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  1. You got played. That is all I can say by reading this. Friend told you after he died who he was. If you had died, do you think he would have told you who he was? You say "he barely tried bridding" IF he was your friend setting you up he would have just let you kill him without fighting back. You lost out on 50m my friend.
  2. I remember you from #nerds from like 3 years ago. Still going strong I see, congrats mate.
  3. Cheers guys. My stats are rather low (most 10-30) as i started two days ago. I plan to check out all quests you guys listed and work on my stats in f2p till i can do them!
  4. I dont like to quest that much. There must be just a select few that I can get by with it?
  5. Hello. I am thinking about getting membership soon on my new accounts and was just wondering what quests I should complete for the following? Help with slayer Help with combat Help with agility Help with fishing Help with firemaking Help with farming etc etc
  6. The fact that level 3 skillers will have a dilema about ruining their accounts or not
  7. thanx, pm me if you ever make a blog, sorry about leet speak That actually seemed like a heart felt sorry for the leet speak. I was just taking the mickey....and I think I will have to create a new runescape account first :P Give me 2 weeks
  8. dont quit I was just trawling through old posts by me and I saw the HOT NEW COSTUME ALCHERS!!! you where a hot new costume alcher from ages ago so you can not quit. End of story.
  9. Wow. Had to check this blog out as its 3 days old and already on page 8 :o A bit too much leet speak to me and I read all the earlier posts and I am also sorry for those people who still have to go to school :P Now I shall go on topic: GL and things. Never knew East Angelia had a uni. Check out my blog if I ever make one, first I have to find friends on rs :oops:
  10. you started playing again? Why do I not hear about this? All my old friends have started again so I will be sure to drop you a pm when i start up again :)
  11. Jagex did not kill RWT. Jagex attempted to kill RWT. There are still two ways that I know of that people still RWT. I personally don't RWT but I know that both of them work effectively. Sorry to burst your bubble
  12. Hum You need to do your homework young man. Naughty Perry.
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