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  1. i'm thinking about playing eoc again, just to get my rs goal of 99 slayer. i came back hacked though, so i'm kinda iffy about it.
  2. Currentlly 69/75 RC Taking a break to do other stuff. Like this:
  3. Last post is not too old lol. Well, I have been playing just not posting. Biggest accomplishment so far since July would have to be Completing WHILE GUTHIX SLEEPS. Was Gud. Anyways, I am going to start working on my most hated skill, runecrafting.
  4. I might as well join this "community". I know a few nubs who are in it. :>
  5. This would be great for pking. At gwds it would serve well for tanking Graar/Kril too.
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