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  1. Billy/Steeny you crack me up you joker! x

  2. Oh and don't forget cello time Mr Key

  3. Hey Billy,

    Is your address still in Langdon Park? i'm coming over to yours today

  4. It varies, I've lost 10+ sets in an hour and as little as 4 sets over 5 hours, it depends on whether you're winning the fight or not (not necissarily whether you actually end up winning the fight mind you) and how you perform during the fight, if you're standing out a lot in robes binding/blasting and you keep getting 1 hit then you'll be piled more than if you're staying in the pile/around the pile and tanking when you get piled.
  5. Cheers everyone! It's been a fun journey to get to BK's 10th Birthday, I've only been in the clan for 4 and a half years of it but I've enjoyed every moment and I'm looking forward to continuing that!
  6. It may help Tip.It but it won't help BK from dying. 9 years of history destroyed by one mass leave, shame. Hopefully they remove CWA entirely, gets some more member flow into real clans. Haha, (although it's a month old) this post made me laugh, considering that we'll be 10 years old in about a week you've not got long before you're just another troll that the members of BK have made look stupid. Cheers for the concern though! I look forward to the return of the wilderness and the end of the trade limit although I don't understand what's changed for them to make things the way that they used to be. I hope that with this, a lot of players who used to be part of the clan world will return although I expect some of those will feel left behind and may not continue to make a comeback for very long. In the end I think plenty of clans will still make use of CWA because it's possible for them to war without losing things and also they will be much more experienced there and may not enjoy change. I know a fair amount of the current clan world only began after CWA was introduced. I look forward to old fashioned fights if they return the wilderness back to the way it was and maybe with so many world it will effect the crashing war although ofcourse with spies and scouts it wont die out completely I would guess. Still, smaller clans can have fights in the wilderness without the worry of a large clan commandeering the world and that will be a big positive. I look forward to old fashioned full out wars at MG!
  7. My feeling is that it will take more than fixing the rankings in some way to attract people. When I was a CL I know there were plenty of discussions about what to do with TWR and how to make it more appealing. I don't think a ranking system will do the job though, on RSC people are more interested in saying what their rankings are and generally pay more attention to their own opinion than anything. On top of that, people only care about the top 10 clans, that's as far as the rankings would need to go to be appealing for the people on RSC. RAW failed because it became inaccurate due to either inactivity from the people updating the rankings, some clans didn't want to fight other clans, clans got bored of losing their rankings to people who they hadn't fought and so on and so forth. What tipit has brings a different problem which is that the big clans don't war each other very often, they normally have PKRI's or at this point crash each other and it's very difficult to rank those things. Not to mention that the losing their ranks to clans they haven't fought problem would rear it's head once again. Attracting big clans to tipit is going to be difficult because people on RSC are just worried about having somewhere to post their win topics. Unfortunately unless the mods on RSC do something terribly wrong, like the mods on tipit did in the past, bringing the people who post on there is going to be very difficult and may take something new and exciting to draw interest. What that might be I do not know. People like to complain about mods on RSC but they're not nearly bad enough to make a large scale migration back to tipit. Making TWR into something that would be attractive to big clans may be a step but not enough people worry about being ranked by a 3rd party for it to make the difference some people seem to think it could make.
  8. GF Gladz, there were a few major advantages for you in this fight and you took advantage to win easily. You had a remarkable amount of people with Dung items while we only had a couple and ofcourse your pull was a lot better than ours which meant that you had more experienced higher levels fighting. I was 2nd piled and started dragging and then when I ate my first slice of pizza it turned out that I had completed a task so a thing came up in the middle of my screen and I had a lag spike after which I was koed :sad: I also felt very rusty after around 2 months not playing RuneScape. All the fullout afterwards would have been was an ego boost for you and a waste of time for us and therefore we decided that there was no benefit to be had from going through with it, it would have been a matter of minutes anyway when you had better equipment than we did and double our numbers. Goodluck further on in the competition!
  9. With people crashing anyone and unlikely people retaliating, just how long do you think this will continue? A long long time Do you see any other clans retaliating and actually sticking with it? Other clans were always going to start retaliating, you don't have to be a big clan to effectively crash another clans fight and it's annoying to have your wars crashed, it was inevitable Who else do you expect to hop into the mess given the nature of the clans currently involved? I don't know who's in it already being that I've been retired for a little while but I think there are plenty of clans who would retaliate if their clan were crashed.
  10. Flaming was always a part of RuneScape, I know BK used to have a bit of a reputation, one of our clan motto's is from Foswald (former leader), a long time ago flaming someone for spelling the name of our clan wrong. That's one of the many that like Adr1an, I don't think all clans are guilty of. i think the big clans are guilty of those for the most part and hence people on RSC think it's common place where people on tip.it who have far less regard for the biggest clans see it as less common. I have to say I do miss the Edgeville greetings... That was always fun and then whichever clan won would rush in at the end and both clans would say gf... Always good having a chat and talking about how the fight went. I wish returning hadn't been introduced... and clans will always have some sort of rule, the clan world would fall apart if there wasn't, while there a lots of different clans, there is a pressure for all clans to abide by some rules apart from those that were made to intentionally break all of the rules. Even before "honour" there were things that clans did and didn't do.
  11. Billy Key

    MB Era

    Was your clan part of the MB era? Yes, we had a group called the BK Elites who were very active at the Mage Bank arena, often fighting DI and other clans up there. That was a long time ago though, maybe like 2004-2007? I'm not sure exactly of the dates, I only joined BK in 2006 so I caught the end of them and even then I wasn't in the elites. it was a group you had to apply to and you had to be a pretty decent PKer to get in. Why do you think Mb was not as active as it was when pvp world were introduced? Well, for a long time there was just BH and MB was no longer around, then when they introduced PvP I guess people just didn't have as much interest, even before BH the Mage Bank was becoming less popular I believe, I don't know why, I think a lot of the people who did MB pking properly started retiring/getting bored of it/getting banned and so it became less interesting for those who wanted to do it for good fights and a place for people who weren't as interested in MB Pking properly. And yes, all the equipment and other things you need these days just made it a bit silly, same for lots of other things in P2P. Does your clan still pk at Mb at times? Not that I know of but I am retired and don't really know if there are members who still do it, we don't do it as a clan anymore.
  12. Cheers for the fight Fork, was good fun, I survived which was surprising for me :smile:
  13. like T Board said, BK is roughly 9 years and 8 months old. We celebrate BK's birthday in late January, I think it's something like the 14th or the 26th, I can't remember exactly
  14. EoS only had like 20 people there? Where you got 200 opts from? L From being piled by them. Late in the fight they had around 60 opts I agree, the first and second time they came they had way more.
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