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  1. Oh good, they don't instantly disappear then, like people have been telling me over and over.
  2. I have a lot of stuff to do this week, so I don't really want to activate my bond. I want to use most of my lamps on P2p skills, but 10k commendations is making my fingers itch. I guess nobody knows? Hm.
  3. Omg I want that. Wahhhhhhhhhh
  4. I witnessed someone transform into a bunny/rabbit. Their name disappeared entirely, but they were still there. They could still talk as a bunny, just unclickable - couldn't even examine. Anyone know what this is? Additional information: Happened in F2p.
  5. Cheapest method? I've never done artisan workshop, but now that iron platebodies have tanked in price... I basically need a second opinion. I don't really care how long it takes, I'm f2p, so I have a lot of time. I just don't have much money.
  6. !! Wow !! This is all incredibly new news to me, and I'm glad I asked. I can't believe how outdated I was on the F2P homefront. So many new items, drop changes, and new places. Seems like my preconceived notions about Fist of Guthix should be changed, I even have plenty of spare tokens, I just never thought things were that easy. I didn't even realize they made Blue D'hide F2P. I didn't know they added new mining places and urns - always thought urns were P2P when I heard about them. Btw, you can left click "craft" on logs and choose the bonfire option, and it should auto-find you the nearest fire right? Just assuming this works in a crowd as well. - Thanks for answering everything, you're a saint. xD <3 P.S. One question though, what do I smith with the iron bars if I go for the power-mining iron? I don't think iron platebodies sell for much (haha). Do I make iron knives or something? Nails? Or just sell them as bars and then rebuy something else?
  7. I'm enjoying F2P at the moment and I can see myself going for all 99s in F2P - hence the questions. Normally, I would research everything and record/optimize my experience gains on spreedsheets. But maybe because I'm growing old; I just don't have the time. Basically I don't mind short answers (yes/no works). Melee Training - Where? Cockroaches? I don't care about fun. Profits might be fun, but unnecessary. (90atk, 97str, 81def, 95hp, 95pray) Equipment? What's the strongest weapons/armor I use? Last I checked, it was some kind of chaotic weapon and still rune armor right? I won't be getting Fist of Guthix equipment. Safety Gloves, Fighting Boots, Power Amulet. My Ring of Devotion doesn't seem to give any stats anymore?Mining Training - What/Where? Coal with coal bag at the mining guild is what I've been doing for a week. Should be fine right? (84 mining)Smithing Training - What do I smelt? I do want a decent profit if I'm going to be smelting and smithing thousands of bars. I plan to mine all the ore myself, so I can't lose anything, but I would like money. I don't plan on alching since I have 99 magic. (72 smithing)Firemaking Training - Bonfire with at least 4 people right? I still remember that. There's a world for that right? I plan to cut all the logs myself.General Questions - I have not done The Death of Chivalry, Demon Slayer, Gunner's Ground, Rune Mysteries, A Shadow over Ashdale, Stolen Hearts, WHat's Mine is Yours quests. Any +bonus experience items I can get from these quests? Can I add P2P tools to my toolbelt? I don't want to de-equip my gilded dragon pickaxe if I can't put it in my toolbelt (my petty aesthetics). Are there any +bonus things I can use in F2P? I don't remember there being anything. Does Treasure Hunter give some? I usually just pawn those things. Things like Achievement Items maybe?Thanks as always H&A
  8. Thanks. Wow, I just checked the timestamps on the appeals, was almost 4 years ago. Anyone have a similar experience with appealing in this situation?
  9. A long time ago, maybe a couple or few years ago, I had a max combat account that got hacked and perma-banned. I recovered it after it was perma-banned and the hacker had already used both appeals to call Jagex a few choice words. After that, I basically just gave up and I never remembered what I changed the password to when I recovered it. Now, years later, I re-recovered it and I'm wondering if I can appeal to Jagex somehow. I really didn't care about this account because I never liked bossing or max level pvping, but with the new EOC...my main has become almost boringly depressing. Any way I can contact Jagex about this?
  10. What's the difference? Is one better? Is it just choosing based on higher stats? Good idea to mix them? Would I use different abilities in different situations? Combinations? Does the item being used matter? Any guides? Avoided using melee for a long time now. My appa-lowgies.
