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    Forks, Washington! Sadly that is not true. It's really California x]
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    Hmm I have a lot of interests but I am going to list a few of them:
    -Youtube(I don't make videos though.)
    -I enjoy cooking?
    -I also enjoy reading. Oh heck yes.
    -I am also lame. In my opinion anyways.
    -I LOVE the series Twilight by Stephenie Meyer.
    -It's being made into a movie you know? 12.12.08 -nods-
    -June 5th is the day. Bring me presents? :]
  1. he called him a nerd for having 68 wc whilst he him self had 75 (the "noob" that is) I'm a girl :| but thats ok.. I guess :\ lol
  2. This happened about an hour ago... I was just cutting yews peacefully while reading this topic (I have long ways to go -.-) Noob: Lol Noob: lvl 68 wc? Noob: Nerd. I ignored it.. Some guy came up. Guy: Wc lvls? Me: 68 Noob: 75 :shame:
  3. Well, I decided to play runescape again after a while. And I saw this today is lumbridge castle while spinning wool. Its not funny but very nooby. Technically its not me and I witnessed it but part of it was me I guess. Noob to another player:I want to hack someone. The the person ran off and the noob started to follow me. Noob: I want to hack someone Me: I see.. Noob: My main is lvl 90. (The player he was on was lvl 6.) Me: That's nice to know. Noob: But i'm quitting. Me: k.. I went up to the bank to get more wool. I went back down to notice he was trying to hack a person who was about lvl 63. Noob: Can I share accounts with u? (Reporting noob for encouraging other to break the rules.) Lvl 63: Ya Me in PM to lvl 63: You know he's trying to hack you. Don't be so blind. Noob: U passed the quiz. (Theres a quiz for hacking?) Noob: The 1 ur on Lvl 63: ? Noob: Can we share it? Lvl 63: No Noob: And You share my 90. Lvl 63: U gonna hack me Noob: Ok you have failed (I thought he already passed :roll: ) And then I went back up to the bank and missed 15 seconds of the conversation. Lvl 63: Your gonna hack me Noob: No I wont!!!!!!!!!! Lvl 63: Fine (Reported for password scamming) Noob: Whats ur pass? Letter bye letter. (Yes he used the wrong type of by) Lvl 63: H Lvl 63: 2 Lvl 63: S Lvl 63: N Lvl 63: I Lvl 63: P Lvl 63: E Lvl 63: H2snipe Noob: H2snipe Lvl 63: Is mine noob: Ur lieing! Noob: You can't see your password when you type it! Noob: See? ******* I then had enough and left. :wall: -.- Noobs these days.
  4. Hmm, never heard of them :\ The Pink Spiders? :thumbsup:
  5. Your wish is granted but sadly the rest of the house is now smaller, smells worse, and is far from organized.
  6. Ever Ever After - Carrie Underwood :o I know I know.
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