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  1. Happy birthday :D

  2. For about 5 years now ( on different accounts) my homeworld has been 84, was most common world selected for me randomly based on my location, and Igrew to know a few regulars on my training spots, never left it since.
  3. Woodcutting before the removal of randoms, the old log out timer and the addition of ivy and sc tools A long time spent at catherby yews, but was fun and conversation was good Woodcutting will always be my favourite 99 regardless of training upgrades, plus the cape is hawt <3:
  4. Got 7th vote, I never had time to play seriously this weekend but it was a nice idea on behalf of Jagex. Although it could've been fine tuned a little better hopefully the next Bonus XP weekend will be improved with the flaws brought up by this test run, maybe a max xp cap for a single skill? or spread the Bonus XP time limit over a longer period? Something along those lines.
  5. it also wastes your runes, far more than a quick tele there and back Whatever floats your boat though I guess..
  6. ancient mage is not that useful for monster hunting day to day, only really for rock lobs for charms and raising your mage level without hp xp would be an advantage if you pk'd, would give you magic edge without too many extra combat levels
  7. Maybe cheaper carrying a mud staff (or eviq.) and teleing to zmi and back to lunar island instead of ring of duelling, more mage xp/make the runes almost every trip for the teles As for lose rates i'm not sure
  8. Pokemon yellow, got it for my birthday with the new Yellow Gameboy Color lol was so happy, played it for ages, wasted so many AA batterys :grin: Then i got my ps1 and final fantasy 7 and gran turismo :thumbsup: My favourite 3 games <3:
  9. omg just get out people bring all 3 styles to anywhere thats important, and use protection prayers. the combat triangle never existed. as for the update gf rs pvp is basically for skillers/people with 200m banks now People always are complaining, mage is under-powered, mage is over-powered -.- if they only released a extreme magic potion i'd understand the issue here...but they didn't mages are still killable, use range or mage yourself :s And how many pkers do you know with a high enough herblore skill to use these new untradable potions
  10. For people complaining about how 'over-powered' mage has become, stick on some karils, dark bow with dragon arrows, special recover potion and extreme ranging potion. Owned that 'over-powered' mage in 2 specs <_< Finally mage can beat melee, like it's always been able to according to Jagex, the Combat triangle is now an actual triangle, not a line A great update Jagex, well done :thumbsup:
  11. the rare black lobster t-shirt was my fave :D
  12. Tough one, all were good in there own ways Linedancing was not very comical and ultimately repetitive, even though it must have taken a lot of effort Excl's was funny and had good voice acting Bumbum's song wasn't really that original or interesting or funny and eventually grated my nerves Mithril sword one by arrow gun 99 was very well edited and comical seeing as it was over a mithril sword Gnarlie and the gaming factory was a great parody and the ending made it worth watching for the comic affect Mommakitty2's started off not so good, but the number of snipes and parodies, as well as the pokemon theme at end made it very enjoyable, and it changed my mind about it. Kudo's to all finalists but.. My vote had to go to Mommakitty2 :thumbsup: Good luck to all though, and although i like mommakitty2's video, my money is on Excl to blow away the competition, for his fanbase, talent and being a Tifer \ :lol:
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