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  1. Not to thread-jack, but do the Headdresses sell back? In-case the OP or anyone was wondering, the coifs are steady at 55gp~(55 exact right now) and the feathers go from 17-22gp (yellows are at 30). Each Headdress gives 50xp, so that is 1.5gp/xp worst case scenario.
  2. Yay, one supporter. And books would be cool, diaries, and calenders.
  3. With the recent holiday cheer, I've found that actually making someone's Christmas year harder than it should be (irl and online). Suggestion: There should be a mail service for sending packages and letters. With the reintroduction of free trade, I don't see why not. If you want to make it more medieval-esque, just turn it into some sort of "pigeon/elf/gnome" service that I saw suggested in 2007. Maybe make it similar to how lent items are returned, or create a real job for Postie Pete. Anyways, hope you all have a wonderful Christmas, and let us get this some attention shall we? Extended Suggestions: Support List: Bad911 GrandZephy zezumier D_V_Devnull Kimberly Carbi spling
  4. ^^ I guess the consensus is Ape Atoll. Locals are sly :<, I think they were trying to trick me.
  5. I've been asking the locals at Ape Atoll, and they all say mummies are better? That there is double the amount of monsters.
  6. Monkey Skeletons or Mummies or whatever else? How many Chins should I hunt before I do a trip? I've read a lot of guides that tell you how to hit as many as possible, but when I go watch other people do it, they just stack everything. Is this bad? I just think doing yaks isn't worth it to-do when you have a limited time membership. Thoughts?
  7. Uhm, hello. This is more of a discussional topic, and it isn't exactly everyone's favorite topic, so I decided to put it here. I don't think getting all CAPS LOCK is healthy, so this is kind of a slow simmering side-dish of discontentment. What is Runescape? Well, it used to be something, something that could be measured and smiled at. Now? Maybe I'm just getting old, but it seems like I've lost sight of what exactly is Runescape. Runescape used to be on the frontier of the gaming industry (in my point of view). It had a direction, it had goals, it had dreams. Recently though, there are more Quests than I can even count; more names on the highscores that mean nothing; more items in the game than I know how to use; more outfits that makes the crowd ambiguous; just, more. Do you see the irony? As more stuff without an aim or direction are put into the game, the less of an identity and value items that were crafted with an intention have. It isn't just their dreams, their goals, and their direction that have become non-existent; it erased mine as well. I look at the highscores and my only thought is "that is not realistic, that isn't even a dream". I look at quests and I think "what is going on?". I look at my bank now, and I think "screw my OCD, how do I know what to keep, what do I sell?" (then proceed to close my bank). I look at peoples' characters, and my eyes glaze over because I can no longer see an individual. k. done. I know I'm done when I get soapy. Just wanted to get it off my chest, typing aimlessly.
  8. Question. Is this more like a one-time holiday event type of thing? I'm kind of getting both impressions, that it is limited time only, yet you can still get this later on? Dang, this makes me sad, have to go to the bank and stuff, idk if this is worth it.
  9. Hai. Sexy huh? Even my recovery questions will be able to get the cape.
  10. Did I sound nitpicky? lol. I really felt betrayed; I mean, it sounds kind of bad that I'm complaining of something so minuscule, but I really got excited and took the time to vote. I decided to go out of retirement and prepared to buy membership this month, how could I not if Jagex was going to take time out of their lives to implement appreciation content. I haven't voted on almost anything, but after reading your post, I realize that maybe my thought was a little selfish. Yeah, that bug sounds weird, I wonder what the coding problem was. I doubt they didn't test this. You didn't answer my question <pout>.
  11. Hm, I don't understand the logic behind making it members-only when the poll was clearly enabled for everyone and the appreciation is for long-standing members who more than likely have purchased membership before. It really beggars the idea of "veteran" and "classic". I mean, you don't buy trophies, you earn them, buying them would defeat the whole purpose. Isn't this irony? Anyways, I've read the majority of the posts and I haven't found the answer, but are the milestone capes members as well? Any opinions on whether Jagex might actually change the capes to be available for non-members? I really don't feel like paying 5 dollas to show off, lol, it kind of defeats the purpose for me. :(
  12. Don't forget to choose the "x" option quantity when grinding bones with a tortoise and entering a number higher than the amount of bones you have so that it doesn't interrupt you when you left-click "take from B.O.B".
  13. Herblore - Clean herbs, easy money and easy experience. (Should make a coupla mil with Tarromin, just buy minimum and sell maximum/medium when they're crashing) Runecrafting - Yes. Hunting - Falconry Thieving - Pyramid Plunder (Blackjacking if you want, I really don't like it, and prefer PP. Get a Pharoah's Sceptre and sell it back when you're done) Construction - Oak Larders/Doors (Buying or making the planks is your choice)
  14. Its because the update didn't go "Hey look, free ores right here." I find that if Runescape players aren't pointed to an exact location, they don't really crowd it out. Not to mention, I don't doubt there are mining botters, and they haven't been able to exploit the dungeons yet.
  15. At such low levels, you should just go around and have fun with whatever skill you can do. For instance, thieving the general population until they cry mercy. In members, there is better equipment, skills, quests, and achievements. Places to explores, people to meet, mini-games to do. I suggest you refer to this - http://www.tip.it/runescape/?page=new_members_P2P_guide.htm - and try to enjoy the membership you have. You could always hoard money, pick some flax in Seer's Village. Everything is 100x faster in P2p than F2p.
  16. I would go for poisoned knives over the c-bow. Your not going to hit very high, so I would definitely choose that. Quantity > Quality. As for the above opinions, I agree with them, I wouldn't take their suggestions lightly. If ranging is the only thing you can do, then by all means try.
  17. Trading Runescape accounts is prohibited in both ours and Jagex's rules. Please re-read our rules here - http://forum.tip.it/topic/48092-tip-it-forum-rules/. Thanks. Locked. ~Bad911
  18. Dungeoneering sure looks awesome in HD. Gz on 77 and resisting temptation for other Dungeoneering items, lol. :mrgreen: P.S. Love the music, I wonder how you did that...
  19. Undead means you've gone through the process of being dead and for some reason or another have come back to Gielinor; although, you can't quite be considered "alive", so you're labeled as un-dead. Things like: Skeleton Ghosts Zombies Each have already "died." The barrows on the other hand never passed through the after-life; for whatever reason, they were probably cursed for all eternity while they were alive. Categorizing them based on similarities like "Looks like a ghost" and is "prone to immortality" would be wrong. Not to mention, the barrows brothers are immortal, but zombies and skeletons and ghosts can be permanently eliminated. At least, thats how I see it, lol. I don't exactly read folklore or anything (although I love fantasy books).
  20. Uhm, they're immortal brothers that guard the barrows. Hardly dead.
  21. You put the maximum amount of box traps around a single spawn point. Wear ranging equipment and if it (the chinchompa you're targeting) doesn't immediately get trapped in your box and starts to wander off, kill it so that it respawns in the center of your conglomerate of boxes.
  22. They've always been like that, the price actually fell, you used to be able to quadruple your money fletching maple logs (30gp to 120gp). The people that buy them string them, the ones that buy the finished products alch them. Although they lose a ton of money, I guess the word doesn't spread.
  23. Twelve hours?! :blink: Well, the times for any farming product is merely averaged speculation; hardly accurate and these cases happen. But...none of them grew? Looks like a bad bug or a roll-back.
  24. I'm no photographist, but that first picture is amazing! Oooooo, I get the chills just looking at it. Can I use it for my desktop background? The second one, to me, its just another photograph. No offense or anything.
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