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  1. also grand tree, tree gnome village and fight arena are all fast cb xp
  2. Currently i have: Ferocious tiger-rider x 6 judge of dice x 3 travelling band x5 harem of fortune tellers x 6 jade merchant x 1 oxhead n horseface x 4 i should really get a 6th travelling band, but i dont know who to dismiss then.
  3. ················································• CONTENTS •················································ Introduction ........................ 2 Why Join Us? ..................... 3 Requirements ................... 4 Rules ............................ 5 How to Join .................. 6 Notices: • Those who will Cap at the Citadel weekly and in general show dedication to a Clan will have a higher chance at being invited. • Note that the Australian Daytime can be a little quieter in the Clan; however we are looking to change this hence we actively wish to recruit Australians! :) • All Admins are expected to Cap weekly and encourage capping. Alongside this, Admins will be expected to help recruit; those who cannot provide active Clan moderation and support will forfeit their Admin status so that another member can utilise it. • Events may be a little lower than usual due to a few things. Firstly, a lot of Admins have their finals/exams at University/College/School. EoC has also made planning events quite difficult as not everyone has fully learned the new system yet. :) bare with us! ···········································• INTRODUCTION •············································· Clan Name: Incursione PLEASE NOTE: This thread is ONLY a Recruitment thread and is only used for Recruitment and basic Clan information. ••• You can find a Clan thread containing full Clan information here: http://services.rune...s?threadid=4byj ••• You can also find a private Clan events thread here (for Clan members only): http://services.rune...­s?threadid=5e5 Our Clan's Brief description: -------------------------- We are a chilled out Clan, with some events here and there, that encourage casual gaming. We try to be focused on both around Skilling and Combat. My Clan is basically a chill zone for what we define as high levels. There is a combination of PvM and a lot of players trying to actively level up their account, by Skilling. We are looking to constantly improve so we focus on recruiting quality high levels. NOTE: We are not a PvM Clan, we are not a Skilling Clan, we are not a Social Clan. We are a mix of all; hence our chill-ness. :D ············································• WHY JOIN US? •············································ • There is a Tier 6 Clan Citadel. A Clan Citadel is like a Castle for each Clan and you can train your Skills there each week for free, semi-afkable experience. In doing so you also earn rewards such as a Clan ring (which gives bonus xp). • We own two Clan Avatars which can give you boosts in game when active. • We are high ranked (around #150 out of over 100,000 Clans). Join us and be part of an evolution! • Our Clan is well established (2 years old and 200 members), with members in all time zones. • We endorse a chilled-out environment where you won't be [bleep]ed at for banter. • We have an experienced memberlist with over 5 Billion Experience gained as a Clan and an average total of over 2000. No noobs here! ············································• REQUIREMENTS •············································ To join our Clan you will need to meet the requirements: 1) You must be a Paying RuneScape Member 2) You must have a Total level above 2000. Sometimes we may make exceptions based on the individual. These requirements were recently raised as we wish to constantly improve our Clan and its standards. We have found that players below this requirement rarely make it to events. ·················································• RULES •················································ When you join our Clan you automatically agree to follow these rules. The full details of the rules can again be found on our Clan Information thread, which is featured on our Clan page. Refer to Post 2 for details on how to find it. 1. Catch-All; abide by Jagex rules and have co­mmon sense. 2. Respect all players, especially Clan members. 3. Personal Feuds should not be dealt with inside the Clan boundaries. 4. Do not betray Clan mates. 5. Limit Controversial Discussion. 6. No Gambling inside of the Chat. 7. No serious Begging in the Chat, we are not a charity. 8. Do not advertise other Clans in ours. 9. Do not seek for Loopholes in our rules. 10. No Leeching, you joined a Clan to contribute to it, so contribute. ·············································• HOW TO JOIN •············································· If you meet the requirements you will be invited to the Clan. All you have to do is meet an existing Clan member in-game and they will invite you. I would suggest just looking at the memberlist and seeing who is online, or joining the Clan as a Guest and asking for an invite. :) For your first week in the Clan chat, you will stay as a Recruit. This is because for your first week in the Clan you are unable to train in the Clan Citadel. We would also like to get to know you as a person first. Feel free to post on this thread if you are having trouble contacting anyone in game, or wish to raise any queries. :)
  4. killed qbd for the 1st time and charged royal crossbow, used my left hand cause right is in a cast!
  5. This is done to prevent people from making new accounts for botting, but yeah i agree it does suck if you are playing legit.
  6. i dont bring 1-click tele to dks cause a misclick can ruin ur trip.
  7. idk what that is, double gatestone somehow ran around the cave with 1lp, then went up the ladder where wallasalkie hit 3dmg k0
  8. Actually he does regain its stats slowly as do all monsters, but the increase shouldnt be notable if you bank fast. I have started to use goliaths for weakening and then switching to spear. The vid just showed how to do corp without armour.
  9. I have been using pps for glacors - fsurging glacors n ppsing glacytes, this gets me very fast minion kills without having to change weps.
  10. and btw it's DEflector, but i suggest az's with full melee void and salve ammy e, range void with deflector and good range top is best for chinning. Magic void is pretty useless. Void is made for training and isnt that good at bosses because of low defensive stats, but for moneymaking tds are ur best bet.
  11. Corping is very easy now with goliath gloves, with speccing corp like 20+ times, it becomes so weak it doesnt even damage you without prayer. Using zs and ss flicking with vampyrism aura is also a good way to go.
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