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  1. Oh god I came back from the dead. Jesus, when was the last time I posted here? :-?
  2. Kinda averarge shirt designs, If I'm honest, combined with a horribly done website, considering the RS page is rather good, why did they convert a very functional website in an awful poorly desinged one? I prefered most of the old designs too, maybe they'll bring them back. The guthix ones are pretty neat, I'll give them that.
  3. Back in June, we lowered the total level required to post on our forums to 500, and we were delighted with the response and all the new input and discussion which followed, which really added to our already great forum community. Since then, we've added some additional forums including the Account Help forum, where people can get advice and support about most account related issues. We've also added a Community Home forum, which is a 'one stop shop' for you to find out everything that is going on in your community, including newsletters, competitions and even an official 'forum clock' (so you will never be late for that massive in-game event ever again). With so much on offer in our forums, we want to further increase the number of free-players who can get involved and participate in the forum community, so we've reduced the requirement once more to allow anyone with a total level of at least 350 to post in all shared forums, as well as in the 'Everyone' community group! The forums are, in our experience, one of the best places to get your RuneScape questions answered and have great discussions and debates with your fellow players. They're also a great starting point if you are thinking of joining a Clan, or maybe just join in some social fun with a player run or Jagex organised event. Of course, the forums are also the first place we look to find out what you think about the game, and you never know – a suggestion you make on our forums could even end up in RuneScape and be played and enjoyed by millions of people! You can get to the official RuneScape forums by clicking the link from the front page or by selecting the 'Community' tab across the top of our main site and choosing the first drop down option 'Forums'. If you are a first-time forum user, it's a good idea to have a read of the 'Code of Conduct' – the link is right at the top of the forums. More details on how to use the forums can be found on the Knowledge Base here We look forward to welcoming you to the community - see you on the forums! Mod SteveW Community Management ---------------- Again? Also; "and have great discussions and debates with your fellow players." PFFT.
  4. I almost all jumped onto the bandwagon at diffrent times. ... I suck at this. Considering the orignal poster has seemingly dissapered off this thread, I assume the bug was indeed fake. (At diffrent times) Oh and I did one of these, because they need more love; That is a great interface I got there.
  5. I don't think you can, Apparently he has a attack where he hits you really hard if you stay on the opposite side to him for too long.
  6. HHH is kinda of annoying whenever I play engineer though, mostly either because he targets me when my base is under fire or targets me when I know theres alot of spies about or targets me when I moving my teleporters up and targets me when I kinda built myself into a corner. Apart from that, engineer is very useful on that map, espically for teleporters.
  7. Is sat in 2Fort Intel room, wrenching his sentry.

  8. I'm having a hit and miss feeling since I started playing again, on the one hand, I blow up helicopters then headshot shotgun snipe the guy parachuting out, other times I just have absolutley unfun games where either ours or the enemy team puts up no resistance and we either steamroll/get steamrolled. We won a match where about half the defending enemy team had no points whatsoever, I didn't know that was possible :U
  9. He only appears on the new halloween map at random times. I really like him and the map, to be honest, although from what I've played the map has a habit of stalemating often until he appears, I dunno if the other map that shares this ones layout (the mountain base) has the same Stalemateyness, someone should fill me in on that :U
  10. [/hide] I killed him and got the achivement, but I still haven't got the hat drop. D: But anyway, I think all maps can be improved with apperance of random bosses, it's fun to see both teams put aside their diffrences to try and take him down.
  11. We are too cool for Halo Reach :shades: Ontopic;
  12. Is it kind of sad that the most amusing thing I've done on Runescape recently is run around 2-shotting goblins with the new sling? :???:
  13. Is pushing tiny little cart!

  14. Yup, it is indeed awesome

  15. hey u like Renards music to? it awsome lol.

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