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  1. It seems to be random, but there is guaranteed combat experience gained. I actually got to see myself gain prayer experience through the sharing system, so you might as well turn it off. Personally think it is doesn't make a difference even if you do have it on, the experience is minimal.
  2. Opps. My bad. I just automatically merged your posts...Uhm, bump?
  3. *DutchPlease walks out the door* "All right! Hes gone. Probably won't be back for another week..." "Partayyyyyy!" *One week later...* There is probably no explanation for it, guess you hit on a bug. :mellow:
  4. ^ Agreed. I even bought back my Dragon Scimitar for FoG. You could borrow one and then try and see if you like it.
  5. Uhm, wtf? My EP went from 151% to 100%?
  6. I've recently gotten back into pk-ing, but I don't really know how to increase my EP efficiently. Just really confused about the answers I read and I want people with experience to answer. :unsure: - In P2p you risk 75k+ to gain EP and F2p is 25k+ right? - What is the risk needed for the best possible "good drop" scenario in reference to the killer and the killed? - Do you gain more EP in P2p than F2p, some people say yes, but I don't see an actual confirmed statement anywhere. - If I just stand in Pvp, will I gain EP? Would actual combat increase EP rate? - Is there a good place to just sort of "chill" in a Pvp world hot-zone. If you don't like revealing your good spots, where is the general area for hot-zones? All I know is like, barbarian village and G.E. - Is it profitable? Mostly doing this for fun, but it would be nice. Thanks.
  7. Eluned being outside the Isfadar bank place to the south.
  8. Mining Iron/Clay/Ess > Fishing Lobsters > Cutting Yews. They aren't the best money-making methods (except mining pure ess), but at least they're steady.
  9. I know 40/60 means 40% junk and 60% cash; however, I don't know whether that would mean he is selling 4mil junk and 6mil cash or selling for 4mil junk and 6mil cash. I would just suggest getting some battle robes or something?
  10. Hunter - Falconry, I'd easily say faster than CHinchompa and Lizard hunting and a lot more fun. Construction - Oak Larders/Doors. I usually hot ballon all my logs, get a butler. Thieving - Pyramid Plunder is fun, Blackjacking, not so much. Very click intensive for Blackjacking, but Pyramid Plunder requires some technique. Smithing - I would Blast Furnace all the way, making mithril bolts or something depending on the money available.
  11. I did periods of 1.5k tokens with and without the RoW at bronze-to-iron defender and I saw no differences. In the end, I got it with the RoW on, at 5k+ tokens (I lost track, could easily be 6k+). The usual consensus is that you either have a hard time getting either the bronze/iron defender or the adamant/rune defender. I wouldn't read too much into it, your probably looking at only a minimal percentile change if the RoW does affect the chance of it dropping.
  12. P2p: Pick Flax Spin Flax (10 crafting) Pick Flax & Spin Flax (10 crafting) Collect Pineapples Mine Pure Ess (Quest: Rune Mysteries) Collect Snape Grass Make Unfinished Potions F2p: Collect Runes at Dark Warrior Castle Mine Rune Ess (Quest: Rune Mysteries) Run Eye of Newts/Cheese/Harpoons Box Sets (Needs Money) Both: Buy every bargain at Private Stores (Water Runes/Earth Runes/Bronze Arrows/etc) Mine Clay, later Iron Collect Feathers Pick up Bones at Chaos Altar (Wildy 13)/Men at Edgeville Merch (Needs Money) *Not Merch Clans Make Pie Shells Make Pastry Dough Pro-Tip: Do SoS and Player Safety for 20k starting cash. I'm kind of burnt right now, I'll edit if I think of more.
  13. Has anyone had any experience in rushing for slayer items in dungeoneering? I want to try to kill Night Spiders for the Shadow Silk Hood, or any other slayer items because they look amazing. Anyone know if doing single on floor 33+ will get me anywhere? With only 64 slayer and 111 combat, I'm thinking I'm going to get cave slimes a lot and I hope a Night Spider? Maybe even a Jelly? Status: F34C6#1- 2 Cave Slimes (Nothing); Opened all doors. F34C6#2- Nothing; Couldn't open all. F34C6#3- 1 Cave Slime (Incantor's Boots), 1 Cave Crawler (Nothing); Opened all doors. F34C6#4- 1 Cave Slime (Incantor's Boots); Couldn't open all F34C6#5- Nothing; Couldn't open all. Getting bored...I don't think I'll get a Night Spider anytime soon, let alone a drop. I killed quite a few from Large 32+ maps and never got anything. Anyone know what drops the Blood Necklace? And the other slayer items?
