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  1. He isn't exactly walking around with full maxed melee gear either guys. Not everyone wants to spend a fortune on prayer potions. Fire bolt doesn't even cost 100gp per cast and allows you to safe spot them. Who cares if it's a few seconds or even a few minutes longer a kill. A low level'd players' time is worth quite a bit less compared to someone who is higher level'd.
  2. Why are people recommending melee? I found Steel/Iron dragons to be hard-as-nails with his melee stats. Definitely use magic and fire bolt with chaos gauntlets. Chaos runes are cheap, just get the best magic gear you can manage.
  3. You do realize that everything in that area is relative right? Whether you lure to the ladder or from the ladder, you're still luring the same amount of distance. In your case, you're creating more work and actually doing it a lot slower. The best spot is still the ladder because there is little room for mistakes and it allows you to fix your mistakes easily. It's also the safest spot there and if you lure from the endpoint of the ladder, you can use the same lobster to gauge your bursting speed. This is all harder to explain without a video, but the point is your spot is a terrible spot. And afaik ROW doesn't affect charm drops...
  4. What a terrible lure. That spot is bad and you won't even last more than 2 hours even with all those potions. You're also going to risk dying quite a bit. Beacon or lunar ring, ring of wealth....there really isn't any loot except the pure ess and water talismans to loot. You will get plenty of those that you won't have space for them. EDIT: I consider that a bad lure because if you don't kill the group on time, you will have rock lobsters spawning on top of you which will really make that spot a bad place.
  5. Err... Two options for equipment, either battle robe setup or max magic bonus setup. Staff of light Infinity boots Barrows gloves (or the hati ones) Seers helmet Either Battle robes or Ahrims Tome of Frost or unholy Use this if you don't have something on the list: http://www.tip.it/ru...item&stats=true Things to keep in mind... Fury is better than ASN which is better than Glory since ASN only boosts magic attacks to single targets and not collateral. Use prayer boosting gear for luring and to slow down the drain on battle robes (if you're using them). Prosy, stoles, god books. Magic potions, I hear they're meh. Vecna skull if you want to get one. Healing food to get there, but otherwise, bring some blood runes for blood bursting health. Saradomin Godsword is best, restores prayer and health. Holy wrench, you can get back from the braindeath island dude on the west side. Battle robes aren't worth it (for bursting) unless you barrage or like doing FoG. Smoke barrage if you can't ice barrage. Getting there: Join Burstinglobs Friend Chat. Their homeworld is 66, it's listed in the chat (just incase it changes). You need three people minimum. You can bring the rune thrownaxe for the spec if you want, but it isn't necessary. If you die, tell them in the chat and someone should be on site to bless it. Bring some food (maybe a familiar the first time, and 1-2 pieces once you get the hang of prayer switching). Learn the route first, I suggest, but you can wing it too. Luring the 9 spot is best, you'll have to learn how to do that yourself, or you can use the 7 spot which is farther and worse. Sorry for the mess, too many thoughts. E: I didn't find the guide on Tip adequate, even the luring part. A lot of useless fluff, I can take you for a trip if you want, just one though.
  6. I just bought one for 1m. I don't think you could sell it now even if you wanted to. The price might level off at 700k or something, but until then... :unsure:
  7. Oh, I see. Is there any validity behind this 210-255xp critical path thing? Like, is DGS a reputable clan?
  8. What does this have to do with putting shared xp on? Don't you just open key doors and leave any skill doors unopened? E: I just read your answer again, how do you know which doors give a certain amount of xp? What does any of this have to do with turning shared xp on?
  9. Also, Armoured Zombies under the Chaos Altar (Salve there too) Bandits Mummies Gorillas
  10. 1. Is glory amulet better than a ASN at rock lobsters? What stats affect the collateral damage? I don't actually have problems with the ASN because I purposely switch between the rock lobsters so they all die at the same time. 2. Some f2p dungeoneers literally rage quit when I had my "Share XP" on. I got called all sorts of names, despite my dungeoneering being 3x higher than theirs. Was there a new update I don't know about? Share XP only affects me...I have skillers so I would know. What is going on?
  11. I'm sorry, but your avatar really made this whole thread hilarious. ::rofl::
  12. I recently came upon 13.6m. Whats the best way to buy herblore levels? I know it isn't a lot, but even getting it to level 80 sounds like a god-send. I'm level 68 at the moment from just frugally cleaning herbs, but this method becomes more ridiculous the higher leveled you are. I'm not looking for speed, but I'm not raising a child here either. E: And I've used Grimy's Worksheet for everything, but I'm a complete mess in interpreting what his categories are calculated from. For those who want a quick link: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheet/ccc?key=0AldEhLOK6ejJdGxma1R3NlNOS1F2UEpMNUY4MU11Rmc#gid=0
  13. Are you kidding me...<_< Banning IPs is stupid. No one does that for obvious reasons. You might as well ban everyone who uses commutative internet. One person bots on their laptop at their college and suddenly you assume 1000+ people are botters? A small group of kids go to a public library and then they're all banned? Some people also do Lan or have relatives who are completely innocent. Not to mention, a lot of people have multiple IPs. They go to their friends house to play or they have changed locations, moved, or changed ISPs over the years. Are you going to ban someone registered under a botter's IP five years ago? And then there are dynamic IPs, Proxies, and VPNs which make it pointless. Some people use these services for security reasons, are you going to deny them the right to not spread their personal information over the internet? A lot of websites can phish for things like credit card information which is protected by these services. If you ban a well known and reliable Proxy or VPN server, you put your customers at risk. Keep in mind, it's none of Jagex's business what my IP address is. Just because you know my name, doesn't give you any right to it at all.
