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  1. http://www.gaminglagoon.com/ With Gaming Lagoon you can request anything gaming related, which should include Runescape membership. If not just request a Visa gift card or some other type of gift card. :P I have already received a $60.00 Best Buy gift card, and a $30.00 purchase from another site. You have to give Gaming Lagoon your real information, but you don't have to give the surveys your real information. I suggest getting an auto filler, works great. ;) Send me a PM if you need any more information, or a picture of the Best Buy gift card. :) EDIT: I didn't include the referral part and it still blocked the link. -.- Just do a search for Gaming Lagoon.
  2. Most brokerages require about $500-$5000 to start an account. The $25,000 is only required to day trade. I didn't mention you can open a brokerage account with much less if you didn't want to day trade, and I should have. Thanks for bringing it up. :) I STRONGLY suggest that you don't start out trading options. Even though they clear in one business day they are constantly depreciating in value, since they are only good for so long.
  3. BOOYA! :lol: I heard his books are pretty good also.
  4. My dad has been day trading for about four years, two of them as his main source of income. He always suggested that I "paper trade" to see what works. Paper trades are just writing down what you would buy and sell on paper as it is happening. I paper traded for about a week, giving myself a few thousand dollars, and I didn't do well. :P I believe you need $25,000 to open a brokerage account for day trading in the US. I assume there is some minimum fee where you are from too. Making money in the stock market in just one day is very hard. My dad has set a goal to make 5% profit everyday, which most of the time he doesn't reach. If you are paying 5%-10% in fees, don't expect to make much, if any, profit on a daily basis. On a closing note, I will add that my dad has made 10-15% on an amount he was investing in one day, but other days he has lost 10-15%. Set an amount of money you want to make, make it, and get out even if the stock is still going up. Peaks are followed by crashed. Hope I have helped! -Mech
  5. ...Then I realized I was donating less than a dollar an hour... I sadly don't have the money to donate right now. :(
  6. I remember reading that in the first printing of the first book, they listed "A Wand" twice on the list of things Harry needed to bring with him to Hogwarts. It all makes since now! :mrgreen:
  7. Awwww, such cute cats ViolaWoman and very cute soon-to-be cat Amoeba.
  8. Glad to hear all the steps you take to make sure that they are healthy. :) Caaaaan't wait!
  9. I will check up on both of those. I am leaning towards HD DVD now but my decision is not set in stone; we will see what the future holds! clicḫ̩̉̉>
  10. Great original topic, many kudos to you. HD DVD. HD DVD's have a 0.6mm protective layer, while the protective layer on a Blu-ray disk is 0.1mm. Even though the Blu-ray disk's protective layer is stronger, one scratch and you have ruined your disk. HD DVD is region free: buy a disk in Asia, play it in North America. "But 30GB isn't enough for me! I need 46GB!" My hard drive isn't even 30GB! (Kidding.) 30GB Is more than enough to hold a full-length movie in 1080p and then some. Last but not least, the American adult film industry has chosen HD DVD over Blu-ray. :anxious: I would chose HD DVD player over a Blu-ray player now; but the war is not over yet.
  11. Thanks! : Yeah, my other cat kept bugging us to go outside so we finally let her go outside during the day, and sleep inside at night. After a few months she kept catching flees and spitting up, so we decided to keep her inside. Later we found out all the pesticides that are put in the grass. So her favorite treat, could have killed her. Maybe we should get a Chia Plant and let her munch on that. Cha-Cha-Cha-Chia! :thumbsup: Sorry to hear that. :cry:
  12. Congratulations, I will make sure to watch. : I have been on TV a few times, but only on local channels.
  13. Her name is Phantom. My dad told us that a stay cat had babies under the air handler at his work, so we brought her home. She was so young we had to feed her using a bottle for a few weeks, which was insanely cute. :XD:
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