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  1. Yes, no staffs auto cast it. The staff you need is a mud staff, gives unlimited waters and earths. I don't recomend this type of training, wayyyyyyy to slow imo. And no hp...I don't get why people don't want hp.... :wall:
  2. So thats why you have ~100xp more than level 99 =D> 99 logic I just got it yesterday >.< I have goals too you know... I got 99 and now im taking a break, now im going to get 70 mage to burst rock lobsters for charms to get 57 summoning to get a spirit graahk to craft nature runes to get enough money to cook some more!!!!!!!!!! Geez, you assume the worst in everyone, you shouldn't be such a [cabbage]face, go make a rant about it. And don't blame me when you get 100+ flames.
  3. Wow, what a surprise. You have an ignorant, worthless opinion. There is no real way to break even; best bet would be lobsters/monkfish/sharks or whatever the typical method is all the way. Ok smart [wagon], explain to me how 99 cooking is useful. If you cook 1 lobster past 99 you go up like 10,000 ranks. It takes >2 hours to get a fire cape, and that has much more respect than a cooking cape, and better stats also. :cry: I got 99 cooking and it was hard :cry: Why do you people always bag on something you haven't tried or achieved? Its not like i go around badmouthing range capes. Cooking is usefull, i can cook alll types of food, and the only food we ever burn is either the sea turtle or the manta ray. It's a fun skill, i worked hard, getting 92 cooking in f2p is hard as heck. i had to cook 30k + trout and like tons of lobsters. Then the 92-99 took guts. On topic.... If you don't mind loseing 500 every fish, your going to be very poor soon. Even loseing 1gp more than regular could crash your bank. I would say get your level high enough so that you don't burn lobsters, then get it high enough to not burn swordfish, then high enough not to burn monkfish, then high enough not to burn sharks. The whole time, use the fish that you can't burn and always have your cooking gauntlets on, from the Family Crest quest. However, monkfish aren't affected by the gauntlets i think, you need 92 cooking. Sharks are unburnable at 94, with the gauntlets, you still burn them at 99 without the gauntlets. EDIT: and oh yea, tons of people love my cape, ask me how i did it because they went to 60 and quit, tons of people comment and compliment my cape....I for one am proud to wear a cooking cape. Especially when i LIKE cooking, not only for the reason of wearing the cape.
  4. Then im guessing the video i saw was the second spot. :D Let me try and find the video...it was on someone's blog... :?
  5. Not to highjack, but since im going for the first time in my carrer to burst rock lobs....I was wondering if there was a guide... :roll: I saw a video, i get the concept, and it looks awsome. I got told there was 2 spots however, and i have never been there. #-o
  6. I have died alot, and 3 of those times....I got there and started to pick up and the whole grave collapsed..i'd love 60 more seconds....
  7. I'm trying to answer his question by actually making a run for him and calculating (since hes so "busy"), but everyone is argueing :wall: Bumped my message...
  8. Well, tired of dying and loseing stuff, which dwarf do i talk to in keldagrim? I know hes on the eastern side, is it the sculptor? Also, how long do they last, i always thought they lasted 5 minutes.
  9. Lol...Your the advertiser.....How about you don't spam us with advertisement first? Its a minigame...ill go get it.... EDIT: here you go.....
  10. It really depends on where your getting the fungi (next to the gate? You useing fairy rings? or what? running from canifis?) And really luck. Because sometimes you get 1, sometimes 2, sometimes 3 fungi in one cast.....So...uh.... #-o EDIT: so yea... Information i need from you: -You got a house? You got an alter in that house? (nevermind) -Can you use fairy rings? -Can you use oo'glog pools? -Can you summon terrorbirds and use scrolls? (nevermind) -Whats your budget? -Prayer? (nevermind) -Anything else you can think of, that i can't..... Double edit: SO yea...your stats are on there.... Well, since your construction isn't even decent, no house or alter for you. And your prayer is 51, not bad.....Oh yea, and your summoning isn't ranked, so no terror bird for you....
  11. :D I'm guessing your f2p. Just awsome, your near your goals, don't quit! Lol, i want to see your bank :wall: Good luck on all your goals, and gratz on 80 wcing :shock:
  12. Maybe if you get the consent of some of the tip.it staff or mods, i could tell you some of the smaller ways to transfer money, but i doubt they would approve since it is against all runescape rules.
