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  1. Do you have more specific numbers for non-qh T8 rates? I was honestly very very surprised that I was achieving similar experience post-nerf. Also 51k/hr w/o energy seems about right. Based on very crude math using my 49k figure, experience at 80+ using energy half the time should be about 54k/hr so that seems reasonable. That's very interesting. Is there anything you're doing that's different than how I said I've been training? I'm interested to see how much you get with energy, perhaps I haven't been training optimally.
  2. didn't see yuj's post until after I had made mine; i was responding to flabberwocky. sorry for the confusion. I did mention that as well, in the sentence after I made the list. I'll mention it in the list too in case anyone just skims the topic over.
  3. I'm referring to the glitch (it might not be a glitch but it doesn't seem like it can be just bad luck) by which a player may go dozens of inventories (the few times it happened to me it was around 15 or more inventories before I'd get frustrated and stop playing for a while, but I imagine it can go on for several minutes, maybe hours) without harvesting a single enriched memory from a normal wisp. Most people that reported it were getting enriched memories before at a presumably normal rate.
  4. I'm one of those people who loves numbers and knowing how much exp in an hour I can get. Last night, just for fun I was recording my experience gains by the hour doing the quick hopping method, and today after the nerf I've recorded every hour I've played as well. It would be great if people could record the amount of exp they gain per hour at different tiers so that we can compile a list of averages and get a better idea of what types of exp rates we should be getting per hour. I'll compile all the numbers and put them in the OP here. When you report, please name the following: - Tier you are at (if T6 or T8 make sure you mention whether it is before or after 55/75, as the additional energy earned after these levels may prove to make a difference) - Any oddities, such as the glitch that doesn't let you harvest enriched memories from normal springs, or if you fit more than 3 enriched springs into your hour by quick hopping or taking a break, etc. In general, an hour's log should consist of only 3 enriched spring resets (resets occur at :00, :20, and :40) - How much experience you earned during the hour (doesn't have to be exact, but to the thousand would be great; please don't spitball though) - What method you used (always option 2, sometimes option 3, etc) - Any additional comments. I train by using the 3rd option every time I deposit, which usually means that about half of my memories earn me enhanced exp, and the other half become second option exp. If you use a different method (only option 2, or you've bought energy and always get option 3 exp), please mention that in your report. I hope you all will join me in this endeavor, it shouldn't be more difficult than recording your starting exp and ending after the hour, so hopefully others will help out. Also, if you used the qh method pre-nerf, feel free to report your exp for that as well. At T7, I was earning ~41k/hr, and at T8 approximately 50k/hr, but it is very possible that I was training inefficiently as my post-nerf rates are not much worse. Anyway, sorry about the essay, onto the rates: MIne were, for T8: -Hour 1: 47k -Hour 2: 47k -Hour 3: 49k (hit level 75 during this hour) -Hour 4: 49k -Hour 5: 49k -Hour 6: 50k (took a half hour break this hour, so got a fourth enriched spring) -Hour 7: 52k -Hour 8: 50k -Average: ~49k/hr OVERALL T8 (70-79): ~49k/hr
  5. tbh there isn't much to complain about here... Quest will likely be quick and one of the rewards is 70k prayer exp for free soooo
  6. So I want to get 99 prayer as my next 99 but I've noticed that the price of dragon bones has risen quite substantially lately. It was under 3k about a month ago and now it's past 4k. This is about a 50m difference from my level, so I'm wondering if anyone has any ideas about whether prayer will get cheaper due to natural market fluctuations and rise/fall, or if the price is not going to go back down. I understand bots have been cleared out for the most part, so that could be an explanation for the price increase, but I just wanted to know people's thoughts on this. Is it time to start buying up bones or can I wait a bit?
  7. It's possible I really screwed up now... That page told me to uninstall and reinstall the latest version of java and I did so; now on both browsers the game gets stuck where it says RuneScape 3 in the middle and the spinning wheel thing underneath. Any ideas on how I can get it to take the next step and actually let me play? EDIT: My bad for the double, thought it would automerge
  8. Checked out the page on the official website and saw that was an idea. Tried it out just now but to no avail =/
  9. So up until about a week ago I played RS through Google Chrome with no issues, however, one morning it just stopped working randomly with chrome, and the game wouldn't load at all (like, it is just a blank screen and constantly says it's loading but nothing happens). I moved over to Firefox but firefox is a shit browser so I didn't want to have to stick with it. Yesterday when RS3 got released, I was finally able to use Chrome again, but this morning it's the same ol bull, and the game doesn't load. I don't want to have to download the client but if I absolutely must I suppose I will, but I thought I'd come here to see if anyone has any insight on this or advice if this has been happening to anyone else. Any tips? EDIT: This had happened before when I first started playing a month and a half ago, and I think I had to revert to an older version of java to get things to work, and I haven't updated that since, if this is relevant.
  10. bhim

    Making 37m?

    I'd recommend flipping; I've made about 20m in just about a week and I'm still learning how to do it. Has no skill requirements and I started with 3m so you definitely have enough to give it a shot. Also, your dailies should give you like 500k a day or so, especially if you've done smoking kills.
  11. just posted in your other thread; I have some burnts for you, I'll pm you tomorrow :)
  12. Do you pay the same price for all burnts? I have ~11k burnt sharks in my bank I think that I'd be willing to sell Also, is the sandwich lady run always ongoing? I'm looking to train woodcutting right now anyway and I'd be more than happy to make a big profit off of the hours I'll spend standing there anyway. I'd love to work for you if it means getting both 99 woodcutting and millions of gp (and of course helping someone out with one of the coolest RS collections I've ever seen).
  13. were you able to get the exp reward? if so, how was it? worth it?
  14. Clearly you know nothing about thieving; you have to buy the sceptre!
  15. thieving; pyramid plunder
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