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  1. +100 :lol: My dream come true.
  2. Wth, what is with all these amazing people i have never met and have never heard of?! I must have been living in a box or a very small room... :? Anyways, you type amazing stories, so good that i have logged in 5 times in a row and have gotten almost nothing done in those 5 logins as i keep switching to this blog to read previous posts. Your latest story was absolutely astonishing, vivid, and i could almost picture your house. Please continue these stories of your life. It's nice to meet you by the way, hope i see you in game. :D P.S. I right clicked the thing just to see if it was a link :lol: I want to see a picture of your dog, whats with the suspense?
  3. Get junk up to 13mil, your only way. The other way everyone is thinking about is inconceivable, wayyyyy, too risky, u'll probably lose it immediately.
  4. How do i get this...so called, paint? :?: Anyways, nize blog, i skimed lol :lol: Time to train and start reading your entire blog. :wall:
  5. I think the German Congratz is luvly Anyways, Gratz again :D You sure are persistant and determined, 1k quota, wow =D> Good luck on chinning, i got tired of it myself :wall:
  6. Lol, i just found it it was very usefull yesterday! Only, i was too tired to upload it :? Lol, ahrims...hm, gives me ideas :D
  7. How the french can I buy it that cheap and sell for 40k Hmm..Is pure ess selling well? Erm...The grand exchange database said its going to drop in price. And arent shafts bad money? Its not 40k. The seaweed sells for 15-16k and the 40 pineapples will only get you around 2k. Its only 18k, not 40k... Um, try smelting stuff or something, idk :wall:
  8. I tried this before...and it phails. Litterally, no one buys their tortoise shells. Well, if you still intend to do it, the two turtles north west of the Grand Tree is best. Don't attack the high leveled tortoise with the three gnomes on it.
  9. Post an image of your equip? I'm visual... #-o Like i can't recognize all these new treasure trail items unless i see a picture of it. Like...what are bracers.... :wall:
  10. Usually some extra food or pots while training. I also use it to carry my loot when i still have food while training and summon it near the end of my trip, and it continues on to my second trip.
  11. :shock: Um....he said he sold his fury... ;) But on topic, you should definately bring...........uhhhhhhhhhh..hmmmmmmmm.....i think your set :thumbsup:
  12. I'm sorry, this is probably awkward, because i just found out i don't know what DT skeletons are.....Someone wish to explain?
  13. +1 I hate when people have these outrageous differences in their combat levels. I once saw this guy with full verac on 73 atk, 90 str and 70 defence, we dueled and i beat him each time. He kept screaming at me that i was a noob and only getting lucky because he couldn't hit.... I would just level up both, balanced is best imo.
  14. He accepts noted, and no, no requiered quests since she is not inside the city, only near the west gate.
  15. 8/10 Very nice, except there are much easier ways to get to the higher steps in your guide, for example the Security of Stronghold and Security of Player Safety, that is a free 20k earned. That means you won't have to do that tedious work at bounty hunter. You could also easily start really early and kill cows at the gnomecoptors and probably get 1mil in two days if you work really hard, such a near spot to the deposit box. Nice pictures by the way.
  16. Well, i got tons, and tons of interesting facts, i'll start listing and editing this post since its on the first page? Lol, or should i post just to bump this thread because it is absolutely amazing?! ......That opening one of your stat's information guide or a quest log will stop your stats from draining at the Icy Gate north of trollheim and also at the entrence of the God Wars Dungeon? Also, only a year ago, you could use this same method to stop your prayer from draining after you turned it on and people could still see your protection prayer or picture prayer above your head. ......That Adamant arrows were once only for members? ......That the Rubber Chicken weapon gives -100 bonuses and has a chance of slipping from your grasp and landing on the floor? ......That the Holiday items: Reindeer hat, Rubber Chicken, and the comb ination of the entire Chicken Set Clothing used with the emote "flap" will produce key animations. Same with the Sleepy hat in P2p, the Elvis suit, and others. ......That the Wise Old Man already had a party hat before he blew open a giant hole in the Draynor Bank? So he must have two now.... P.S. let me think of more, i just got this off the top of my head. ......That the fighting tree outside Draynor Manor was once used to kill and scam starting player's runes? ......That the most used items to scam F2ps were the Muddy Key and Polished Buttons. ......That there is a deposit box in every F2p bank except Al-Kharid bank and the Eastern Varrok Bank. ......That your "Run" button used to be Gigantic and very easy to click. When Jagex changed it, there was a huge protest from pkers. .......That the Varrok center fountain used to be tiny, the size of the fountains found in the varrok palace courtyard? .......That the Varrok Church didn't always have sleeping people in it, and it was once empty?
