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  1. http://www.virustota...7088-1276525610 http://anubis.iseclab.org/?action=result&task_id=194ee6f077c1fcc04f9b4f3f6c07927e2
  2. 2. I'm doing slayer on Bad911, using melee, I don't see a difference. 6. Read above. Thx, 9 makes sense.
  3. I meant Rocktails and Cavefish, lol. My mistake. And for Overloads, what about in the context of Herblore training?
  4. 1. Recently made my range tank (94 Range, 70 Defence) a member, but I did it instinctively without thinking about it. I have about 45k gp, I got my ava's device, I got a rune xbow, I made some silver bolts, but I'm kinda lost on how to construct my wardrobe. How does someone range-tank in members? 2. Slayer helmet doesn't work on Slayer Challenges? I've been killing dragons for a while and I have seen no difference with it on and with it off. Thinking about just finishing the Slayer Challenge and going back to my Neitiznot. 3. Should I get "Ability to make Broad Bolts" and "Ability to make Slayer Ring", I'm thinking yes on Broads but no on Ring. 4. Is there a monster that drops any type of charms 100%? Excluding boss monsters of course. 5. What is everyone talking about when they talk about Overloads. Its like, "yeah he did overloads" and that constitutes a response like "ohhhhh" and then the conversation ends. 6. Were Rocktails/Cavefish implemented recently or something? I feel like they're new, but I don't trust myself. 7. Should I buy a cannon for Green Dragons, I'm trying to get 70 prayer (about 1.5k d-bones, I have 200ish) and now that I can't use BH to recharge, I have to use the CW to recharge and go to the eastern dragons instead of Chaos Tunnels. The people there with cannons are crazy, is it worth the extra trouble to get one? (I have 73 range...) 8. Which one would be better - Dragon Square Shield, Blessed Spirit Shield, or Crystal Shield. 9. It looks like Bronze Knives went loco after I left, is there a reason? edit: 10. Since they upgraded Castle Wars, I hear some of the prizes are pretty good? Any specific ones that I can get, I have a lot of unused Castle Wars tickets from before. 11. Is enchanting air orbs a viable source of magic experience? Only problem I see would be a buying of 100 per 4 hours, is that the only hitch it has? Should I make them into battlestaves? 12. How do people get 8+ herbs a run, I always hear about it but I never can do it myself. Is it because of their high farming? I do have the Magic Secateurs and the most I've gotten is 8. 13. Do the sap curses work only when I attack them, or effect every monster attacking me? 14. Is the anti-poison totem equipped - is it equipped in the defence hand if it is equipped?
  5. Oh, didn't notice the date on the thread. <facepalm> But, it still happened to me when I private messaged someone, huge unreasonable spaces.
  6. Is it just me, or is every post starting to look like they have a few too many spaces between each "enter." Like, if I skip a line and press enter, it puts a few too many <br> and I end up looking like a space/enter freak. :ohnoes: For example: http://forum.tip.it/topic/135518-do-you-own-or-know-someone-who-owns-a-xmas-cracker/
  7. Uses: Provides a 15% bonus to Attack, Strength, Magic, and Ranged while killing an assigned Slayer monster. It also acts simultaneously as a nosepeg, face mask, spiny helm, and earmuffs. Equipping this item while fighting warped terrorbirds will reduce the maximum hit of their ranged attack to 200 damage.
  8. Do the Skeletal Horde Boss in Dungeoneering. In 4 minutes, you'll use about 94~ novite arrows to get 10-20k xp with a Spinebeam Longbow. Now, obviously it'll be a lot more xp in members, I haven't tested it yet though. Step 1. Join your own team and set complexity to six and floor to 12. Step 2. Rush all the rooms, don't bother killing anything yet, just use keys and run. Step 3. Find the boss, verify that it is the Skeletal Horde Boss (Sometimes it isn't). Step 4. Kill everything you can, sell everything you have, buy all novite arrows. Step 5. Go into the boss room with a Longbow, must be a longbow so that you won't go off the healing pad, and move yourself every 4:59 minutes or less. Step 6. You will have about 20k+ novite arrows used, and about 15k+ of them will still be on the floor. This is optional, you can restart the floor or you can just run and quickly pick up arrows. The skeletons are pretty weak, you probably won't even need any prayer. You could always yak if you wanted to, the xp is so fast that you wouldn't have to pay attention if you didn't want to. Some good equipment setups: -Holy Book -Full Void Range or Dagganoth Spike Helmet/Full Black D'hide -Glory/Fury -Ava's Device -Bronze Knives -Snakeskin Boots You could easily range ogres in the King's Training Grounds or whatever they're called, since you don't have to bring food, its almost ideal. You could use the above setup and bring a magic shortbow with 1000+~ Bronze Arrows bought from private shops for only 7gp each. Maybe if I think of more, just off the top of my head.
