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  1. Wilderness Guardians vs Serenity After defeating Valhalla in a similar fight we decided to to step up and fight Serenity. The fight was arranged with the following rules: 30 minutes CWRI - Dangerous Plateau map No summoning Single spells only 250k cap per item No PvP armor/weapons No Dung Wilderness Guardians starting: 32 Serenity Stating: 31 We had a shaky start but managed to get our act together and pull it back. After about 10 minutes we took the lead and held it through out the fight. Wilderness Guardians ending: 100 kills Serenity ending: 90 kills Good fight Serenity I look forward to more. Good job Guardians! Pics of the fight:
  2. Wilderness Guardians vs. The Knights of Order The Knights of Order approached me for a week prep matched ops F2P war. Our sign ups were looking decent and I knew KO is a respectable clan to fight. The rules were: F2P Matched Tree to tree bounds Melee/binds/range 2 sniper cap Higher pull attack Ring/FoG on Dung/Corr off Wilderness Guardians starting: dropped to 72 ops The Knights of Order starting: 72 ops The fight was fairly even the entire time with good piling from both sides. We managed to pick up our binds and get a KO or two to eventually take the lead. Good job WG and good fight KO! Wilderness Guardians ending: 27 ops The Knights of Order ending: 0 ops Pics of the fight:
  3. Wilderness Guardians + The Sabre Clan vs. Valhalla Today Valhalla approached WG for a full out P2P war. Knowing we were raiding later with our allies The Sabres it was decided that it would be some good action for us. They agreed on fighting us both and the war was set up. Full out knockout fight. Clan wars dangerous - Plateau map. Single spells/no chins. No summoning. Attack on sight. Wilderness Guardians + Sabres starting: 30 Valhalla starting: 24 WS had a rough start due to VH's KO power with VH closing the number gap. With impressive tanking by some WS members we managed to get our act together and pull the fight back. It was a pretty intense fight and some members made bank. Wilderness Guardians + Sabres ending: 11 Valhalla ending: 0 Thanks for the fight VH it was enjoyable :) Pics of the fight:
  4. Keanu post all the propaganda you want we all know what really happened. http://www.wildernessguardians.com/forum/index.php?showtopic=21404
  5. If true, that rule break is pretty insignificant. Rushing us from the south before we even get a click and KOing one of our members while they're off guard is different. The war was so close the entire time one member could of made a difference.
  6. + The Wilderness Guardians and Sabres decided to head out on an allied P2P PK Trip. Pulling and maintaining a solid 20-25 people throughout the night, we had plenty of action. We ran into No Return at BH Bank and had a short, quick fight. WG + TS Starting: ~20 People NR Starting: ~15?? People WG + TS Ending: ~20 People NR Ending: 0 After hopping a few worlds and downing some random pkers, we ran into Welfarers. There was also some NR with them. We cleared them and gained some loot. Eventually we were rushed by a small group of VR. We quickly barraged/chinned them, downing pretty much the entire group. WG + TS Starting: ~20 People Small group of VR Starting: ~20 People WG + TS Ending: ~20 People Small group of VR Ending: 0 (ran to SC/teled) After getting bored of BH worlds we hopped over to PvP and headed to Fally. As soon as we reached Fally we were hit by a bunch of KO members waiting for us at the entrance. WG + TS Starting: ~20 People KO Starting: ~15?? People We started off dominating them. We had nice chins/barrages going at the start and eventually great piles and transitions. After about 10 minutes we decided to call it off because we had been out for a while and were getting tired. WG + TS Ending: 0 (ended) KO Ending: ~10?? People Good fight KO hopefully we can fight in the future at the start of our trip :XD:
  7. Talk to Urist (in Varrock) after completing the first caper
  8. They tested this at the Thanksgiving event on the turkeys and I called it then. Just sayin'
  9. Was a good fight apart from the ha snipers spamming WG in.
  10. WG is planning on making a giant comeback in P2P and since you're coming from RSD I think we would be great for you.
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