  17. I have easily been doing this since summoning came out and 500k is still average now. I used to do it with raw beef, since it sold faster, but now i changed up to raw bird. I don't like raw bird because it costs more, but meh, oh well. I have timed myself, and i make mistakes believe me. I still make 500k and hour, or 450k if i really miss the bank and kind of shoot off to the side.
  18. Bad911


    How does a crystal shield compare to a obby in range defence, because obby is pretty high. I still need to know if a Dragon Sq is worth it, because a DFS isn't in my price range, but i can buy a D.Sq. EDIT: Ah, ty aboveposter lol. D.Sq it is!
  19. Bad911


    So, heres from best to bad right? DFS>Dragon Sq>Obby>Rune where does crystal fit on this chart? And is the Dragon sq worth it, if you have plenty to spend.
  20. Zomg wowza :thumbup: :thumbup: :thumbup: I especially loved your quest pictures, you have good captureing skillz. Lol, and those three day's grace songs are ftw! Don't quit on your quests, and i can't believe you finished One Small Favour! How long did it take you?!
  21. I'm going to totally update this soon, its just that i have so much to add :wall: Ty all for posting, i didn't know anyone would :shock: (this time im editing it with word document first, lol, it is incomplete >.<)
  22. Wait, are you saying now that respect isn't based on expense OR usefulness? Look, if you want to defend your view, just get to the point and say exactly why cooking is not a respectable 99 skill. Otherwise, there's no point in arguing--you can just say "I don't like cooking" and be done, fair enough? It's not what the thread is about anyway. It's the 99 noobs get when they are desperate for a cape. there i have said it. There is a reason why most 99 cookers have 13,035,000 or so xp you know? Lol, whatever, your opinion doesn't matter anymore, since i just found out its all trash.
  23. Omfg, i would totally quote this, if it wasn't so long, lmfao.
  24. You're measuring noobiness by how useful the cape is? So I assume you think herblore is an even noobier cape, right? :roll: If that was your standard, slayer would be a noobier cape than cooking, since the highest slayer you need to kill a monster is 90, but the highest cooking you need for a dish is 95. I love smart people like you. =D> 83 Slayer > Dragon Boots 85 Slayer > Abyssal Whip 90 Slayer > Dark Bow 99 cooking > congratulations, you still have a 100% chance of continuing to loose money if you train this skill You dont get the point, nearly all skills max out before level 99. And please don't compare it to herblore. It's like comparing santa hats and party hats. They both serve the same purpose, yet one is worth alot more. again, you display your brilliance. Graahk is ineffieicnt until you hit ~ 91 runecrafting Lol, unlike some people (YOU), i cook for fun...Lol, i bet you got that range cape to prance around in. ALso, your a really bad hypocrite, do you even read what you post? "And please don't compare it to herblore. It's like comparing santa hats and party hats. They both serve the same purpose, yet one is worth alot more." Here your saying that they are buyable, lmfao. And before, you were saying its worth more when it takes longer to get and its more USEFULL... Here your defending one skill from another that are both buyable and you can easily auto click X and make this many. Both skills "useless" in your view. Get your facts straight you dumb[fabbage]. And i want to craft natures, too much to ask?
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