  9. You obviously want it fast, so just go to the G.E. and buy three nets and ropes, then go to Yanille (Use a dueling ring to Castle Wars) and buy three bird traps and a noose. Then go to the "Jungle" environment here (South-East of Castle Wars, South of Yanille, North of Oo'glog, Etc): Catch Crimsom Swifts till you reach Feldip Weasel (Level 7). Then you can switch to Feldip Weasel if you want, but birds are the fastest. At 19, you'll be able to catch the Tropical Wagtail, which could easily take you all the way to 41. If you want really fast experience all the way to 41 though, you'll switch to Swamp Lizards at Level 29 and go here (South-East of Canifis):
  10. http://www.scape-xp.com/runescape-high-alchemy.html <_<
  11. No offense, but that sounds terrible! Can you try to compare yourself to fellow boss-hunters around you? See if they're having the same problems. Otherwise, it could be your computer in-which-case you should scan around with Malwarebytes or something. P.S. Loading friends list...Please wait. Ahhhhh, brings back memories.
  12. I think it has something to do with what you're wearing or doing. I think my Void Bottom is making me glitch a lot. Will do some testing later~
  13. I'm not having the same problems as you, but after the update, logging out disconnects me from the game twice (Instead of logging me out it says "connection lost") - exactly twice and I tend to have connection problems. I don't know if they're related, but it happened after the update; however, I haven't had your problem, I've been killing stuff for a while now and I see no difference.
  14. 01 June 2010 ______________08 June 2010_____________ I recently found out I hate herblore. That is all. :mrgreen:
  15. http://spreadsheets....vvA&output=html Someone gave me this, its beast. Although, herblore still kills my bank regardless, now I just know it.
  16. Seeing as how I don't know whether this glitch is still in effect, I chose the safest path. Not only does this cover all the basis of ours and Jagex' rules, it leaves the thread intact and satisfies the more conservative members of this forum. If you have any issues regarding the new decree, please feel free to message me or the staff. Avoid cluttering this thread. (Cookies and milk are always welcome. :)) ~Bad911
  17. I would like to intervene at this point and state clearly that there will be no discussion of how this glitch works or previously worked seeing as how that would break both Jagex and our rules - this includes formulating ways to exploit the glitch and turn it to your advantage. This thread exists for the discussional value it provides on the issue of glitched Dungeoneering items. Please follow this guideline; otherwise, both the thread or the user in question may be subject to punishment. Have a nice day. ~Bad911
  18. You could always go to God Wars Dungeon's entrance and let it drain down to 0, then restore only strength and attack with potions.
  19. Sorry to say this, but that sounds terrible. Seeing as how you can get 300+ quest points now, you may as well not have the trade limit at all. The whole purpose behind it is to prevent people from "helping" each other out; genuine help from other players being sacrificed for the greater good. Although it sounds under-handed, it does motivate F2p members to switch to P2p and I doubt Jagex will be able to find an alternative to this problem that has been plaguing them for 3+~ years.
  20. Yay it worked. :thumbup:
  21. I brought that with me on accident last time...Are you serious? I guess topic answered.
  22. I can't seem to go down there anymore, anyone know why? Before, he would greet me and call me a fellow werewolf, but now he keeps calling me a human? I don't get whats going on.
  23. Bad911


    I think the limit is 3mil, right? Anyways, 10 fish, 5 flax. Although flax does come out a little ahead due to the increased demand, it only beats fishing by a little-bit which fishing makes up for in gems and half-keys.
  24. I wouldn't put PC on that low of a scale, but I agree, SW is way more evolved, easier, and faster.
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