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  1. Record any of it? Just you normally post a video even when you lose. [hide=vid] [/hide]Not that exciting just proof if you like of me losing it/explaining what doing now, was not going to bother posting on tif.
  2. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pYp1nhdUfQA Edit: Horay got cleaned by glitchers. Lost my entire bank to someone with much lower stats my first hit ddsing, 500m lost to him then my last 100mish to the guy I won 300m from in that video above. Not too bothered though, was a fun run with 2007scape but increasingly found myself bored especially after rares are not going to be made discounted, kind of felt, whats the point. Also I was REALLY bored of training after 74/87/77 stats, getting 99 is just something I don't want to do.
  3. How does gaining money factor into time calcs? Does it assume you just get it all from donations. Or would the richest player be the closest to all 99s currently.
  4. Jagex have killed any longevity that could be obtained in terms of items goals. Terrible terrible outcome, does not matter how rare they make them if they are not discounted.
  5. Just general fix on weapon/armor switching is badly needed, it is extremely unresponsive.
  6. l ll 1 slash l l1 1 is a terrible staker, all is does is scam all day, won at least 30m from antiscamming him. Also you got fooled, look his stats again, has flat 80s, he account switched you from "l l1 1" to "l ll 1" Will unspam with a bank pic in a few mins. This doesn't include about 30m in items (ranger set,dbow,chins,runes,fury etc) on my pure, and all my barrow sets and random items.
  7. I just hope an afkable way of getting agility exp comes out soon in eoc. I train a lot of skills as AFK as possible (ie at spiders or bandits, checking only to heal up/switch to guthans) because I can train for far longer if I am watching a movie or doing some work than just sitting there getting almost exactly the same exp I would by watching something else. I want those stats to PK/Stake with, I do not care whatsoever about the "achievement" of training them.
  8. World crashed I am about 10 seconds from the mage. Why u do dis to me jagex
  9. trying to train range on my pure :L. Any good spots for a pure to cannon aside from crabs? Acc has prayer.
  10. I don't want to get hated on by the fun brigade, but that is a really bad way of doing it. There is nothing worth killing with a haliberd anywhere.
  11. Haven't done a bank update in awhile :). Got another full set of all but guthans armor as well + cannon etc in bank
  12. Should tell you as well... Haliberbs suck hard, you might have looked at their high str bonus or something, or maybe that they go over walls. Really not worth using anywhere over a scimmy.
  13. Er not sure why you want one of those. Be warned gives pures defence exp on all styles.
  14. All the different barrows spots are not marked out :( karils was in the statue and veracs across the bridge IRC, Guthans just north of karils closest to whips. Also Third age was a little to the right.
  15. No one with any money worth taking doesn't know about IP Maybe just have different ideas about a lot of money, but everyone staking 10m+ knows about it.
  16. I think a lot of people want it at fally but go to varrock as it is where everyone else is. If there is a mass movement I think it could work.
  17. having a good IP is not good money by itself staking, everyone who is good at staking has known about it for months, and how to get a decent one.
  18. Yeah everything is the same as in 2012scape, just you can't see the values. Another thing to remember DPS wise is that hitting a 0.1-0.9 gets you a 0, so knives are lower DPS than in EOC noticeably at low levels.
  19. hardly relevant but does trouble brewing give anywhere near efficient exp? Not that I can get there anyway with 1 prayer but still...
  20. how are they going to do things like half wines/disks if dropped as holiday events is chosen...
  21. Wow the community sucks >.>. Most don't understand the point of rares and just want a situation where everyone gets one. And the poll sucks/is biased, so many opinions that make rares "rare", monster drops/scrolls/skilling and 1 opinion to say give them too everyone. So give to everyone gets up to top obviously.
  22. I don't keep any clean ones, just keep my unids in order of level required to unlock.
  23. It won't effect the outcome as 75% is not needed. The one with the bigger % will win, 75% was needed to introduce rares. If anything tradable would be the default and would need 75% untradable to make them untradeable.
  24. There are no useful items rare enough or hard enough to get to be worth anything. The most expensive "useful" item is currently a DFS at 13m. Maybe if dfs had 1/100 of its drop rate, or they added like a 1 in 1 million chance to get torva from a monster then you could have useful items filling the elite items slots, rares are needed as a high end item goal. No rares also encourages RWT, someone with a 2147m cash stack and nothing to spend it on is much more likely to want to RWT some of that, than someone with 300m and several phats.
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