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  1. 7: Repairing the Crane Items needed: hammer, crane schematic, 1 elemental metal bar 1. Make one elemental claw. 2. Use the lever west of the crane to lower the claw. 3. Use your new elemental claw on it to repair it. 4. Use the same lever to raise it again. Tips, Tricks & Notes If any machines from Elemental Workshop 1 are not running, part of the circuit will not work, so make sure all power sources from the first quest are working. I paraphrased the crane step into a more easily readable form, just in case you actually forgot something. Otherwise, try to turn on the machinery from EW1?
  2. Well, I've been less than active lately, but I still have a general idea about everything in the Beta. However, I hardly know whether the changed items are still any good and how they compare to the items now - I'm still figuring out how to use the combat system. Items like; godswords, dragon claws, bandos (including boots/gloves vs dragon boots and culm gloves), spirit shields. Honest opinions. Thanks.
  3. Wow, exactly what I was looking for. thx everyone.
  4. Every guide about getting the Fire Cape is about killing Jad, but I have no idea how to beat the 63 waves. My stats are 90atk, 96str, 80def *, 99magic, 86range, 95prayer, 69herblore. *I can get 85 defence if needed. Honestly, it looks hard, but even my junior has passed me up and is already getting his second fire cape. Is it really that easy? I hear people use only like one brew or one potion to get the Jad, how is that possible? The little flying monsters drain prayer don't they? Err, my question is, what should I use? I don't have extremes and my range isn't that great.
  5. Looks like they're the highest profitable herb to plant at the moment. https://docs.google....hjWjlvdnc#gid=0 Of course, this is just an estimate and is prone to margin of errors to such things like: -The med G.E price might not reflect the correct selling/buying price. -Unlucky/Lucky harvests. If you look at the top(of the spreadsheet), it automatically sets the variables of Scroll of Life, Farming Juju, and Giant Ent to "True". And if you look at the # of clean herbs sold, you'll see that you should be averaging an estimated 10.79 herbs per seed. I have no idea what math they used to come to this conclusion, but these are just some points of interest that I don't want you to miss when using Grimy's spreadsheets. Anyways, that's it. Weird ending. I don't know why no one answered your question sooner.
  6. I know you can lapse for a while before they kick in the new price, they even tell you that you get a week before they reset your loyalty points right? I know I went for 5 days in May because the bank was closed and I was lazy (didn't get the Mad May thing). Anyone have any concrete numbers about how long I can just quit. Paying an extra $2 doesn't sound that great, but neither does paying $6 and feeling guilty. I know I sound kind of thrifty, but it's just how I am. I never take anything for granted which means I never manage to fall into dire straits .
  7. I think I have lowest price possible for being a long-standing member, but I'm not sure how. I took a year-long break without membership and yet I still only pay $5.95 a month. Anyways, I'm starting to zone out on Runescape, and that's when I know I need a break. I won't quit, but I'm definitely not motivated at all to do the things I wanted to do. So, I'm asking, is there a way to preserve my membership price without continuously extending my membership? I don't remember the deal Jagex gave out that let me have this low price. Also, out of curiosity, is this the lowest price? Aren't there some people who only pay like $5?
  8. You can cancel the email. Just go to the account settings page, then cancel the email from email tab. I think it takes a week?
  9. I have a fury, bandos set, dragon claws, and a spectral shield that I'm debating whether to sell. At first, I couldn't care if they dropped a few millions of gpz, and the combat system isn't going to be out for at least a few months, but now.... I'm just kinda shocked they crashed so hard, how ridiculous are people? Should I just sell them away and buy them back later when they're cheaper, or just keep them? So far, spectral shield has fallen from 19.2m-16m~ (Med price) from when I bought it. Bandos set 24.5m-20m~(Med price). Dragon claws 12.5m-8.1m(Med price). Fury 6.5m-5.4m(Med price). E:I originally bought them to play soul wars and clan wars with my friends/clan. Other than that, I sometimes use bandos set for slayer and only fury for training. (I use void for Vyres, better than bandos imo).
  10. Maybe an alt code? Doesn't really matter... If you want to know how they did it, just ask them. Otherwise, they aren't causing any harm, no need to report them.
  11. I'm not endorsing this site, but this site helped me a lot. The "G.E. Limit" for some of the items are wrong, but most of them are right. I alched maple longbow(u) to level up because they were the most profitable item I could buy in bulk. Rune darts actually have a buy limit of 1k instead of the 10k they have written down. http://www.scape-xp.com/runescape-high-alchemy.html Pretty much, you can casually make a lot of profit alching stuff like the elemental battlestaves, but if you really want to continually alch, I suggest maple longbow(u).
  12. Oh. Do you have a link anywhere? I tend to skip dialog during quests. :???:
  13. I just remembered a question I had when I was first began Runescape. Who is the Mysterious Old Man? Is there a "story" behind the Mysterious Old Man? Was there really a key you could use to open the walls of the mazes?
