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    I was talking about Life_Ruined being banned, but he's unbanned now, friend made a successful appeal. Life_Hated was just locked, friend is working on getting Life_Hated unlocked.
  2. Well, not saying how I came across the password for Life_Ruined, or who I got it from (I didn't buy it). I just thought I should take some screenshots while I was looking at the offences. You'll notice it is banned, and has the ban has no expiry, but my friend is working on getting it unbanned. My friend also has Life_Hated, but it's currently locked. For those of you who don't know, Life_Hated is the only account (that the public knows of), that has a combat and hitpoints level of one. There may be others out there with the same stats, although it would be interesting to see more, we've yet to see other accounts as unique as Life_Hated. I'd just like to add.. I only posted this because I found it very interesting, and I like historical stuff. Thanks for reading.
  3. (Probably) Stay level 3, wear a pink party hat, and mine coal. I loved mining.
  4. I couldn't find an archived page of the hiscores showing Bluerose13x as the first, but, I'm positive she was. Also, I thought Krest was 2nd to 99 smithing and later had his smithing levels reduced because he gave his account away to his cousin? I wouldn't doubt it was Musashi22. I remember his race with Whitemagem, that's back when I thought Whitemagem was a chick. :S
  5. I'd say my closest friend would have been my twin, "Hack", he was a low level tank mage and didn't really get far in terms of training. 40 defence, 59 magic.. or something close to that. I made "Hacks" about 1-2 weeks after he made "Hack", and I had gotten "Hacks" out of the tutorial to start training him up as a tank mage, got utterly bored and raised my attack/strength instead. Haven't talked to Derek in 6 1/2 years, though. I'm 100% sure he quit his main, RS and anything to do with the internet, because he had mentioned pursuing real life goals. I miss the old days. *Sigh* :-( I still continue to use "Hacks", though.
  6. Me and Drew have talked this over. We're looking forward to it, but at the same time, I'll miss the challenge of actually leveling my character up tirelessly at 2 A.M. in the morning, as I so vigorously (not really, my training methods usually sucked) did in the early days of RSC. I guess I'll get my fair share of nostalgia. Although I still have an active classic account.. It's just not the same with so little people actually playing on both Classic 1 & 2. The majority are either botting on multiple accounts, or..As I noticed, arguing about staking in Lumbridge. It's odd to see no one staking in Draynor anymore.. Anyway, I'll end this post with a fare-well. Post-script; I don't come on tip.it forums much, only came on to check what was going in the RSC section. Probably won't be back for another 5 months or so.
  7. I like the usernames I created: Hacks. Autoing - I created this account early on when botting became renowned. Oddly, I never used bots o_o, I was always afraid of keyloggers (I still am to this day). ^^You're probably wondering why it's banned..Well, they deemed it as an "offensive" username, and banned it when I got it out of the tutorial in 2007. Which was roughly 5 years after I created it. And some time during mid-2003, I was looking for a good name to use as a pker. Couldn't find any simple english words as a name, got frustrated, eventually loaded the new user form up (when it was on the login page), and created...Anniversary! I made other decent names during my time in RSC, nothing spectacular. I guess the only one that could be considered decent compared to the ones I posted above, would be "9j". < A battleship movement :P.
  8. Lmfao, Hi Ignored (Sam) Long time no talk/see.
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