  13. Um, your last sentence, is correct. This is really just a quick fix for when i go bursting rock lobsters. I don't need a profit, and no way am i doing dragons of any sort. I splash way too much, and i'm probably the most unluckiest person u'll meet. I'm going for something easy, for example...ogres, lol. Sorry, i forgot to post my stats, lemme get them.
  14. Well, i'm ready to get it, i got the attack spells and i got the equipment and i got the runes. Now all i need is a place to use the spell... :? I want to at least get back some money, it doesn't have to be profit, just want something back instead of it just flat eating up all my cash. So i need a monster that is at least damagable by bolt spells and drops decent stuff. I was thinking ogres and banking bones...but i have never tried it, i can't seem to think of anything else... :wall:
  15. Welcome To My Blog! *note, i am currently very busy with my goals, as you see, i have achieved 3 of them already and i don't wish to stop! So if you pass by this blog, don't forget to post alright? If my blog looks tatty, its because i'm probably working on something. I only just got all the pictures up. If you want to see anything specific, just post :D Always looking to improve :wall: Me! Well, I guess it's about time to share something about me. Since it is my blog. :lol: Well, i've been playing for 9 years now (i think, since 3rd grade) Missed most of the new holiday events of Rs2. :wall: I play other games, and i mostly stuck with soldier front and then i came back to rs after i quit for 1 and a half years. I love anime, includeing yours truely, naruto. Please Teacher was one of the newest anime that struck me as funny and amazingly i loved it. If you ever have the time, check out "Please Teacher" on Youtube. [hide=Please Teacher, Episode 1 Part 1]WZjJrQACDnk [/hide] [hide=Reason i'm making a blog]I just love typeing, and i would like to share my goals/hopes/dreams/achievements/and most of all, MY BOREDOM :lol: This blog is mainly for me, and others who just browse the Blogs. I like keeping track of things, but my old computer broke, so i have no more records. Now, i wish to start a blog, Please post comments and suggestions! I'd love your comments, even if they are bad :ohnoes: [/hide] [hide=Current stats] *note, these might not update a lot... :evil:[/hide] Goals! [hide=Hm, i can't seem to find 75...]Well, i did ankou for exactly 48 minutes and got 160 deaths and 87 bloods on my way to bursting rock lobs. I was 24k short of 74, so i went to try out DT skeletons for the first time, only 45 minutes into it and i got a defence level! [/hide] [hide=Didn't get enough time to get the actual leveling >.>] [/hide] Thursday, June 26, 2008 I massacred 400+ ogres for this, used 3403 chaos runes, 3403 fire bolts, andaround 400k [hide=Yippie!] [/hide] [hide=ZMI Alter anyone?][/hide] Thursday, June 26, 2008 Lol, i didn't want to do just anything for my 99 Cooking, something original. I was chooseing over a party or this, and i chose this. :D [hide=Scene 1][/hide] [hide=Scene 2][/hide] [hide=Scene 3][/hide] [hide=Scene 4][/hide] [hide=Scene 5][/hide] Other Levels :lol: [hide=Construction] Well, this wasn't one of my goals, but yippie! I traded 4 long bones, and got 5k and 6k construction exp! Well, i did a quest, and it bumped me right past 51 #-o Lol.[/hide] [hide=Summoning] [/hide] [hide=Fletching]Well, i was 55 fletching and decided to go all the way to yews, got it within on day :thumbsup: [/hide] [hide=Hit Points][/hide] [hide=Mining][/hide] [hide=RuneCrafting][/hide] TimeLine [hide=Time Line of what I'm trying to conquer!]Well, i want to finally cook till i can't cook no more. Or a saradomin godsword, lol. I just wanted to post this before it slipped my mind. 1. Get 70 Magic to be able to do Ice Burst spell thingy. -------------------------------------------------------------------------- >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> 2. Kill Ankou useing defence, getting enough burst spells for tons of crimsoms. -------------------------------------------------------------------------- >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> 3. Summon to level 57 for spirit graahk. -------------------------------------------------------------------------- >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> 4. Craft Natures for fun. -------------------------------------------------------------------------- ^[/hide] Drops! [hide=First Bursting Rock Lobster Trip]Oh yea....Since 200 is average per 1k, i got above average! (with ring of wealth, i guess it wouldn't hurt, lol) I had pretty bad luck though, only 2 blues ;) And that was on the second to last "round". Time to post this on my blog, : Gained my level 71 magic too [/hide] Treasure trails! From now on, i shall picture every reward! :D Lol, i've done many, lets hope these future ones are good! Tokkul Quest [hide=] [/hide] Funny Pictures! :shock: [hide=More will be coming, i just don't like taking a pictures all day, lol.] Lol, these guys ran around trying to keep up the flameing pit of fire as i call it. As you can tell, pretty dificult, but it was hilarious watching them run around and having fun like more people should in rs. Hes in a hurry, :lol:[/hide] Wow, you just either looked at my pictures, or breezed right through them. Either way, now take 2 minutes and post! P.S. Omg, dumb jpgs, im gonna switch to gifs.