  14. You get it from killing anything inside the maze. I got the whole set pretty fast, maybe 15 minutes from killing the ants. I decided to kill the ants because I had no anti-poison, there is a room filled with only ants in the south west corner.
  15. The best part in the One Piece anime.

  16. I must know. TEEL ME. E: This is not a joke, it has been driving me insane for the past 4 hours.
  17. Suicide from a friend is the slowest thing in the world. I don't know why people recommend it. Take a couple of hours of your day to learn the game, then spend maybe 6 games getting your rank - still faster than suicides and a lot more fun. Your friend will be in the gutter by the end of your suicides if you really go through with it.
  18. The thing is, it was botted a long time ago, and I only got it back 5 months prior. Maybe that made it low priority? What email do I send to?
  19. Well, I have this pure that was hacked years ago and it was permanently banned for botting. I didn't even know it got hacked until I recovered it (I had forgot its password). I sent an appeal to Jagex on January 1st, 2012, but there still hasn't been a response? I'm not concerned about the account, it wasn't that great to begin with, but it would be interesting to see what stats it has after getting banned for botting (if I actually get it appealed and not drastically rolled back). When should I check back on the appeal?
  20. 1. Cannon as said before, and they give more experience in slayer which is still worth something. 2. Bursting rock lobsters or just bursting skeleton monkies. Otherwise, any other conventional cheap way is ok, cursing, alching, superheating, plankmaking, enchanting, humidifying, etc. 3. Don't know. 4. From 75-77, do lava flow mine, coal/iron at resource dungeon, granite. From 77-80, just concentrated coal from living rock caverns. 5. There is no profit in herblore, zero. You lose money. Depending on how much you have, you decide whether you want to sacrifice time or money. You just want to look at the "gp/xp" category, find the lowest value (always negative, so nearest to zero) that you can afford. Then see if you can actually do that method (might be too low leveled). If those two requirements meet, then check if it's fast enough to meet your standards in the "xp/hour" category. That is all. 6. There is no such thing as that attack. You're just standing still when he is throwing his blood bombs. There are two things you need to defeat him. One: When he revs his darkness special attack, you swing your camera as hard as you can away from the center of the room. Doesn't matter how, when, or at what angle, just do it to mitigate damage or you won't last long. Two: When he starts chucking red stuff on the floor, YOU DO NOT STOP, even when you're attacking him, the moment you hit him, you click somewhere on the map or on the floor to keep moving. This is also his most vulnerable time, so hit him and keep running, hit him and keep running. Pretend it's the luminescent icefiend in dungeoneering, except that he isn't invulnerable during the attack. All his other attacks you just need to tank.
  21. Ah, I didn't see your comment for some reason. Thx. I was confused, I thought WorldBearer was a boss, so I got lost.
  22. And other then that, use ragers. Granted on some bosses they aren't necessary, but some of them they help out A LOT on. A lot of dungeoneering comes from practice. Sure, you can read all of the guides you want and those certainly help, but there is nothing better then going out and doing it. Are you trying to find teams on the dg worlds? Like 77 or 148? You could try dg clans like dung mates or dg squires to start off with. It's some variation of those names, and I can't remember if those are friends chats vs real clans or not, but as far as I know they don't require any application stuff. It's also important to note and recognize where you want to go concerning your dg knowledge. Are you content being an average dger? Someone who is a gd slave and knows how to lay a personal gate? Or do you want to become a keybag and have the gt stapled to your ass? There's a wide range of skill, all requiring differing amounts of commitment to learning. What.... Anyways, can someone answer the other three questions I had about some of the guides? I'm still trying to get the puzzles down pat. Like: Why would having law runes binded make it advisable to get the gatherer's ring upgrades? (at least, that's what is implied right) Do Shades base their attacks by your type of worn equipment? And I don't understand how this describes a "wagon" type player. "You will be able to tell this one apart from your teammates by him or her either immediately setting out to fish or mine in the same room in which you're killing something, or basically the minute you see a Worldbearer Summoning familiar and they already have a Shadow Silk Hood."
  23. Whoa this is awesome. Can you explain this bit? "Gatherer [Ring]: if you have another ammunition bind, such as law runes, have this ring as your secondary so that you can best contribute to your team's resource gathering." I didn't know this either: "The best way to do this [Monolith] is to have your team on the west and south sides, because the Shades never spawn east or north." And this: "Take off the Plate. If you have a Platebody equipped, you should take it off. Doing so, and praying Protect from Range, leaves you very protected (almost completely) from the Shades' attacks (which due to your plate being off, will be Range-based)." They attack based on your equipment? What does this guide mean? "You will be able to tell this one apart from your teammates by him or her either immediately setting out to fish or mine in the same room in which you're killing something, or basically the minute you see a Worldbearer Summoning familiar and they already have a Shadow Silk Hood." What summoning combat monsters are typical? Gotta remember: The keyer takes the direction opposite of it map location Omg, those guides on Xp Waste are insane. This is crazy.
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