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  1. Hi! I'm returning to the game after a three year break, and I don't really know what I'm doing :unsure: All I've done so far is mess up my port brilliantly :-D All my old friends have moved on though (unsurprisingly), I could do with some new ones! *hint hint*
  2. Happy birthday :D

  3. [hide]You can change the colour of the top you get at the end of the quest for 100k. The options are white, grey and black.[/hide]
  4. I overshot it a teeeeeeeeny bit, but it's still 20 mil exp :? Yay wcing! :
  5. I figured you were talking to someone else since I had no idea who you were. :P I need to start wearing full ghostly, that cape gives me away. :uhh: Well, I don't really post much. At all. So I don't blame you for having no clue. : I need to post more! :wall:
  6. Number two... [hide=][/hide] And number three! [hide=] Queenvalerie hyted back! I feel special (Yes, it was a guess. I really don't pay much attention #-o )[/hide]
  7. [hide=] [/hide] Yay for sc needles! :thumbsup: I love you sc
  8. Ok, thanks I figured the name up in the top left would be good, but i'll remember to do that from now on :
  9. Does this count? I'm new at this... :oops: He's the one on the right, with the karils. If you were wondering.
  10. I have 99 firemaking, and noone calls me a noob... I actually get complimented on it quite a bit... :-#
  11. 99 Fishing, cooking, magic and slayer. Possibly more. Probably not... :wall:
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