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  1. not sure if allowed, but pretty funny. (and harmless, they can get it back).
  2. this sort of stuff is good for the first few people, but like the tree spirit dropping axes, once loads of people do it, it quickly becomes nonviable.
  3. mud staff is still very expensive though, its great for cursing/stunning.
  4. I lost around 10bil to ddosers staking, as Stev said it was someone who sent an image to me (was just a generic looking pm with a picture that looked like the background of the forum... -.-). But seriously, no one will ddos you for your rune sets or 100k stakes. are you referring to me there?... Because I would like to know why you think its ok to randomly spurt shit because you are jealous that I am not terminally stupid in the way I stake.
  5. trust me I know all about how hard the 360s are, jad is in no way the hardest part. Was difficult with torva/pernix/chaotics and max stats/SGS/Purp sweets with Cornucopia, going to be quite a challenge with none of those things :P.
  6. prayer is a massive disadvantage. Also pretty difficult to find arm on stakes. Just my personal experience but at low levels low str doesn't work that great boxing, it is best at like 99/80/99, but 70/50/70, you just hit too low for it to work well.
  7. regen brace sucks in 07scape... Pretty sure it has no stat bonuses and all it does is double hp restore rate.
  8. Actually hit a bit of a loss streak for awhile (lost 10m boxing with 70/77/71 to someone with 60/90/45 -.-) Trying to sell whips before they crash atm. prob overpayed a bit, but don't see them going down much in the near future.
  9. I am not sure why these people are buying spins, the only reason to go for high ranks is internet respects, and this way just makes everyone hate them.
  10. those guys where basically just rwting, forfeit any rights to any form of competitive pride/respect.
  11. still worth getting for pking, combat brace currently 100k only difference is like 1 accuracy iirc
  12. avoid public things like that, you might not get hacked, but they WILL get your IP, and you can be ddosed from that.
  13. Maxed 1 pray and going to try 1 prayer jad in 07scape eventually :P. unspam
  14. Rares should be implemented in their 2007 purpose rather than their 'original' purpose, like I said before, if you want fun items there is stuff like the chicken suit to use. Also if everyone has a rare, they are going to be pointless and unused, as they are only worn as status symbols in the first place, how many people do you still see wearing jester hats for example.
  15. Vinyl you missed my point about how to make them rare, like I said, we don't need another load of fish masks, make only a small number available in game, so forcing them to be rare, you could do this for example by making them a temp rare reward from clue scrolls. Ring world, the thing is no one cares what the average rich do,buying 10 whips does nothing, however buying 1000 whips is when prices start getting [bleep]ed.
  16. everyone has access to some fun items like the chicken hat etc just released. Why *should* whips be restricted to people who can afford them? There has to be some expensive stuff, would you rather it was whips or barrows items, than useless cosmetics?
  17. different people have different goals, one version of fun in runescape is being as rich as possible, so I am going to do my best to keep my bank value up by investing in stuff that wont crash, and if rares are not there, all that cash will buy out useful items. It doesn't matter per say, any more than any rs goal does.
  18. increasing the cash limit or putting them into shards does nothing at all for the inflation problem of people trying to invest to keep their wealth. If I want to stay at the same relative wealth, rares are the best option, cash is a gamble (and a poor one) on GP increasing in value (not going to happen, with no new updates and alching bringing in loads of cash).
  19. I'm not necessitating that all rares result in RWT, I'm saying that by introducing rares, RWT becomes a lot easier and wide spread. why?... No reason rwt would be effected by rares. Maybe slightly from people rwting to buy said rares, but that would just apply the same to people buying gp for any other reason.
  20. One of the major things 2007scape is missing might now is rares, a lot of people have mixed opinions on them, but cannot think beyond being mad they do not have them. Firstly its not authentic to not have them, a simple but important point. Secondly rares play a vital part in being a place for richer players to hold cash. Put yourself in the shoes of someone who has say got 300m from staking/pking/dking/skilling, you already have the best gear available (not even any gwd kit available so that is a whip/dfs and barrows) and don't want to put it all into skilling. A big worry is constant inflation, your GP is becoming worth less and less, previously the obvious answer was to buy a rare, as it increases/decreases in value to roughly follow the market, so you are protected for massive inflation. The only real option to do this is to put it into something like whips/TT items/supplies, for example putting your bank into lobsters/sharks might be a pretty safe investment. The next problem is that now 300m worth of lobbies have been bought up and not resold, this obviously increases the demand and brings up prices, forcing people with less money to pay even more for basic supplies. A major complaint about rares is it creating a wealth gap, it is going to be far far worse without rares, with peoples billions going into common items. Introducing rares is another major problem. My biggest fear is Jagex does a mass drop rares everywhere and everyone gets 10 of every rare. This would be a completely pointless exercise rares need to be rare as well as discounted, look at fish masks, they are junk. A good idea I have seen is adding them in a temporary clue scroll rewards, perhaps a week where level 1 clues give edibles, level 2 give santas/masks, and level 3s give crackers. I cannot think of a single good point for not having rares in runescape, if you think they are stupid, don't buy them, but watch as your GP devalues and you won't be able to buy them later.
  21. bank pic All from staking, killed green dragons to get original cash to stake with.
  22. ags is not as overpowered as people seem to claim, sure it will own whip + rune, but I would put my money on a 4 iteming dher vs a rune agser.
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