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  1. The article has a good point. Runescape has been around for what? 9 years maybe? I played it actively for 3-4 years (but not seriously in the last couple years), and a lot has changed, from the limiting of free trade, to the grand exchange, which almost completely removed the element of trading with people, but there is one thing that hasn't. Armor has gotten better, weapons more powerful, potions more potent, but our hit points have always been limited to 99. This means that it doesn't make sense for any monster to be able to hit higher than 99 because it would accomplish nothing more. So I think that unless hit points are allowed to exceed 99 (I know that sara brews will raise it temporarily) that there is a limit to how powerful any monster can be in RS.
  2. Anyone want to help me out with a month of membership?(Scroll of resurection/recruit a friend) Thanks Maco
  3. Can I actually do it with broad bolts? Range 72 Def 77 Nice guide :thumbsup:
  4. Ok, I have better things to do so I'll make this fast. I think that runescape, which I played for about 3 years has taught me two things. One, that hard work = cash if you apply yourself to the right things. And two, do's and donts with lots of money. I made and lost at least 9m through out my runescape career, through mercanting, luck, bad luck, and stupid ideas.
  5. Hey, thanks alot for the advice, I have done regicide, but I haven't trained range for while, whats the best thing to kill, and is the crystal bow the best thing to do it with?
  6. Hey, I need some advice on how to survive and get good kills in the medium level crater. You can see my stats in my sig, and I have about a total of 2m that I may use. Please tell me what to wear, have in my inventory, and what to do inside the crater. Thanks, Maco.
  7. If this is the wrong place for this, please move it. I have not completed the whole diary yet, but for completing all the beginner tasks, I recieved an experiance lamp that gave me 500 Xp.
  8. It might be a good idea to add in the Monsters section of the quest guide, something like: Beware of Reverents (lvl 2-137) or something like that. I forget the lvls of the highest and lowest reverents but I think that's close, just because orks and knights sometimes hang around the main quest sites.
  9. My first million was completly luck. I forget the order that this happend in, but I was killing Bronze Dragons and I got D legs as a drop, then I decided to kill one iron dragon with the rest of my food... I ran out of food and ran away, and over by the greater demons there was a pile of stuff, turns out, someone died and dropped a black mask, glory, and some other stuff. This was when D Legs where like 1.5m and black masks were about 800k, so that got me enough money to buy a whip, which was like 2.8m at the time Now I have about 3.3m (spend 600k or so on construction (lvl 58) and herblore (lvl 55))
  10. I believe that all of these have been mentioned in the Tips & Tricks section of the quest guide.
  11. Hey, it would be great if someone could confirm this, as I have all ready done the quest. All you need to do is as soon as you get to the farm, you plant the limwurt plant, which lets it grow while you do the quest. Please post here if you can confirm it, Thanks, Maco
  12. In the Farm, where you have to fill the bucket and do other stuff, you can plant the limpwurt root as soon as you get there, and then do the rest of that part so you don't have to wait for it to grow. [pokemama]
  13. The GE has always failed to adjust prices according to the true demand. For example, when the fist of guthix mini-game came out, it quickly became clear that using anchient magics was the best way to win. Unfortunatly, compared to other items, there are very few anchient staffs in the game. Now the law of supply and demand says that when demand goes way up, but supplys stays very low, the price increases. This is the problem with the GE, it increases its prices according to demand, more specificly, when somthing sells. So when there is a very limited amount of an item, the price will not go up enough quickly enough for players. The staffs which I have mentioned, were selling for close to 10x their normal value. This is why people junk trade, and I believe that it is acceptable, because of the GE's inablility to cope with the changes in supply and demand.
  14. Ill make this short and sweet :thumbsup: I would have voted for dealing with rule breakers, but there is not much more that jagex can do to prevent it. So I voted for new content, because its the next best think :thumbup:
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