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  1. I'm in a pretty similar boat coming back after a long absence too so not an authority on this topic at all. I think it depends a lot on whether you are happy to spend time really focussing on the game or not. By which I mean that I personally like doing some extended periods of watching tv/sport and only half paying attention to the game. So for me I've been doing Aviansies in GWD. I don't think it's the best method around but it's allowing me to train up my defence and get money without too much effort. I'd probably say I'm making around 650-700k an hour which isn't loads but I can basically stay there for as long as needed.
  2. Sadly Jagex seem to have gone down the route of "Someone is making money out of trading, so we may as well make some like that too!" I actually like aspects of the wheel - but thats mostly for the xp lamps which are a nice treat and don't rightly make much difference. In terms of beating it though, my understanding is that the spins are predetermined and should simply be considered an animation. I've seen suggestions of waiting certain time periods for certain slots but this looks to be nonsense/wishful thinking.
  3. Have made a significant change to op with update on progress :)
  4. To ever so slightly hyjack this thread (apologies), are charming imps considered worthwhile/necessary?
  5. Belated thanks for advice - looks like an easy decision.
  6. Absolutely agree with above post. I use Crystal bow and it's perfectly good. It may not be the best but it's still fast enough and likely to easily make back cash from alching drops.
  7. Apologies if this is thick but I m trying to get my head around what chaotics to get/use and why. I'm looking at melee at this stage as it's my preferred option and ranged is ok for now (I won't be using mage much so that can be ignored for now). Basically I've seen suggestions of rapier and claw before but don't really know what I should be getting. I was planning to get dual claws originally (thinking it'd be quicker to get the main hand with only 100k tokens) but then remembered I'd need 80 dungeon anyway so would be on 200k regardless. Simply - rapier or claw (dual), and if possible, why?
  8. Yeh sadly I died with barrows gear which then went to 0 on everything. Mildly annoying
  9. Bump. See adjusted op :) thanks
  10. Don't worry Cerri - I play the game for my own amusement and have no where near the time or desire to reach it! 70 smithing done
  11. Hunter is on the cards at some point but simply because I have so much to improve, it ranks really low on my targets.
  12. Whilst I don't quite agree with the way tieszen phrased his message - the content is pretty accurate. I range Greaters with a crystal bow and take a shield to use rejuvenate's heal and I use no food. Granted my range level is a touch higher but this would be a good chance to improve yours. EoC is much different (as I have discovered after coming back not long ago) and you really do need to tailor the way you attack things as is appropriate. Melee is straight up terrible against some things, and then you try range/mage and they just die instantly.
  13. Mini update on what I've been getting up to: Farming 30 -> 44 Defense 94 -> 96 Slayer 75 -> 79 Still chasing the slayer and Defense targets mostly with farming in between. Some other level changes too but these are the main ones. Quests: Fairy Tale Part 1
  14. So I came back recently having literally never tried this skill - have now but am only level 15. I'd quite like to get it more of a try purely to get chaotics. Having said this, my other skill stats are fairly average in a lot of areas. Are there any must have levels in certain skills or is it possible to suceed without them?
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