. I have no cash or items to start up with but I do have some half decent stats. I love to pk and im looking to make money for turmoil 75-95. I am currently fishing monkfish for money and 91 fishing, figured this was a good spot to start. My stats are 99 at 99 str 88 def 99 hp 93 range 98 magic All my skills are 70+ except for 25 dung, 65 farming, 68 rc. I would rather do random things for money then skill. I use to lure and I was thinking that would be good still for making bank. Post or message me privatly with ideas
  2. I wanna die from a heart attack while im having an orgy with 4 fat women lol
  3. Wow why is everyone commenting on the comments of pictures? Get over it there pictures and they don't break rules >.< ffs lol
  4. My first real kiss ( not one that i got dared or played spin the bottle ^_^) was when i was 13. I was at the beach with my girlfriend and her family and we where watching a meteor shower outside on the deck at like 1 am. Her mom went to bed and we where all alone watching it, i sat up and looked at her took a huge breath kissed her on the forhead first then slowly went twards her lips. Tbh was first and best kiss of my life im 15 now and no other kiss's i have had where as good as that one. Was so nervouse lol
  5. If you want my advise go for it, you will never know untill you ask her and you don't want to spend every minute your with her wondering because that just stinks major, don't fear rejection rejection happens to everyone it's a part of life. O:)
  6. No one laugh at my picture =] lol I own tbh okay? No one look at my pole in the backround either lol
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