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  1. Right now I'm level 86 in Dungeoneering, so it's a lot easier to find floors. Which is why I'm planning to get to level 99 at the very least. However, it's hard to Dungeoneer like the pros because no one wants to accept someone who is under 100 Dungeoneering and even if they do, they rarely want to teach them. If possible, is there any advice you can give me? I've probably learned all that I can by myself, so I'm wondering if you have any tips that I might've not known from Dungeoneering with randoms.
  2. Magic might be the hardest combat style to use on him, unless of course you have something like the SoA. The healing you get from the blood blitz shouldn't be your major concern. For one, it won't heal you that much and two, even if it did heal you a lot, it wouldn't heal you enough. I slapped on poverty gear, cooked some monkfish, was about 85-85-80 stats, and hadn't burned any vyrecorpses either. I died a few times getting the hang of it, but there are two major things I learned: 1. You need to swing your camera like a madman in the opposite direction of the center of the room as hard as you can when he does the darkness. Doesh't matter where, how, or at what angle, you gotta mitigate some damage. 2. You need to keep moving without a single pause, including combat attacks, when he does the blood chucking special. Most people don't understand this, you shouldn't be getting even a single piece of damage at this time. If you do, three things happen: One, you have to eat. Two, in eating you lose concentration and take more damage. Three, you're missing out on huge damage because he's most vulnerable at this time. The problem with magic is that you have to get the timing right more-so than range or melee. The animation for the attack is much longer than the range and melee styles, even if it uses the same amount of "ticks". It just sounds like a bad idea tbh.
  3. Are you certain you're filling the water tank all the way to the top? Both valves must be open for the whole tank to be filled, if you only turn one, the bar won't be submerged. Otherwise, it might just be a graphical glitch, in which case you can probably finish the quest with the wrongly colored bar. Other ideas might be that you're pulling the wrong turbine lever. You might have to completely drain the water tank or it won't work. I don't know, try the first two first.
  4. There are a lot more stuff I'd throw out, but idk what they mean to you and sometimes I see value where others might not. Things you need to do: 1. Get a Wicked Hood and deposit all your tiaras/talismans into it. 2. Get a Mindspike and sell all your elemental staffs. 3. Get rid of those keys if you don't use them. Red: Complete Junk Green: You need to take care of this by selling it, putting it in POH, etc. Blue: I would consider this junk because they're useless, but they're annoying to get back.
  5. So I went ahead and read your Dragon Warhammer thread. I don't see a problem other than: 1. You seem overtly formal (which might rub some people the wrong way). 2. You seem extremely attached to your topics. 3. You push for one thing and one thing only. In regards to number 3, you can see it in this topic as well. If you create a topic, you should remain open-minded. Your replies make it sound like you record it to memory, but disregard it because it's already a thought you've thought up and refuse to change your ideas. You aren't thinking beyond your own box, that's my interpretation. All of this will - I assume - be disregarded like all the other posts. You can't pick and select the replies you get. I don't know how to put this in a better way, but there you have it. It doesn't feel like you want to change at all.
  6. Coming from someone who has 3k+ posts, I'm assuming you mean this particular section of the forums in particular? If that's the case. Remember that this is Help & Advice. Listening comes first. Questions come second. Comments are the very last thing on your mind. Don't be afraid to comment, but take a step back and imagine someone telling you the same thing and see if it'll invoke the same response you intended. Questions are better than Comments in my opinion, because they rarely force an opinion on others. ^^ Last of all, we all make mistakes, if you realize it, change it.
  7. Logic isn't exactly one of Jagex's strong points. Thx for the quick replies everyone, as usual. ^^
  8. Which one is better? They both scale with the amount of vyrecorpses burned right? So...
  9. I just based my guess off doing it. True, I actually did count constitution experience as well, forgot about that. It's just, I get over 500 experience on a regular basis, per cast (without constitution). If we look at your math, isn't 236*0.4 = 94.4. Then 94.4*9 = 849.6. Did you multiply by 0.2 instead of 0.4? Of course, you won't hit 849.6xp every cast, but it'll come close. Is there something about collateral damage reduction that I didn't incorporate?
