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  1. Updated with Skulls, Jumpers, Chaotic Clouds. That's all the data I'll be collecting for now. And intervals for those, since the skulls and clouds were smaller sample sizes, 90% confidence: Skulls: 25.3-30.5% accuracy Jumper: 30.7-34.9& accuracy Chaotic Clouds: 44.2-49.8% accuracy
  2. Easy enough to just have a few word files open, can just search the doc for 0s 1s 2s etc when done. That's what I did, it works :smile:
  3. Data collection complete for now. Questions, comments, suggestions welcome. I recently decided to test out some siphon rates at Runespan. These rates are with 92 Runecrafting, probably applicable from 90-95, and hopefully still interesting otherwise. When siphoning a node, a siphon attempt is made every two ticks. This attempt results in a fail (either 0 or 2.0 xp) or a success (xp depends on node). Undead Souls, Bloody Skulls, and Nebulas (Nebulae?), along with other, lower, nodes, have two possible runes, leading to three possible results (fail, rune 1, rune 2). When collecting data, I did not differentiate between a 0 xp and a 2 xp fail. For this reason, when doing the math, I assumed all fails result in 1 xp, without any data whatsoever to back it up. [spoiler=Data] Node Name A attempts, F fails, R runes. F/A% chance of a fail, R/A% chance of an X xp siphon. (F/A)(1 xp per fail) + (R/A)(X xp per siphon) = Y xp/attempt -> Y(60/1.2) = approximate xp/min Undead Soul Req level 95 Living Soul 1064 attempts, 868 fails, 196 Soul runes. 81.58% chance of a fail, 18.42% chance of a 213 xp siphon. 40.05 xp/attempt -> ~2002.5 xp/min Bloody Skulls 1168 attempts, 873 fails, 164 Death runes, 131 Blood runes. 74.74% chance of a fail, 14.04% chance of a 144 xp siphon, 11.22% chance of a 175.5 xp siphon. 40.66 xp/attempt -> ~2033 xp/min Blood Pool 1059 attempts, 832 fails, 227 Blood runes. 78.56% chance of a fail, 21.44% chance of a 146.3 xp siphon. 32.15 xp/attempt -> ~1607.6 xp/min Skulls 828 attempts, 597 fails, 231 Death runes. 72.10% chance of a fail, 27.90% chance of a 120 xp siphon. 34.20 xp/attempt -> ~1710.1 xp/min Jumper 1200 attempts, 805 fails, 395 Law runes. 67.08% chance of a fail, 32.92% chance of a 107.8 xp siphon. 36.16 xp/attempt -> ~1807.9 xp/min Shifter 995 attempts, 606 fails, 389 Nature runes. 60.90% chance of a fail, 39.10% chance of an 86.8 xp siphon. 34.55 xp/attempt -> ~1727.4 xp/min Nebula 963 attempts, 450 fails, 277 Cosmic runes, 236 Astral runes. 46.73% chance of a fail, 28.76% chance of a 63.8 xp siphon, 24.51% chance of an 85.6 xp siphon. 39.80 xp/attempt -> ~1989.8 xp/min Chaotic Cloud 856 attempts, 453 fails, 403 Chaos runes. 52.92% chance of a fail, 47.08% chance of a 61.6 xp siphon. 29.53 xp/attempt -> ~1476.5 xp/min The Lineup (92 Runecrafting): Bloody Skulls: 40.66 xp/attempt Living Soul: 40.05 xp/attempt Nebula: 39.80 xp/attempt Jumper: 36.16 xp/attempt Shifter: 34.55 xp/attempt Skulls: 34.20 xp/attempt Blood Pool: 32.15 xp/attempt Chaotic Cloud: 29.53 xp/attempt
  4. 152.75 days, 235m xp, over 6.5 years. I've heard of people over 1k. For the most part, I don't regret this time spent, it's been fun :smile:
  5. Those are 30 and 32, and I would definitely recommend including 25, 27, and 29 in your rotation, especially if using a chat. It's more effort and less afk, but worth it for access to more nodes.
  6. After 90, I began using the fc 'Runespan Pro' on w119. There's no level requirement for that chat, but many of the calls are for higher level nodes. Islands 25, 27, 29, 30, and 32 are the most commonly used. Before 90, I camped 16 and 17, sometimes including 13, 14, and 15. Looking back, 27/29/30 might be a good option once you hit level 83, but it can be frustrating if only us/ls are spawned. Runespan didn't come out until I was already level 82, so I can't offer any advice before then. In summary, from level 83 to 90, try out 16/17, 13/14/15/16/17, and 27/29/30, and see which works best. Edit: I believe the 16-17, 25-27, and 30-32 bridges require 85 to cross. I'm planning on collecting some xp rates at Runespan, how would you recommend going about it? Atm, I'm recording how much xp I get per node and how long it took to get that xp, then turning that into xp/min averages.
  7. I'm assuming (and hoping) there will be some sort of cap or limitation for the darts. Other than that, nothing seems very exciting, and the fact that everything is one use only with an expiration date is good. Assuming the EoC update hasn't happened by the end of this, a brew flask is a better use of an inventory space than the Emergency healing box.
  8. Saw the global notification and thought the name looked familiar. Congratulations :smile:
  9. Yeah, and instead of abilities, we could call these special attacks!
  10. I've tried to do it without any armor/weapson/boosts/prayers on the gargoyle task...sounds quite easy until it's attempted all of the npcs have had their attacks and hps as well as max hits scaled up so without any armor and 99 hp not pots/prayer I lasted all of 6 rounds of combat before being Ko'd during that 6 rounds of combat "a round being a punch thrown" all of my hits were 0s/miss Yeah, I couldn't even survive against Al-kharid warriors (level 26) without armor/food. For all the unarmed testing I've done so far, I've basically had to wear torva and trust that Jagex is telling the truth (a scary thing to do) regarding armor having no offensive bonuses.
  11. It's a thread with discussion on armor degradation. There are some posts by Mod Jack in the first couple of pages, but they aren't particularly revealing. The thread itself isn't all that enlightening, it just mirrored the discussion that was going on here. If you manually type the QFC while logged in with access to the Beta forums, it should work.
  12. That was Alg's point. I'll try to clarify Monty's. A 2h setup requires a 2h, a 1h/shield setup requires a mainhand and a shield, a dual wield setup requires a mainhand and an offhand. Someone who buys a maul will spend 200k tokens and have access to a full class, whereas the other two classes require 400k tokens to gain access to. This seems unbalanced at first, but is more balanced when considering subsequent purchases. If the person who originally bought the maul wants to gain access to another class, they must spend 400k more tokens, for a total of 600k tokens spent and two classes. The person who spent 400k originally only needs to pay 200k more tokens to add another class, for a total of 600k tokens spent and two classes. This is because although they had to buy a mainhand weapon as well as a shield or offhand weapon for their first class, the mainhand weapon fulfills a single requirement for two classes.
  13. The problem with halving the prices of one-handed items is that a level 80 could buy a rapier and a CLS and use them with a DFS, or some other shield that is close in tier to the dg shields. This might be a problem because instead of buying a weapon and its offhand variant, or a weapon and a shield, the player has bought the best stabbing and the best slashing weapon in the game, and is still using a shield that is only a little worse than a dg shield.
  14. I thought that was a pretty fun quest, especially when Philipe was asking if it was glitched and then complaining about not enough combat. The developers were trying to give us a glimpse into how they feel.
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