  11. 5. If you click on each skill in your skills tab, it'll bring up a guide on every skill and it'll show you where f2p ends and p2p begins. There are thousands of more items in p2p than there are in f2p and they are all "better" than f2p. Runescape keeps f2p and p2p almost entirely separate, a p2per wouldn't have any reason to go to a f2p world (he won't be able to use p2p items in a f2p world), and a f2per can't go to a p2p world (can't use p2p items at all). Essentially, p2p is the game, while f2p is almost like a tutorial or sample. However, there is so much f2p content, that people confuse it with being the game itself, it's even arguable that p2p is like a buyable DLC. You shouldn't be concerned with p2p at all if you're still getting the hang of f2p, it doesn't really affect you at all. Otherwise, here is a full database list on this fansite: http://www.tip.it/runescape/items. 8. As I said before, f2p is kind of like a trial version. Having buyable weapons would just give other players an advantage over people who don't want to spend money. That would absolutely ruin the game. You yourself said that your parents disapprove of virtual spending; would you like it if everyone who had a bought weapon could kill you? Runescape isn't even about weapons, it's about personal achievable content. I don't see how f2p is restricting if you don't know your limits.
  12. Should add more details and pictures of strategy, then have it moved to guides.
  13. Not everyone is 200 combat. I'm talking about pures, zerkers, rune pures, range tanks, obby maulers, ancient pures, void rushers. What is useless, what is not. Just saying they're equal sounds so suspicious.
  14. I mean stats-wise. Which stats dominate the environment now. Like, which types of characters fair well.
  15. What's the combat meta these days? I wanna see which of my accounts are now worthless, lol.
  16. Vyres are kind of weird ATM, they use magic and are weak to bolts, yet the only ranged weapon that can hit them is a blisterwood stake, which is a thrown weapon. And unlike the beta, wielding a blisterwood stake no longer allows your offhand weapon to damage them normally, so you would have to use a shield. Fire giants have decent lp and low defence, and use ranged and melee attacks so you don't have to worry too much about healing or accuracy penalties from wrong armor types while killing them. The resource dungeon in the baxtorian waterfall cave is a good place to camp them, usually when I go there to slay I'm the only one there. With regards to the Dg binds question, I think it is preferable to keep the hood. I heard momentum training is inferior to manually doing it? I don't mind spamming stuff. Should I really just go fire giants?
  17. Do you know if vampires are still a good training place?
  18. 6. Any other monsters to train on? I don't necessarily have to use my CLSs. 7. So I just wasted 100k tokens on an off-hand rapier >.>
  19. 6. I don't think I can use vine whip (I couldn't use it before). No comments on dual rapiers? Why fire giants? Oh man, I can tell I'm not ready for training in EoC. 7. Ah, okay. 8. Shucks :( 9. Okay. Wait....Should I have both ssh and bn or just ditch the ssh for the ruinic bot if I get bn.
  20. I didn't want to bump my post, since you answered it all, so I added some more questions and now I can thank you! :D Thanks.
  21. 1. Does spamming abilities interrupt auto attacks? (I lag a lot, I can't tell.) 2. Can you accidentally interrupt Ultimate Abilities? (It channels and I lag, is it just splashing?) 3. Is it better repeat the floors under or above the floor that you need cleared? ex./ I need to clear floor 42, is it better to do floor 41 or 43 if I had to choose. 4. Is DGSweeper supposed to auto-update the map on its own, or do you constantly have to "flash" the map on - what I've been doing? (I'm pretty sure you need to flash it, but it doesn't hurt to ask, sorry for wrong section.) 5. Anyone know how to use home-teleport in dungeoneering faster, I keep having to wait for my character to exit battle-mode? I remember there used to be a post about someone's adrenaline bar draining instantly, wouldn't that be a good way to exit battle? Continued... 6. I finally managed to get an off-hand rapier, a CLS, and an off-hand CLS. I still don't know where to train, I just want to hit stuff sometimes. I have 90 attack and 97 strength. I don't like slayer. Void is probably my best armor right now. Where can I use double CLS/rapier? 7. I need more weapons to do slayer right? 8. Are armoured zombies still a good place to train? If so, what are they weak to? (I have salve-e and void I guess) 9. I recently got a blood necklace, should I use it as a mage? (My current setup is ruinic robe top/bot - only 81 defence - ssh and ccs, thinking about throwing the ruinic bottom away?)
  22. I was gone for 5 months, so that's a lot of news to read. I thought there would be a lot more instances of free exp. I'm just trying to gauge how much I "lost" by quitting. I was thinking about how I had to pay the regular membership price (+$3) and how many loyalty points I lost, but the free experience made me wonder what skills I could've gotten for free.
  23. Yeah, but I asked because I didn't want to read all that junk. I'm not asking anyone else to either. A lot of people have played continuously, so they might know. Just an estimate would be sufficient too.
  24. I'm back to playing Runescape for a little while. I quit because Jagex destroyed everything I held sacred. Now that I'm back, I really like it, because I don't feel invested in the game anymore. I'm basically a casual player now. My question is, how much experience (up to now) has Jagex dished out for free in the past few months that I was gone? I'm curious about whether it was a lot or a little. E: I have no idea why I opened with a sob story. I think I've written too many essays in the last few weeks and I wanted an attention grabber. :-|
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