  10. Idk what Grimy Bunyip is saying... :unsure: You will average at least 500xp per red chinchompa, even in a bad setup because you're such a higher ranged level. Quick and dirty, that's 10k red chinchompas x 915 each (med price right now) = 9.15m I always use the accurate fuse, so I don't know what times you will get. I do average around 2k chinchompas per trips (due to having to restock potions), but I don't pay attention to the time.
  11. Do lower floors count for higher floors if the floor you're doing is already check-marked? Does it only count for floors of the same type? For example: Can you do floor 42 twice and have it count for floor 1 if you already had 2-41 done? If it's restricted to floor type, can you do floor 36 twice and have it count for floor 37? I always got confused. Do you get less experience? Is there a certain way to do it?
  12. It doesn't have to be transferring that they were doing. They might have just wanted to try pking on your account(?) and had died, then ran back to the wilderness to try to pick the stuff back up and only got a broken virtus mask? The hacker could've just been having fun; having successfully hacked an account or being someone who doesn't put much value on Runescape GP seeing as he is a hacker. He could've been griefing for all you know. The only reason someone would suicide in the wilderness to transfer money is if the account had the new limitations on it, which your account doesn't(?). Interesting? Maybe Useful? Not really.
  13. Is this a bug? I've looked everywhere and I have no companions at Burgh de Rott or Paterdomus. It's just that task guy standing there. Am I missing something?
  14. "Completion of the Priest in Peril quest is no longer a requirement for reaching Morytania." Pures, welcome. E: Wait a minute...just Morytania...nvm. :wall:
  15. Do the accumulated wins reset after you get a piece of Hybrid Armor?
  16. If I miss clicking continue, will it be considered as "missing the interface" and give me another chance? I keep missing the dialogue box because it's the last thing from my mind after I manage to get champion and I accidentally click on my screen to walk. Thx for the answer. :mrgreen:
  17. Do I have to leave the pits after being the last champion alive to get a chance at the hybrid armor or does the chance come immediately after I become champion?
  18. I assumed it would be profit, but I guess it isn't. It would be better to only use one bucket of sand and one seaweed per cast, so... 46,637 Buckets of Sand 46,637 Soda ash/Uncooked seaweed/Swampweed Molten glass: 791(-25) Bucket of sand: 245(+1) Seaweed: 644(+14) Swamp weed: 331(+0) Soda ash: 709(+0) Obviously you would make a profit with Swampweed, but I doubt there is a sufficient supply going around.
  19. 93,274 Astrals 279,822 Fires 466,370 Airs You would obviously replace one of the elemental runes with a staff. 606,281 Buckets of Sand 606,281 Soda ash/Uncooked seaweed/Swampweed
  20. You mean this: http://www.tip.it/runescape/index.php?rs2item_id=3663 On topic: I don't see anything wrong with that strategy, it's purely preference, but restocking after every kill sounds quite tedious. Most people who can boss hunt corp aren't really bothered by the high startup costs and any good drop from corp will pay for supplies many times over. If you have friends who want to do that, then by all means do that.
  21. You mean Accumulator? Something is blocking it then. If you're safe spotting, try using a spot with an open path and trapping the monsters due to space or around a corner.
  22. I'm boosting fight pits with a friend and we're taking turns killing each other, is this ok? If you missclick off the interface, what does the reclick look like? Do you get the fight caves hybrid reward interface after you win as champion or after you leave and get your tokkul? Is there still a fist of guthix boosting clan/world where whoever is hunter forfeits? Just some questions, thx. E: Added a question.
  23. You might need to clear your cookies or just click more carefully. Try to aim for that tiny arrow by your name. Otherwise, try this link: http://forum.tip.it/index.php?app=core&module=usercp It should work.
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