  14. Oh so just the first 6 floors? First five complexities, which should "technically" get you from level 1-3, that is how Jagex made it.
  15. You have to finish the "tutorial" levels first. It will automatically increment your complexity level until you reach complexity six, then you can just leave and start at complexity one and it won't change anymore.
  16. No, but isn't 60k still kinda low? Its only double what people get in f2p flesh crawlers. >.< mm, thx. No...=X Is there a guide anywhere, for armored zombies or monkies, or whatever melee.
  17. Simple question, I haven't trained melee in a long time and it seems really slow right now. I'm getting about 1k xp per minute with a saradomin sword and salve (e). My prayer lasts for 5 minutes+ and I'm doing 290s easy, but I feel - slow. Extra questions: [hide] 1. Recently made my range tank (94 Range, 70 Defence) a member, but I did it instinctively without thinking about it. I have about 45k gp, I got my ava's device, I got a rune xbow, I made some silver bolts, but I'm kinda lost on how to construct my wardrobe. How does someone range-tank in members? 2. Slayer helmet doesn't work on Slayer Challenges? I've been killing dragons for a while and I have seen no difference with it on and with it off. Thinking about just finishing the Slayer Challenge and going back to my Neitiznot. 3. Should I get "Ability to make Broad Bolts" and "Ability to make Slayer Ring", I'm thinking yes on Broads but no on Ring. 4. Is there a monster that drops any type of charms 100%? Excluding boss monsters of course. 5. What is everyone talking about when they talk about Overloads. Its like, "yeah he did overloads" and that constitutes a response like "ohhhhh" and then the conversation ends. 6. Were Rocktails/Cavefish implemented recently or something? I feel like they're new, but I don't trust myself. 7. Should I buy a cannon for Green Dragons, I'm trying to get 70 prayer (about 1.5k d-bones, I have 200ish) and now that I can't use BH to recharge, I have to use the CW to recharge and go to the eastern dragons instead of Chaos Tunnels. The people there with cannons are crazy, is it worth the extra trouble to get one? (I have 73 range...) 8. Which one would be better - Dragon Square Shield, Blessed Spirit Shield, or Crystal Shield. 9. It looks like Bronze Knives went loco after I left, is there a reason? edit: 10. Since they upgraded Castle Wars, I hear some of the prizes are pretty good? Any specific ones that I can get, I have a lot of unused Castle Wars tickets from before. 11. Is enchanting air orbs a viable source of magic experience? Only problem I see would be a buying of 100 per 4 hours, is that the only hitch it has? Should I make them into battlestaves? 12. How do people get 8+ herbs a run, I always hear about it but I never can do it myself. Is it because of their high farming? I do have the Magic Secateurs and the most I've gotten is 8. 13. Do the sap curses work only when I attack them, or effect every monster attacking me? 14. Is the anti-poison totem equipped - is it equipped in the defence hand if it is equipped? [/hide]
  18. Bad911

    LotR Collage

    You gotta admit, that shading is something to die for. Especially on a computer.
  19. 01 June 2010 ______________08 June 2010_____________15 June 2010____________ Can't believe I actually farmed 300 irits. I think I'm slowing down, ugh, lazy me. Maybe time to focus on one skill at a time? :o, Just realized I have all 60+ skills. Sweet!
  20. Curses anyone? Seems obvious, am I wrong? Edit: Its probably only for combat isn't it? <About to facepalm>
  21. 1/5 = 20% :shock: I think he means raw value. As in a 20% chunk of whatever you have, instead of a percent.
  22. Remedied by the Pharaoh's Staff (800k~); easily used by both money-making plunderers and the extreme skiller types as well - just forgo six gold artifacts or twelve stone ones for recharging per three runs.
  23. I'm fishing at the moment just give me one sec...OH GOD IT CAN'T BE UNSEEN! So off topic, but I can't stop laughing, lol. On Topic: Either I seem to have better luck or something, but only two out of a hundred keys you got another half-key piece? I've gotten half-key pieces frequently, at least every three keys. And of course it isn't a good money-making technique, but you can do it at level three with no skills at all.
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