  16. [hide=Formated version of my quote.] [/hide] i wrote this when someone inquiered about what was heavy fishing rod...if it sounds rude, im sorry, lol. I wasn't in the happiest of moods #-o Um, and theres only one place to fish heavy rod. Don't bank... Try following it step by step. :wall: EDIT: im going to edit my quote.
  17. junk is faster to get in the game, its why no one buys it. Many, if not all of us, accumulate junk, we just don't pick them up :D Here, i don't know any fast ways to get junk, you could try fletching or woodcutting willows, either one works.
  18. Low crater is really good money...p2p and f2p. huh? :?: I edited my post so that people won't get the wrong question...
  19. :D +1 for longrange training and +1 for 70 def and range Will this keep my combat low enough? :pray:
  20. [hide=A little story]Well, i used to love pking, i would spend all my cash and all my time on pking. I was very good at it, getting so good i was getting money even though i died at least 3 times a day. Now, bounty hunter is a different matter, i'm am litterally getting killed the moment i walk in. I can't seem to win, ever. So, i used my pures, and i went through around 20 of them loseing 500k+ I got a few kills and i was getting really good. Now i want to make a specific account totally based on BH strategy. The tanking ranger. I dug up a perfect candidate, he wasn't used very often in pking because i accidentally got him 11 defence, but now.... :thumbsup:[/hide] I'm going to train his skills (for food and cash resources) later. What i need to know is, how high should i raise his defence, and how high should i raise his range? Keep in mind, i want him under 53 combat, so that he lasts for quite some time before going into one of the higher caves. Ty for reading, and oh...sorry for the paragraph format. Its how i always type and how it always goes through my mind. :D P.S. i will train that magic level to at least 31, keep that in mind, i don't want to walk around the arena looking for my opponent....i find it very hard :oops: EDIT: oh yea, keep in mind its f2p. Opinions welcome, you could give me other ideas, but i've tried many and i think the pure mage or the tanking ranger is best. EDIT #2: Oh yea, i also need your opinions, should i use longrange (longrange still trains def right?) or just a melee based weapon like an iron scimitar or a silverlight. Or even train def useing magic :shock:
  21. Going to have to disagree with you there, lots of potentially valuable rewards from Lvl 2 clues. Some say they are now worth doing more than Lvl 3, due to the decrease in value of some of the Lvl 3 rewards. Gonna have to disagree with you there, chances of getting anything over 1mil from a lvl-2 clue is like 1 in 2000 or something ridiculously bad. Yes there are potentially valuable rewards but at most you get them 1 out of every 4 clues. No thanks, I'd rather take my chances of getting a rune scimmy/sq shield drop from cockroaches while also picking up noted addy/mith ores and charms and getting combat xp. Lvl-2 clues are fail. Do you know the success rate of level 3 clues? Lol, you'd laugh yourself silly, cause its almost twice as much to get a good one from 3s because there are so little good drops, like 3rd age etc.
  22. Its pretty much lag, here, if you want to experiment, just head to any crowded place. You'll notice different things, like at the G.E. you'll see people standing straight upright and holding 2h weapons in one hand. The flying dragon kite will be standing straight up, not moving. All these are animiations that you dont see from lag.
  23. Its just lag. Head to any drop party over 5mil and ask someone to do a cape emote. You'll see them moving, but the halos and wings and runes and fires and etc....won't show up.
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