  14. Barehanded fishing gives strength experience and is needed to complete some tasks (Fremennik Hard off the top of my head). Obviously a harpoon would negate these effects. The answer to the question was given in the third post. If you aren't barehanded fishing automatically, it means you're missing the required level for it.
  15. Yeah, it's quite easy to get points in conquest. Having a firm grasp of the game is recommended though because you get more points winning rather than losing.
  16. Definitely don't range dragons when you're only level 50 in it. If you really want to safespot them, I suggest doing it in the ogre city or getting the required dungeoneering for the taverly resource dungeon. The two places I mentioned are Blue Dragons because Green Dragons are completely out of the question; there are too many botters and anywhere there isn't, it's probably camped by higher leveled people. Dragons aren't good training material nor are they great money makers right now. It tends to be outclassed by easier, safer, and simpler methods which I suggest you do if you simply want a source of income. Things like tanning hides, reselling from shops, picking up summoner seconds, making mid-way supplies, etc etc. As for killing monsters for money with added experience, the most common answer you'll get is slayer. It isn't that great in my opinion, and especially when you have those stats, it will probably seem tedious. I can't come up with any non-skill related monsters that drop good stuff while being good training material, but there are a lot of them. Even killing monsters for their bones could be profitable. Ultimately, I suggest training to a higher level before doing anything. Range and Mage will pay off in the long run.
  17. Sorry, my computer died, so I was on hiatus for a while there. I forgot all about the deflector and stuff. Why should I not bother about the Void melee elmet or ranging potion? Do you recommend meleeing at all? I brought the helmet so I could get a good Bandos godsword special in.
  18. Hm, I just discovered that the new Tzhaar ring gives some awesome bonuses, so thanks for telling me. I only have 75 prayer, so I don't think it's worth it. I'd rather stick with good ol' classic buffs. Why did you use a Zamorak spear? For the crush bonuses or the special? I do have a Saradomin Sword for crushing things. I was already thinking about getting some super set pots in my inventory already. Thanks for the reply.
  19. I want to finish this fight in one go. With the introduction of flasks, I assume it won't be very hard despite my horrid stats. Just gonna range it to death behind a pillar, wait out the clones, melee protect the end stage fight. Equipment: Void ranger helm Elite void knight top Black d'hide top Elite void knight robe Void knight gloves Snakeskin boots Ava's accumulator Rune crossbow Illuminated Unholy Book Deflector Amulet of ranging Ring of Recoil Tokkul-Zo Ruby bolts (e) qty. 500 Inventory: Spirit kyatt pouch Ambush scroll qty. 200 Void melee helm Bandos godsword borrowed Rocktail qty. 1 Ranging potion (4) qty. 1 Super restore flask (6) qty. 10 Super restore flask (6) qty. 11 Saradomin brew flask (6) qty. 12 Saradomin brew flask (6) qty. 14 War tortoise inventory: Saradomin brew flask (6) qty. 18 Questions: What should I pray? I heard protection prayers don't really matter, but I see a lot of videos where they choose to use protection prayers. I'm thinking about using eagle eye, protect from magic, and steel skin. Should I bring something to melee him with for the end stage fight? I can replace the rocktail. Should I pray piety for the end stage fight? I assume it affects my kyatt's damage output. This sounds like a good idea if I was to bring a melee weapon. Should I bring a regular Restore potion for emergency healing? I'd have to recalculate my inventory spaces. :P
  20. My opinion (just for clarification): The worst thing you can do when you're getting into gaming is to listen to other people. It's just how it is. Most people, when they find a game, will approach it with a certain type of personal motivation. Whether to conquer the game, beat other people, become the best, have fun, etc etc. Listening to other people right as you begin a game isn't the worst crime, but it's the worst thing you can do when you want to enjoy something. You should just wander mindlessly until you find something you like. If you really need help, just look at the website information guides. Just my opinion.:rolleyes:
  21. I don't even know why I'm hoarding them. I originally thought it would be smart to just gather a bunch of them and then make them into potions because I'm kind of a self-sufficient orientated kind of person. However, after coming back after I had originally quit, I think it is kind of stupid... I could theoretically sell all my herbs, get the money, and reinvest in the fastest or cheapest amount of herblore experience, am I right? So, should I sell the herbs? I remember I used to clean herbs for experience, but selling and buying the herbs was a pain. Is there a better way to level these days?
  22. How did you call your servant? Wouldn't you have to wait until he wandered up to you? Then again, how do people train with oak doors when they can't use a servant bell downstairs? I also hear that you should isolate your workshop so that you can close the door for when you make flatpacks so that the servant can't wander? E: Why is a skill hall important? Thank you both, freakin useful. Planning out my house right now. :thumbsup:
  23. I tore my entire house out a long time ago and I need to rebuild it because all the costumes I'm hoarding is seriously cluttering my bank. So, I decided to fix it up, but I want only the important things prioritized. I just don't remember which things are important. Which rooms are useful and which rooms are just "show off" rooms? E: Could anyone answering also list them in order of usefulness? I know a parlor will allow you to make a bookcase, but I hardly consider it that useful. Some more information: I like training with oak larders. Isn't there a specific way to position the servant bell? Argh, I can't remember anything.
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