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  1. Got another 5m in other items as well :). Tempted to say I am in the top self made richest players atm, know people with more than me, but most did eoc trading.
  2. 999 has explained this to death mostly: rich people would switch to buying rares and keep off other items like prestige gear (robin, infinity, whip etc) or resources, which would make them cheaper for the average player. That doesn't even make sense. One player buys a blue partyhat for 2 billion coins. That player can now go spend that 2 billion coins on anything he'd like. Maybe some robins, infinity, whips, guthans, berserker rings, whatever. Check mate. think before you type. No one cares what the guy who sells his one hat does with that cash. If people with the cash to buy 20+ hats say suddenly spent that all on robins etc then that has a massive impact. Rares store up wealth in basically useless items, rather than people buying out all the high end useful gear people actually need to use. Rares have only a positive impact on the game, there are literally no reasons to not want them other than crying about them not fulfilling their original purpose (a pointless argument, they should fulfill their 2007, and most useful purpose ), or just plain mad that you don't have access to them.
  3. Problem is the game has not been out long enough for enough people to get the stats for high level (barrow etc) pking, you just need to wait longer before that sort of stuff develops. Wildy is full of pures as they are the quickest characters to make.
  4. Seems certain trade able rares are coming back now. Really hope the community doesn't [bleep] it up by saying everyone gets one, or something that will make them equally as common.
  5. I don't see why you would not vote for tradeable rares... Don't like the fact that they are not just used for fun? Don't buy one, pretty simple, if anything it stops the high end equipment like whips getting too expensive for you.
  6. poll is up, 82% for rares back. 72% for tradeable. I suppose it will go down to who has the bigger % on the tradeable/non tradeable as opposed to a 75% thing.
  7. Mobs showing off fireball and lightning attacks
  8. Going to try and finally update this to 1.5! o.O
  9. like I said, they are scamming. I am armor staking people with my verac and stuff, they just put mage on and assume I will sit there getting farcasted, my mage level is not high and I haven't done DT, (obviously from pray level) so assume they are getting a free win with mage and move on.
  10. Would be really disappointed if those idiotic masses decide they all want free phats, only to never wear them again after they realize they are pointless if everyone has one. They have warship there, so ammy def should be :P
  11. they forgot Lathas' amulet :( http://runescape.wikia.com/wiki/Lathas'_amulet Really hoping rares are voted for and made tradeable. Hoping for the TT rewards thing.
  12. does anyone know what master wand/seers ring/mages book are worth.
  13. 10k people have voted against the scroll wheel... Around 2.3k have voted no for everything, so thats 8k people who specifically don't want the scroll wheel thing o.O.
  14. whats wrong with knives, good and cheap low level range training. Obviously chins are better once you hit 70-80 range, but knives are best until then
  15. easier to make (don't need to waste time mining coal), and is almost identical xp/hr.
  16. I would mine just iron instead and smelt with forging rings and make iron knives/darts, steel ammo is pretty bad to use. You would be alching the plates.
  17. Don't want to slay, and lighthouse dags do too much damage without prayer.
  18. Rock crabs suck. Where would a good place to cannon be with 1 prayer. I am 75 defense and have barrows so can tank quite a few places. I am currently 50 range, using iron knifes with blue dhide while cannoning atm. I know cannon is effected by accuracy, so might it be better to just train with dscim/whip while cannoning to get those most out of cannon.
  19. Not the answer you are looking for really I think but don't bother with any of that. Mine granite to 70 mining, then use the time saved to kill green dragons, and use that profit to buy bars to make plates to train smithing (or iron knives if feeling cheap/can't stand more dragon killing, iron knifes profit) and buy iron knifes with more leftover dragons profit. Faster and get melee exp as well.
  20. voted yes to all but pures with addy gloves. All fairly generic connivance updates, see no reason to not want them (I never use the mouse wheel thing, but still voted yes as some people use it... a lot of people seem to vote no just because it doesn't effect them)
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