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  1. Grr. I'm back now, but probably not for long. My membership ends today, so I cleaned out MTK. [hide=MTK rewards] Seeds: 8 Acorns, 9 Willow seeds, 1 Maple seeds, 2 Yew seeds, 1 Magic seed!, 12 Apple tree seeds, 7 Banana tree seeds, 4 Orange tree seeds, 1 Curry tree seed, 3 Pineapple seeds, 1 Papaya tree seed, 1 Palm tree seed, 1 Calquat tree seed, 1 Spirit seed Rings: 4 Gold, 13 Sapphire, 3 Emerald Eggs: 2 red Bird's eggs The Palm and Papaya seeds made up most of the money I might've lost. As to the Magic seed, when I get up there, I'll be sticking it in Gnome Stronghold. My own, personal, nonstealable Magic tree. :)[/hide] I went to ToG and only gained 64 tears. 33 Summoning, at least. Levels: 33 Summoning
  2. School started Wednesday, and things here have been crazy. I didn't play much today. Levels: 59 Herblore (about time)
  3. Today I finished A Tail of Two Cats. I used both lamps on Runecraft for a level. I also did some more farming. I tried out Gnome Delivery. It's really fun, but I don't have enough space in my bank. For that, I decided to clear up a few quests. I finished off with two Slayer tasks. I know I shouldn't, but I don't feel like going back to the desert all too soon. Maybe if I can find time tomorrow... Levels: 64 Attack 46 Runecraft 67 Hitpoints
  4. I was not at home most of today. I did a few rounds of farming. Fixed my MTK rating, 96%, eek! Finally I headed to Sumona. I had to go into the swamp, but I wanted to finish A Tail of Two Cats, and it offered to teleport me to Burthorpe. I had a clue there, so I accepted. I ran back and forth too many times trying to figure out where Saba was and what to get Unferth. The next clue directed me to the Observatory, so I continued with A Tail of Two Cats for a bit and then went to sleep.
  5. Agility. I was so irritated by having to walk everywhere. Now, even at 52 Agility, I find I never really have to wait around. Also Herblore. I still like it, but it's expensive. Hunter's fun and profitable.
  6. Several of your rooms are rather inaccessible... #-o I like your courtyard. Which garden do you come in? Mine: TIQTMNjMNTQGjSOTXFUISUOJkOMUQDUURVIQVMHlNIVRElTIVWP Make sure to check the upstairs! House portal is in garden, dungeon entrance will be in formal garden. Gardens may change. (I still need Construction levels for this house!)
  7. Least Favorite Quest: Just finished Monkey Madness, and it felt like a chore up until my character became a monkey. So possibly... In Aid of the Myreque. Yeah, I hated each part of that. I'm sure it'll be Dream Mentor when I get there, though. Favorite Holiday Item: Yo-yo. The only holiday item I own is the Reindeer hat from 2k6. Lame.
  8. Wow, someone took a swing at me personally on drawball! I feel special. :lol: Time to clean it up! :D
  9. about:blank It's the fastest-loading thing around, and all my common sites are saved in the URL list so I only have to type two or three letters and hit down Enter. I like this much better than always going to Runescape when perhaps I need Google or Tip.It or something else.
  10. I started by doing the fight. It was very easy with Protect from Magic - I only used about 50 points with a +1 Prayer bonus. I used a Magic comp bow and Adamant arrows. I chose to raise Strength and Hitpoints, gaining a Strength level. I immediately went to my bank and equipped my Dragon Scimitar. I feel special now. \ I went to the Yew trees in Gnome Stronghold for a while. Killed two terrorbirds for its special bone. I then teleported to the Dig Site and cleaned my two bones. Then I got a new task from Vannaka. Ice Warriors. Back to the ice caves with me... 85 Ice warriors later I am 2/3 done with the task and 85 combat. Everything has been dropped to do... Smoking Kills! ...Except... I did the first bit of my clue as it wasn't far from a fairy ring, and I visited the GE to sell some stuff. And then I did a farming run. And then I played D2. ...I'll start Smoking Kills tomorrow. Levels: 64 Strength 52 Slayer 52 Farming
  11. Thanks Mylez, you fellow GunZer :lol: I started by buying a Dragon Scimitar. It told me I need to complete Monkey Madness. Who am I to turn down a quest? So I start, get the moulds, and tele out to get a new kitten and restart my trek. But... After three days of forgetting and/or not feeling like it, I get 104 points in ToG. I sat on one constantly blue wall for about 60% of my time. :P I then finished Monkey Madness up to the demon-slaying part. I'd add it to my ever-growing list of quests with boss fights that I don't want to do, but I think the gnomes will be useful. :) Levels: 31 Summoning (ToG)
  12. I made one of them look like a pair of cherries. :P
  13. Someone has decided to draw something cool over our logo. Should we consider it vandalism? (It IS on our logo.)
  14. Ooh! You play GunZ too! My Game ID is zaybex ;) Grats on your Hunter and Cooking levels, btw. That takes dedication. :)
  15. Thank you guitar_god_2007. : I bought some Spottier Capes only to find I need 66 Hunter, not 60. So I spent all my time catching chinchompas. There's a yew tree here that I use to fill my inventory when I leave the area. I need to bring a tinderbox to burn time. \ Later, I finished my Ice Giants task. Hitpoints is always a surprise, but I keep Attack and Strength even so I get them at the same time. 1 Combat level to awesome Slayering! Levels: 62 Hunter 66 Hitpoints 63 Attack 63 Strength 84 Combat
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