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  1. thanks for your bday wish :)

  2. thanks for your bday wish :)

  3. Happy birthday :D

  4. the new room in my house looks owsome,now a steel and iron dragon
  5. [hide] Having a steel and an iron dragon in my house just next to another looks owsome! loved this quest, [/hide]
  6. cant wait to do this quest, hopeing for some good construction rewards.
  7. huhm fulling it would take as much time as buring the logs, so not a real benafit apart from saving the cost. thanks for all the info
  8. arround 1500 magics a horn, not bad. wouldnt it be faster to just bury the bones instead of filling the horn? how many rounds does it take to compleately fill it?
  9. does any one knows? im sure im not the only one intrested to know this.
  10. Hello, i have a question regarding the penance horn, how many magic / yew logs can you burn before it is empety?
  11. i simply split my screen, i gues it than is still larger than some pple there screens. my pc is connected to my 37 inch hd tv :P issnt it against the rules to use macros on mouse?
  12. indeed runescape 2 will end soon, and that will be sooner than you think. as jagex is working on a direct x version of runescape. aka rs3. don't worry your rs 2 account will be transfered like they did in rs classic. as otherwise they will loose 90% of there players. the reason to go direct x is that they have maxed the java limits. they diddnt do another computer research for no reason. jagex needs to go with the time, and if rs goos direct x, well wow just found itself a real big compettitor, and jagex will take a large share of blizzards market. jagex has over 25m pounds of capital. so they have the money to do so, and hey, they godda invest in something.
  13. it would be handy if they just say how many percentage is left, that makes it a lot easyer to calculate aswell. so dous any on know how much xp a full horn gives in a certain skill?
  14. i now realy getting upset, i did everything spend cash on ags ect ect, but no i just cant kill this boss. yes i do now think quest cape is a respect cape. i just cant get mine back!.
  15. anny one found out how to evade the massive atack? [hide] i did by walking behind a pillar [/hide]
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