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  1. Well, i need +3 in herblore... Only ones i can think of are greenman's ale and greenman (m) ale. Thats +1 and +2...are there any others... And NO! I will not do spicey stew...*looks horrified* :shock:
  2. Lol, its not a crisis, all you did was follow the directions in the front page, which is kind of vague. This usually belongs in the AoW (archieve of wisdom, money making guides). I give you a 4/10 *note- i'm rating this because you should make it into a guide 1. Its a good idea, works, but there are better ways, good for starters like lvl 3s to 30s 2. Not much content, no details. Although, you gave an average amount of profit per hour. 3. No format, lol. 4. Genuine idea. P.S. welcome to the forums! :thumbsup:
  3. I always had the impression that you could mine blurite whenever you want... (for instance, the blurite c' bow, not requiered for any quest) So, i think you can mine the ore, smelt the ore, just can't remake the blade. Although, i wish and think that you can remake it...but tip.it database is usually right. :wall:
  4. Well, i've heard, and people tell me there is a trade limit. I just forgot how many, is it based off the amount of items or the amount of money? Im trying to buy 260k fire runes...
  5. oh, i meant tiara, your supposed to use water rune with the water tiara right? Still doesn't work.. :? Should i use it with the talisman?
  6. Well, i heard that instead of waterskins you can do that quest (forgot which and i'm too lazy to look) and put water runes in a watertalisman as water charges. Well...i did that quest, but i can't do it. Do i just use the water runes with the water talisman? It keeps saying i need 50 rc to enchant a water talisman...but its already enchanted. So, a little help here? =P~ I MEANT TIARA , replace every talisman word with tiara.
  7. ah, theres your goal, lol, 65 slayering. Definately just use duradel, and burthrope tasks like shades and bronze dragons and hellhounds (imo). But just use duradel if you don't mind points. :thumbsup: GL
  8. Well, this like these are too short to really qualify as guides (imo). You could be easily trying to bump the price of coal up, and have been buying coal for the last week or so and now you can't sell. You could easily be desperate for people to buy your coal...posting here where everyone goes. But thats my opinion. I really have no clue where this goes, it should probably be in AoW (archieve of wisdom), player made guides on money-making. Going to report this thread just to be sure, have a mod look at it.... Anyways, i doubt you should invest in coal, it has peaked, and now its droping, not very economic. Help & Advice Whether you need help or are offering help, all questions belong here. By the way, it says "all questions belong here."
  9. I did the quest for her, I'm asking, which slayer master is best for me at my levels. So you're saying go for Duradel? If you have 100 combat, if not, just use sumona. They don't give bad tasks, just that people are too lazy to spend money doing them (for example: bronze dragons). If you are going for slayer points, i suggest you do 9 menzina (guy in canifis, idk how to spell his name) and then do the bonus 10th as duradel (75 points).
  10. I'm really sorry, but i reread your post like 4 times, and i can't get the drift of your goal. Do you want charms? or Slayer points? You seem to know how to get level 100 combat, are you asking which task master you should use? I recomend doing the quest for sumona first, then do duradel when you reach 100. Just do the highest one you can do.
  11. but first off, you need the lucien amulet. He can be found in argodoune, near West Argodoune, just north of the giant castle. He is in the little beer pub, dressed in all black with a staff. After you get back the lucien necklace, head over to that dungeon south (or southeast) of the range guild. YOu must wear the necklace to get past the gate. Once past it, either kill a guard or talk to them.
  12. Just great, im wrong. :wall: Gonna go change my MTK settings now... stupid calculations, i hope this works.
  13. This is actually completely wrong, and I have no idea where this person got his data from. Anyways, I'll post up the actual profit...and as someone earlier said, 10 coal and 5 fish is the most possible profit(not considering bonuses). I use 10 coal with 5 maples by the way. EDIT: Here it is... These prices are from 2 days ago, but coal has been rising, so it is most likely even more profitable now. you can check all that with the GE database and Tip.Its list of resource prices(which is of course right, what with it being Tip.It and all). Have fun. Exactly what this guy said. DO NOT LISTEN TO ANYONE ELSE WHO HAS POSTED. Coal is most profitable. Then raw fish. Put 2 mil into the coffers so you won't have to worry for 2 weeks about putting more cash in. Personally I have an even 5 mil in there but that's just me. It is not worth it to spin flax into bowstrings (timewise). Yes you profit even more but the whole point of the kingdom is to just sit and do nothing and make money right? Best thing right now: 10 Coal 5 Fish 100% rating (DUH) At least 750k in coffers, preferably 2mil+ Your kidding right? Did you even take into account the amount of coal you get, its minimal and i did take into account the amount. I tested it both 10 workers, it was least profitable...I really forgot how many coal i got, but it failed miserably... 10 fish 5 flax...
  14. 750k, and you'd have to check on it EVERYDAY and bring your favor back to 100%
  15. Coal is actually one of the least profitable. if coal gives 100%, then flax gives 130% and fish now gives like 133% Fish comes first as money, next is flax, then maples (a gamble), then coal. 10 workers: (at 100%) (fish)-132 Swordfish, 440 tuna (raw both) (flax)-1250 flax (maples)-no clue (it really is a gamble, your going mostly for the seeds) (coal)-stinks, dont even try it, pretty dumb....might as well mine it So do 10 on fish, 5 on flax. If your thinking about major profit, do 10 on flax, and 5 on fish, then spin the flax into bowstrings at lumbridge.
  16. Yup, you can, i used a crystal saw to get my crawling hand :mrgreen:
  17. You mean in google you hit "Get Lucky" button? Just retry, should work.... Try other search engines (yahoo,ask) If that doesn't work, i guess your going to have to look at pie for a while :lol:
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